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How Harvey dooms the Democrats

Ex-Miramax honcho Harvey Weinstein — patron of the arts, promoter of progressives, mentor to movie stars and Democratic Party ATM — is also a blue-ribbon-at the-4-H-show-class pig. That’s right, one of the most powerful people in an industry which is dominated by, and perpetuates, every ugly stereotype imaginable, is a real-life avatar for the worst of them all. If even a small percentage of the sordid tales about Weinstein’s behavior are true, he makes Tom Cruise’s Les Grossman character from the film Tropic Thunder look like Father Flanagan.

Weinstein’s depravity, and the associated fallout, have dominated the headlines since last week. And though I won’t say it isn’t newsworthy — when one of a political party’s prime moneylenders turns out to be a serial rapist, it’s news — I will say that the real story is the confirmation that everything we thought about the Hollywood-Democrat complex was true. They’re absolute garbage, they’re absolutely tainted and they’re absolutely destroying themselves.

If you’re in any way surprised that a man directly responsible for — and proud of — the fetishized sex and violence which Hollywood has been pooping onto movie screens for decades, has the internal moral compass of Jabba the Hutt, you need to stop getting your news from MTV. The outward lives these people lead are constructed around photo-ops, parties and photo-ops at parties. A guy like Weinstein, and by all reports many of his buddies, can snap his fingers and make everyone from superstars to heads of state come running to his fundraising fetes like slobbering dogs, as attested to by the endless images of Weinstein mugging with everyone who’s anyone in the overlapping Venn diagram circles of Hollywood and Washington. These people hear the word “no” about as often as you hear the word “rabies” and react about as well. Even when they demonstrate attitudes that could make a medieval sheikh donate to Emily’s List®, and brag about them, they’re catered to like Dionysus at the Bunny Ranch or on Jeff Epstein’s private island *ahem*.

It’s not like the base hypocrisies which define these people are limited to pathological interactions with the opposite sex.  This week, Eminem turned a few minutes of a BET award show in to a scathing freestyle condemnation of President Donald Trump. The performance was hailed by celebs and journalists alike as the “wokest” thing outside the merch tent at a Public Enemy show. No one noted that Mathers’ previous hits include threats to rape, murder and even dismember women. Nor did they recall that Mathers is white. Nor did they note that Trump once appeared in an Eminem video. A rich white guy with control issues threw freestyle shade at a rich white guy with control issues. Hell, let’s impeach now, right?

Whether it’s a former vice president — with “girl troubles” of his own, by the way — lecturing us about “global warming” while leaving “carbon footprints” the size of meteor impact craters… or a gun-control rant from the star of the upcoming film about a hitman who whacks enough victims to fill the Catacombs of Paris… or a diatribe on the plight of the poor from an actress who’s sewn into a Karl Lagerfeld original that costs more than the average family’s annual grocery bill… or a socialist senator from Vermont who may or may not have financed the purchase of multiple homes through his wife’s questionable banking practices… or a Democratic Party super-donor who makes women watch while he masturbates into an office fern, these are the leading lights of leftism. And they not only finance, but formulate, most of the Left’s dogma.  Now, they’re all infused with the stench of a conspiracy that makes the directed ruination of Bill Clinton’s victims seem as gentle as daycare. Meanwhile, their media cronies either spiked the stories for years or issued false equivalencies. Like Judas pocketing his 30 pieces of silver, the left’s best and brightest, from Barack Obama to Ben Affleck, enabled, and even conspired with, a serial predator because he throws the best party at Cannes and writes six-figure donation checks.

This is who our port-side compatriots listen to, this is who they revere, this is who they are. More importantly, this is who will lead them to their political doom. These people are so morally bankrupt that they made Donald Trump the more palatable presidential candidate. Not despite of, but because, their lifeblood being provided and dictated by people like Harvey Weinstein.

— Ben Crystal

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How Harvey dooms the Democrats


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