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What I Asked for Christmas, a Technical – Mario Chalmers

Wide World of Sports. After Paul Pierce left the Washington Wizards last season, he returns to Washington Monday night as a Clipper. So we meet again. I will be wearing my Pierce jersey. To me he’s the greatest clutch shooter. I don’t care what the stats say. I can only go by what my eyes saw last season.

Paul Pierce: I’m glad you’re still in the game, because the game is still in you.

The Wizards played the Memphis Grizzlies last Wednesday at home. I wasn’t sure at first, but yes, that was Mario Chalmers playing for the Grizz. He received 2 back to back technicals, in less than a minute, and was ejected from the game. I don’t know if the first one was deserved, but the second one, telling the ref to give him another one? It’s usually other people yelling at Chalmers. When keeping it real goes wrong.  As Chalmers walked to the bench, he didn’t know he was ejected. Until his coach, told him he had to go.

Now the Wiz have been undermanned, with half the team sidelined with injuries. You never know when your number is going to be called. Jarell Eddie lives in Austin, and plays for the Spur’s D-League. Now last Tuesday morning, Eddie was asleep in Austin,  when he got that call from the Wizards. Three hours later he was on a flight to Washington, D.C. Last Saturday night, when it looked like the Wizards, wasn’t going to close the game against the Nets, Eddie received another call. He lit up three 3s, back to back. And had four 3’s that night. Lesson to us all, always be prepared.

The Wizards after an up and down season thus far, after last night’s win against the Nets, now have a 4- game winning streak. I no longer have to suit up (see below).

So last Saturday night was the trifecta of DC sports. The Wizards’ win, finally put us back to .500, and playoff contention. Our hockey team, the Washington Capitals won. And the Redskins clinched the NFC East title.

All Politics is Yocal. Because it’s the holiday season I will give you a break from politics. But if they starred in movies: Trump, as How the Grinch Stole Christmas (and a child’s parent after deporting her); JEB, Home Alone; Karly Firerina, Scrooge (Tiny Tim wasn’t getting that life-saving surgery, because Karly’s against Obamacare, and Tim has a pre-existing condition); and Bernie Sanders, It’s a Wonderful Life.

My favorite movie, which is great any time of the year, is The Shop Around the Corner.

Jens Rule. Men be there for your children. I know one man who’s always on call for his, so I want to thank him as well. He knows who he is.

Suiting up last week Monday, before the Wizards game against the Sacramento Kings. We won. It’s a Game Day decision on which jersey I’ll wear Monday night. But I think I’m going with the Wizards/Pierce jersey from last season. I retired it, but bringing it out tonight, to witness greatness. (Mom: Next time clean the lint out of the dryer).

Last Monday’s game against the Sacramento Kings, wearing Gortat’s number.

Last season’s playoff against the Hawks, when I answered trivia question, and yelled afterwards, I Love U Paul Pierce. Of course the video was pulled because it didn’t have the written consent of the NBA:)

Mom: Last season you were a Baby Elephant. I’m surprised they let you into the Verizon Center.

Family. I know I joke about my Mother a lot. But she taught me to read at the age of 3. And because of her there’s nowhere in the world that I can’t travel/live on my own. If you looked up super-independent in the dictionary, my picture would be next to it (and not the baby elephant). I have always said, everything I have ever had in this life, my parents gave me, and everything I ever will have, I will give myself.

When I was a child, my mother worked at a prestigious hospital in Boston, as a Registered Nurse. I used to go to her Organic Chemistry class as a child. She raised six of us on our own, and if not for us she would be a doctor. We never had a baby sitter, because she chose to work nights to make breakfast for us every morning before school. She cooked every single meal, before organic was in style. She grows squash the size of a desk, and makes cranberry juice from scratch. I never missed school once for a sick day while growing up.

We lived in the South Shore of Massachusetts, so she had a long drive to Boston for work. Anyhow, one night when I was eight, and ironing my mother’s uniform, I told my mother, when I grow up to be a lawyer she would never have to work again. And I kept that promise.

People like to say that I am strong and reliable, but I cannot take any credit. Everything that I am is because of my mother. As the only girl, I was not treated any different. When I was 6 she took me to the Bahamas, and couldn’t find me by the pool. I had swam the entire length of the pool at the bottom. No matter the length of the pool, to this day that’s the first thing I do. Of all the things, she said, that’s her fondest memory.

So as the year comes to a close, I want to say, thank you mother. Thank you for teaching me to read at 3, thank you for making me read Roots in fourth grade, within a week. Because of you I was able to take two Bar Exams at the same time, finishing Maryland in an hour, hopping on a plane to Boston and finishing the Massachusetts Bar in an hour and a half the next day. Thank you for subscribing to National Geographic and Scientific American as a child (Mom: that’s your baby pictures). Thank you for me never having eaten at a restaurant or drinking soda, until I went away to college. Thank you for taking me to a park in Massachusetts that had cliffs and water not deemed for swimming, and telling me to jump off of it, fully dressed with my sneakers on. Thank you for teaching me to be fearless. And most of all thank you for coming back to the hospital to pick me up, after you left me there after delivery. I love you mom.

Mom: Thanks, but it’s a new year, and I’m still raising your rent.

Mom collecting wood from Foreclosed Brother’s yard, back in Massachusetts, because you know he’s not paying for gas. (See post, Thank You Senator).

Mom look at me now. Mom: You’re still a baby elephant.

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My dear readers, tune in next Monday, when we discuss what’s going on, what’s going down, and what’s …

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What I Asked for Christmas, a Technical – Mario Chalmers


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