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With Akhilesh and Anurag, the year starts with a bang

It is just the second day of the brand new year of 2017, and the year has already started with bang. From Akhilesh Yadav turning away from his father’s wings to Anurag Thakur losing his chair, the year sure has started with varying degree of surprising events.

Akhilesh Yadav‘s vacillating mind in regards to the leaving the Party at last seemed to have been made up with the beginning of year, when he left the party for good. The son of Mulayam Singh Yadav, the founder of Smajwadi Party and its President, Akhilesh seemed to be in Hamletian dilemma ever since the induction of Amar Singh.

Amar Singh was expelled along with his close confidant Jayapradha from the Smajwadi Party in 2010 for ‘anti-party activities’. Although Mr Singh floated another political party Rashtriya Lok Manch in the following year it met with very little success. What transpired behind the curtains, we will never know. But abruptly he was welcomed back into the fold by the senior Netaji about three months ago. And thus began the bitter battle between the old generation of the party and the new one.

While the return of Amar Singh can only be seen as the catalyst to the resentment that was boiling beneath the surface of the younglings of the party, it cannot be denied that it did lead to strong and series of explosions within the party, till the Bing Bang happened.

Akhilesh Yadav who till now had made a quite a strong foot hold an good will in the Uttar Pradesh politics and otherwise with his series of development targeted palns for the state had become a youth icon. The young and the old both inside and outside the Party began to see him as the able successor of Mulayam, who on other hand withdrew from the active political arena. The much of the seniors were ‘guided’ by the Netaji senior and his brother Shivpal Yadav while Akhilesh took the reins of the young ones. Or so it seemed until the entry of Amar Singh.

With the return of the ‘traitor’ the prodigy son rebelled. Akhilesh was quite candid and public against the re-induction of Amar Singh along with his resentment towards his uncle Shivpal. Both uncle and nephew came at loggerheads when Akhilesh’s close confidant Ram Gopal Yadav was kicked out from the party for commenting against the former.

Incensed Akhilesh kicked out the uncle too from the Smajwadi Party without any explanation. The standoff between the two ended with Mulayam stepping in and calming the ruffled feathers of the duo. But little did he know that this was just the beginning of the bitter feud. It was since the standoff that Akhilesh adorned the Hamletian mantel with vacillating between leaving the party and kicking out the seniors. Time and again he has emphasized that he has sensed a conspiracy to unseat his father from the designation of the Party Chief. He had also asserted that he would not let that happen.

The sort-of-resolution to the feud came on 31 December when Akhilesh announced that he would be leaving the party for good since there is no other way this feud could end. But a day later the media again announced that reconciliation between the father – son and the latter joining the party. However, the very next day Netaji junior took the ‘tough decision’ to kick out his father from the post of head of the Party and proclaimed himself as its Chief.  He most certainly reached this resolve after discovering that the support in his party and perhaps outside tilted more to his favor than the older generations.

With Uttar Pradesh elections around the corner, it is difficult to say what these drastic changes will mean for both the present Chief Minister and Smajwadi Party. But one thing is clear the lion cub is ready to take on his elders, and it is only time will tell if the State is ready to accept the new leadership. Adding to the instability within the party, the BJP and AAP seems to breathing down its neck for the hold in the state. Akhilesh can only hope that the change in the leadership will not effect the change in his designation.

If Uttar Pradesh is busy watching the change in Smajwadi Party leadership, the nation is busy keeping up with the booting of BCCI president Anurag Thakur. The tussle between the Lodha Commission and BCCCI had already been fodder for both media and public entertainment. With Lodha pushing for the total tip to toe reformation of one of the country’s largest money earning entity and BCCI battling to maintain its autonomy, the things recently had gotten pretty ugly.

The Lodha Commission had time and again demanded the transparency of BCCI and its top official’s dealings soon after the scandalous betting accusation splashed the media pages. The government appointed Commission had asserted that only with the full transparency of BCCI could be redeemed. And that had been the battle horn.

Since then the Commission and BCCI had engaged in very public and very ugly and sometimes petty tug of war for the control over the money minting entity. When it became clear that the top officials headed by Mr Thakur BCCCI would not go down easily, the Commission sketched the help from Supreme Court. Since then the apex Court has been playing the role of big daddy giving a chase to the tough and truant BCCI officials and Mr Thakur.

It was nearly a month back when the Court heard the case against Thakur where he was accused of perjury, lying under the oath and asked to submit affidavit regarding it. But it seems the ‘tough-nut-to-crack’ president did not. And on 2nd January the court fed up with his stand finally kicked him out of his designation.

The Apex court did not only sack Mr Thakur but also the BCCI’s secretary Ajay Shirke and the weather forecast is that more dismissals are along the line. As the year advances it would be interesting to see how many of the BCCI officials would be booted and how far the Cricket Board would be successfully managed by the court. Already Mr Thakur has ridiculed the concept of ‘bunch of lawyers running the BCCI”, but the question is would the booting of these people would actually gain any semblance of transparency in BCCI. Let’s wait and watch, after all the 2017 has just begun.


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With Akhilesh and Anurag, the year starts with a bang


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