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#Chelsea Clinton, we get it; but, could you please take several seats. I hate to break the news to you, but we are no longer interested in what the #Clinton‘s are selling. Unfortunately for you, and with all due respect, your mother should not have been the nominee in the first place. I’ll get back to that story at a later date. However, I’ve noticed that you have been very vocal in your resistance of the man in the White House, whose name won’t be mentioned out of respect for you. While I believe it is a civic duty to reject #Donald Trump (oops…I accidentally used his name), I’m uncertain whether your resistance of him is based on haterade or purely legitimate. Let’s face it, you guys were already redecorating the White House before the voting even started. To be forced to accept the reality that you wouldn’t be redecorating it after all, must have been painful. I’ll leave this issue alone.

More importantly, your family has a very long and documented relationship with Trump. While your family and Trump’s theatrics during the election were Oscar level, there is no doubt that there was a relationship.

Look, isn’t this your father:

I’m sorry, but isn’t this your mother and your father with Trump and Melania at Trump’s wedding:

Chelsea, please excuse my skepticism, but I’m just curious about what level of outrage you exhibited when you were kicking it with Ivanka. Seems like good times to me:

Chelsea, you had no issues with Donald Trump before the last election. Honestly Chelsea, you were silent until you noticed the fierceness of the resistance. Unfortunately, this seems to be a pattern with your family. You guys just seem to always be on any side you think has the most traction. For example, your mother was against gay marriage then was suddenly for it; she voted for the war in Iraq and advocated for it, but later said it was a “mistake”; she said she is accused of being a moderate #Democrat, then later claims she’s a #progressive; she claimed to be under sniper fire in Bosnia, got caught lying and claimed she was sleep deprived; she gives million dollar speeches to Wall Street, then Bernie exposes her and she says she’s always fought Wall Street; she called blacks and Hispanics “super predators” and pushed a crime bill, then she runs (again) and claims she’s against the crime bill… and it goes on and on and on…see a pattern here?

You may legitimately despise Donald Trump; I would too if he beat my…never mind, why bring up old wounds. However, I’m just not interested anymore in hearing you pretend like you are some champion of the resistance. After the inept campaign your Mother ran, uh, NO THANKS! Focus on being a former 1st daughter, a mother, a wife, and getting a job you earned because of merit alone. But, if you think we are interested, besides the leftover Democrats, in anything the Clinton’s have to say, at anytime, anywhere, anyplace, any-day, please find a room with multiple seats and take as many as possible.


The Anti-Clinton Foundation (i.e. billions of people).

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