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Starvation: America’s national crisis

A basic misunderstanding American people have about Food is that a calorie is the same as nutrition. All foods have calories, but only a very small amount of foods have nutrition.

This ignorance is capitalized upon by commercial “food” processors who produce millions of tons of empty foods that have calories without nutrition.

This has led to a national crisis. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that one in four American adults have a disability that impacts major life activities, with the most dominant one affecting mobility. The second most prevalent reported involved cognition.

The BMJ (British Medical Journal) has published a new study that “found rising midlife death rates from dozens of diseases of the heart, lungs, digestive systems and other organs. It even found rising death rates during pregnancy and early childhood. “Something far-reaching is affecting the health of Americans in the prime of their lives,” said lead study author Dr. Steven H. Woolf of Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond.

Who is surprised? Americans are eating foodless foods that don’t provide enough nutrients to survive but do assault the body by promoting inflammation leading to a host of diseases along with obesity and dementia.

According to a recent report in ScienceAlert, scurvy is making a comeback. But scurvy isn’t some infectious disease caused by a virus or an antibiotic-resistant bacterium, it’s a condition of lack of nutrition.

Symptoms of scurvy include bleeding gums, decaying teeth, thinning hair and overwhelming fatigue. It plagued 18th century explorers who spent months at sea eating poor diets devoid of fresh fruits and vegetables. Physicians of the day finally learned that eating fresh citrus fruit would ward off the symptoms. It wasn’t until 1912 that vitamin C was discovered.

“We diagnosed our first case about five to six years ago,” Eric Churchill, M.D., a Massachusetts doctor told ScienceAlert. “The initial case came through the hospital and was quite dramatic, someone with a mental health issue who would only eat bread and cheese,”

“Between then and now we have diagnosed somewhere between 20 and 30 cases of scurvy.”

From the ScienceAlert report:

Churchill and his team at Baystate High Street Health Centre have clued in on asking about their patients’ diets, and he is currently leading a research project on scurvy in the urban environment… “Many people who have difficulty affording food tend to go for food that is high fat, high calorie, and very filling,” Churchill explains in the film (Vitamania).

“If you have a limited food budget, those are the meals that will fill you up and will satisfy you more than eating fruits and vegetables.”

The problem is that a full belly doesn’t know the difference between just calories and nutrition. Even though the results and outer manifestation of malnutrition is sickness, nobody equates the two, neither patients nor their doctors. This ignorance has caused a health crisis upon which commercial food processors and the medical establishment have raked in trillions of dollars.

But this isn’t a purely American problem. Scurvy is making a comeback in the UK and in Australia as well. Between 2009 and 2014, hospital admissions in the United Kingdom related to scurvy went up by 27 percent, according to the BBC.

Doctors in each of those countries link the cause of scurvy to malnutrition. But their patients aren’t skin-and-bones malnourished like those starving Africans televisions like to depict. Many of their patients are overweight and suffering from type-2 diabetes.

This is what we call full belly starvation. This is to say that people have full bellies but are starving of nutrition. People who do all their shopping in the middle of the grocery store buying processed junk passed off as food all suffer from this.

Calorie diets like these without nutrition lead to chronic obesity, diabetes, much sickness, early degenerative disease and death.

You can see these people in the grocery stores. They are massively overweight and ride the scooters or lay on their shopping carts shuffling through the center aisles of the grocery stores stocking up on the boxed processed “food” because they think it’s food and because they’ve been taught it’s food. Besides, it’s “fortified” with vitamins – but synthetic vitamins which are just chemicals that have no relation to real vitamins. They think it’s all they can afford, not realizing that what’s “filling” them is killing them, and they’d be better off spending the same money for less food in the form of fruits and vegetables.

Natural vitamin C is crucial to health — I’m talking about the natural vitamin C complex, not vitamin C as simply ascorbic acid. Natural vitamin C contains the whole C complex. It’s a primary heart nutrient because vitamin C has the phenomenal action of increasing the capacity of the blood to hold and carry oxygen.

It has natural anti-inflammatory properties that have long been known. That’s why your mother probably told you to drink orange juice when you had a cold or flu. It is a water-soluble vitamin that doesn’t build up in the tissues, and any excess is excreted.

Dr. Royal Lee believed that no patient would die of an infectious disease until his reserves of vitamin C have been exhausted. Then the vitamin C deficiency would be the real cause of death, not the infection.

Even a mild deficiency of vitamin C means loss of resistance to infection. In fact, vitamin C deficiency is specific to infections. Vitamin C has been found essential to the activity of phagocytes (white killer cells) in their normal function of destroying disease germs.

No pneumonia patient is known to die until his reserves of vitamin C are completely exhausted. No vitamin C can be found in any of the tissues of a victim of an infectious disease.

And vitamin C has been found to reverse sepsis in patients who did not respond to massive doses of antibiotics and who were near death.

Nationally, almost 80 million people have diabetes or pre-diabetes. According to the CDC, diabetes is seventh leading cause of death in the U.S.

Type 2 diabetes is a dietary disease. Diabetes rates in Americans are high and rising higher because of our Western grain-based and sugar-laced processed food diet.

Americans do not know that consuming calories has little to do with consuming nutrition.  Junk foods loaded with calories gives the sensation of a full belly even when no nutrition is taken. This is a sinister and silent syndrome of starvation that so-called health authorities never address and the public is totally unaware.

Body reserves are easily exhausted and chronic and regular sickness is the rule rather than the exception. Perplexed doctors don’t have a clue. Antibiotics are the only thing in their bag of tricks.

The last thing a medical man would consider is that his patients are not sick, they are starving. They have chronic and ongoing malnutrition.

We realize that mass starvation in America is incomprehensible to the public. What a foundation for the commercial food processors!

They can proceed knowing that there is absolutely no possibility that any significant number of people will ever discover the crime.

If we assume that government agencies know nutritional science and fail to object and warn of our national diet of foodless foods, then could we not assume that starvation is public policy? An agenda can be established upon omission or commission with no difference in results.

All sickness and degenerative disease relates to malnutrition. This means that the public is being prescribed drugs for malnutrition and starvation.

Eighty percent of grocery foods are synthetic chemicals that are not and cannot be fit for human consumption.

The other 20 percent is located around the outer wall of the store where one finds fresh vegetables, meats and dairy. Of course, serious students of nutrition would be hard pressed to find even 2 percent in this section not adulterated, genetically modified or pasteurized.

To find nutritional food in America requires knowledge, diligent effort and daily attention. Not many people will make the effort, but they will pay in sickness, disease and early death.

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Starvation: America’s national crisis


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