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Never Before Seen Notes On Val Thor Written By Howard Menger

Dear friends,
The leaflet passed out during the 13 July 1958 meeting was, as August C. Roberts pointed out in his letter, an order blank from Saucerian Press for taking orders for Howard Menger’s soon to be released book, From Outer Space to You, through Gray Barker’s Saucerian Press.  The pamphlet I published on the Rense site was for announcing the Sept. 1958 East Coast Interplanetary Spacecraft Convention, where George Van Tassel himself showed up to mentor Howard and appear with him on Long John Nebel’s radio program.  The order blank from the Gray Barker files (both sides) is attached here,….the one that was delivered to all of the attendees at both events.
Your cosmic friend,

Sorry this is in an unedited state. This is the initial “Val Thor Story” by the photographer August C. Roberts, who wrote this account at the behest of
Gray Barker of the Saucerian Press in Clarksburg, West Virginia, who was the editor and publisher of Howard Menger’s astounding From Outer Space to You,
still personally one of my favorite UFO books of all time. This report eventually made its way to science fiction and UFO writer Otto O. Binder
(also the creator of Supergirl!), for inclusion in a UFO book that went unfinished and unpublished. The first page of the initial book proposal from Binder to Roberts,
soliciting his request, is the document I previously sent for the last amazing Jeff Rense program.

Attached are the pages in order of THE VAL THOR STORY by August C. Roberts.
These documents and the prior photos sent speak for themselves, that the Val Thor is quite real. I’m
honored to bring these to the world on Jeff’s program and have at least a small part in authenticating Craig’s great movie.
Your cosmic friend,

Val Thor Mission

In commemoration of George Adamski’s first physical contact with Orthon in the Mojave Desert on 20 November 1952, on 20 November 1981, the Astara prophetess and close friend of the late contactee Adamski, Earlyne Chaney, leads a band of 200 dedicated believers to participate in a special Fire Initiation Ceremony inside the Great Pyramid. While Earlyne and her Astara group members were getting in tune with the infinite in the bowels of the structure, their Egyptian host and guide, the Middle East Astara representative, Ali Khan El Gabray, informs Earlyne’s closest friend and associate, Jean Sprague, to stay outside and go with him in a Jeep some goodly distance away from the pyramid to set up her finest Nikon cameras. Said Ali to Jean, “As we all know that our Celestial Brothers and Sisters visited Egypt in the ancient past, I think we should be keeping our eyes open for their return in our time. I have a good feeling that we are going to get a positive confirmation for the return of the space gods.” Photo depicts Val Thor’s ventla (scout craft), swooping down over the apex of the pyramid as the prophetess levitates the capstone and absorbs the rays of the Sun, making their way slowly into the chamber. The prophetess explains that all light is living energy, proceeding from the Well of Souls and filling the vastness of the Cosmos.

Photograph by anonymous photographer of the prophetess taken inside the King’s Chamber. As Val Thor’s scout ship hovers over the pyramid, Sister Earlyne Enters a trance state and hears a sound akin to the “humming of bees,” followed by an “angelic song.” She looks up at a shaft of sunlight piercing the darkness to illumine the otherwise dark and murky temple room.

Larger extended view of terrain surrounding pyramid and Venusian scout ship in upper left corner. Photo by Jean Sprague.

The prophetess summons the Cosmic Fire, awaiting further light and revelation from Kut-Hu-Me and other Ancient Ones. Her revelations come through visions and intuitive perceptions.

Sister Earlyne enters a state of eternal bliss, transcending time and space. Engulfed now in a golden aura, the prophetess stands before one of the avatars of the Divine Feminine, Isis in the Universal Lodge, located on the planet Belaton in the Sirius Star Sector. Here she relives her initiation into the mysteries and sacred knowledge of the angelic realms of perpetual light extending to Earth from the planet Barbelo in the heart of the Pleroma (the higher dimensional Kosmon), orbiting as it is around the Great Black Central Sun of Kolob that is rotating at the center of the galaxy.

The California contactee ponders the secrets of the Universe. A master of the mystic arts in the Royal Order of Tibet, Adamski conducted metaphysical and theosophical classes in Great Los Angeles area. Just one year prior to the publication of his and Desmond Leslie’s monumental Flying Saucers Have Landed (London: British Book Centre, 1953), Adamski read Earlyne Chaney’s 1952 book, Revelations of Things to Come (Buena Park, CA: Stockton Trade Press), coming away convinced that the author was truly a prophetess and in direct communiction with the Venusians and other celestial beings on many levels. Earlyne wrote about “the coming of the space gods to Earth thousands of years ago…. about their coming from a spiritual city called Shamballah, hidden in the heart of the Gobi Desert.” She also told of their coming from other planets in outer space…. of their coming from the world in the depths of the Inner Earth- and from worlds in higher dimensions.” All of her material paralleled the information that Adamski was receiving from our cosmic friends.

Here are some photos taken by August C. Roberts on the day and night that Val Thor came to Highbridge, NJ. This file, the “Otto Binder Binder,” also includes the letter where the legendary astro-science ufologist, Otto Binder, asks his friend and long-time research associate August C. Roberts for help in compiling photos for a new book that, unfortunately, never got published. August C. Roberts’ comments on each photo were typed on the back by him; but for the sake of convenience we can just use Roberts’ own words for the captions. My comments sometimes appear written in longhand in addition to Roberts’ explanation in the form of a note, for further follow up in future Venus books. The last attachment is page 1 of 8 for two planned UFO books by Otto Binder in collaboration with August C. Roberts. Photos should state: Used with permission of Dr.

Your cosmic friend,
-Raymond Keller

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Never Before Seen Notes On Val Thor Written By Howard Menger


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