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Rachel Maddow Takes the Bait and Gets Played!

Rachel Maddow Takes The Bait And Gets Played!

I like #Rachel Maddow, I really do; however, Tuesday night was an epic fail for her. She sent out the below tweet before her 9 pm show:

Obviously, that tweet has issues after watching her show. First, it says returns; the “s” implies plural as in more than one. Second, she didn’t have an entire return, let alone returns. Her tweet was very misleading; however, it was capable of breaking twitter for a moment.

She clarified, kind of, after building anticipation, the following:

As you will see, this tweet doesn’t actually minimize the suspense and anticipation. From her tweets, and her constant coverage of Trump’s Russia connection, one could only presume she had found a Russia Revelation in those tax returns. Did she? But…then she releases after so much build up, two pages of #Donald Trump‘s 2005 Tax return. However, after further review of the tax return and the circumstances surrounding how it was delivered, it is clear to me that Trump or an affiliate, released it deliberately. They knew Rachel was consistently covering Russia and the Trump Russia connection. She was actually gaining traction and then miraculously a 2005 tax return shows up and she breaks the story on her show, the only one with a dogged journalist that is investigating Trump.

However, the 2005 tax return was disinteresting to most of the Left and very enlightening to most on the Right. See, the tax return showed Trump paid $38 million in taxes, made over $150 million that year. That’s a pretty damn flattering tax return, not to mention it shows Trump paid more taxes in one year than many families will make in their entire lifetime combined. In addition to the tax return being flattering and dispelling any notion Trump never paid taxes, the tax return clearly states that it’s a client copy. Unless Trump’s attorney, his closest confidant/s had a copy, of only two flattering pages of his tax return, then it was Trump or by Trump direction that it was released. Not only did he release it, he orchestrated how it would play out. He releases a statement about the tax return, proclaiming it was a criminal leak, and pretends to be outraged. In his statement he rails against the media and “fake news”. The statement also outlines specific details from the tax return. He knew that Rachel would overplay her hand and she did.

Now his base feels, after realizing the tax return was insignificant, that he’s a victim of media collusion and #Obama sabotage. They have rallied behind him while gaining new ammunition to defend him (“he paid taxes”). They believe Rachel violated the law by releasing that tax return (She did not violate the law and is protected. That is why she laid a very detailed foundation for why his returns were important). Therefore, no matter what she unveils, from this point forward, will be deemed fake news by his base. Others, those shamelessly defending Rachel, argue that she’s essentially baiting Trump to release more. That she knew he was the one who released his tax returns to David Cay Johnston (the reporter who the received the leak). Even if that were her objective, it was a miscalculation simply because she overhyped having the return, made people presume it was significant, and did not deliver, while dispelling past criticism against Trump that he doesn’t pay taxes. Most people didn’t even care about her very long introduction, everyone was waiting for the tax return. The bombshell we thought was coming that NEVER came!

While people on both sides are rejecting TrumpCare, Trump approval ratings are dropping, Rachel just gave Trump a “Hail Mary”. Her overzealous need to break stories clouded her judgment. She reenergized his base and undermined all the exceptional work she’s been doing on Trump’s Russia connection. His base now believe he’s telling the truth about his tax returns and paying taxes; now any further discussion on it seems ridiculous to them. Further demands for his tax returns look like a fishing exhibition. She has to redeem herself and that starts by staying focused. The spectacle yesterday must be explained otherwise it looks like #FakeNews. That tax return was a distraction, Rachel took the bait and got played. She needs to clean up the mess, because her actions affect the resistance. When people start to believe that Liberals are just conspiracists, more than they already do, Trump scandal investigations will be derailed. Even worse, Trump gets reelected – EIGHT YEARS OF HELL! This is a cautionary article to journalists and “journalists”, if your objective is to resist Trump’s agenda, you need to stop being played by him. F-O-C-U-S! Now, let’s get back to real issues not clickbait stories.

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Rachel Maddow Takes the Bait and Gets Played!


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