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Middle East conflict: Is Israel preparing for a new war?

By Germán Gorráiz López

Theodor Herzl is considered to be the Father of the present State of Israel and the founder of Zionism. In his book “The Jewish State: Essay on a Modern Solution of the Jewish Question”, he proposed the creation of an independent and sovereign Jewish State for all Jews of the world. He did so while promoting the creation of the OSM (World Zionist Organization). Also, in his work “The Old New Earth” (1902), he laid the foundations of the present Jewish state as a utopia of a modern, democratic and prosperous nation.

He projected this to the Jewish people within the context of the search of rights for the national minorities of the time that lacked a state, like the Armenians and the Arabs. However, denounces that “The isolationist policy of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seems to be at the antipodes of the founders of Zionism, such as Teodoro Herzl and Chaim Weizmann, who included the movement within the spectrum Progressive in the field of diplomacy, so the question is whether the diplomatic isolation of Israel can be reversed with a policy that is contrary to immobility and closure”.

The debacle at the United Nations

The Jewish movement ‘Peace Now’ in its report “Moving away the solution of the Two States” asserts that the Netanyahu government plans to resume the project of building more than 55,000 houses in settlements located in the occupied territory of the West Bank and East Jerusalem. More than 8,000 would be settled in the colony E-1. This would be a territory of 12 square kilometres located between the Jewish settlement of Maale Adumim and the northeastern area of Jerusalem. In practice, this would mean the termination of the existence of ‘two states’. As a result, the Obama Administration had allowed the UN Security Council to condemn these Israeli settlements. This took place ignoring the US President-elect Donald Trump, who unsuccessfully tried to stop the resolution. The United States broke its traditional stance and abstained, while the other fourteen members of the Council voted in favour.

This had an immediate effect in the form of the “energetic condemnation of the Netanyahu Government”. It demanded the end of the colonisation. Also, it initiated an attempt to ensure the viability of the two-state solution, as well as the US decision to allow it to be approved.

Netanyahu and the manipulation of fear

Harold Lasswell is recognised as one of the pioneers of mass communication research. He studied post-World War I propaganda techniques. Using that knowledge, he identified a way of manipulating the masses (hypodermic needle or magic bullet theory). This theory is embodied in his book “Propaganda Techniques in World War” (1927). It is based on “injecting into the population a concrete idea with the help of the mass media to direct public opinion for their own benefit, allowing to achieve the adhesion of individuals to their political ideology without resorting to violence”.

Edward L. Bernays, Sigmund Freud’s nephew and one of the pioneers in the study of mass psychology, in his book “Crystallising Public Opinion”, unravels the group’s brain mechanisms. He also explores the influence of propaganda as a method to unify their thinking.

According to him: “The mind of the group does not think, in the strict sense of the word. Instead of thoughts, it has impulses, habits and emotions. At the moment of deciding, his first impulse is usually to follow the example of a leader in whom he trusts.” This is the reason why propaganda of the Zionist establishment will be directed not to the individual subject, but to the group in which the personality of the one-dimensional individual is diluted. Therefore, it falls shrouded in fragments of false expectations and common aspirations that support it. There is the usage of the invisible dictatorship of fear of the Third Holocaust, which may come from Hamas, Hezbollah or Iran.

The game-plan of the US-Britain-Israel trilateral

The US Senate and the Congress approved a statement prepared by Republican Senator Lindsey Graham and Democrat Robert Menendez stating that: “If Israel is forced to defend itself and take action (against Iran), the United States will be there to support it militarily and diplomatically”. There will be increased pressure from the pro-Israel lobby of the United States (AIPAC) to proceed towards the destabilisation of Syria and Iran by expeditious methods at the Trump stage.

This will be used by the US-Britain-Israel trilateral to redesign the unconnected puzzles mapping the present Middle Eastern countries. Thus, they would achieve strategically advantageous borders for Israel. This would be a follow-up of the plan orchestrated 60 years ago by the Governments of Britain, the United States and Israel. It would have the support of the main Western allies. This would be because of that fact that it would try to unite the antithetical concepts of the atavism of Greater Israel (Eretz Israel). Additionally, it would drink from the sources of Genesis 15:18, which states that “4,000 years ago, the title of ownership of all the land existing between the Nile River of Egypt and the Euphrates River was bequeathed to the Hebrew patriarch Abraham and later transferred to his descendants.”

This would entail the restoration of the Balfour Declaration (1917). Under this declaration, the state of Israel was drawn with a vast expanse of about 46,000 square miles, stretching from the Mediterranean east of the Euphrates to Syria, Lebanon, the northern part of Iraq, Northern part of Saudi Arabia, the coastal strip of the Red Sea, the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, as well as Jordan.

This doctrine would have Isaac Shamir as the main leader to defend the fact that “Judea and Samaria (biblical terms of the current West Bank) are an integral part of the land of Israel. They have not been captured nor will they be returned to anyone”. This is a doctrine on which the current postulates of the Likud party led by Netanyahu are based. Netanyahu aspires to make Jerusalem the ‘indivisible capital of the new Israel’.

Germán Gorráiz López writes on economic and geopolitical issues. He collaborates, in addition to Diario SIGLO XXI, with other Spanish and Latin American digital media.

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Middle East conflict: Is Israel preparing for a new war?


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