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Link found between mercury and autism

In the U.S., by the time Children reach the age of 2 they will have had as many as 24 vaccine injections, and protocol allows for as many as five in a single doctor’s visit.

Most infants have been receiving up to 15 doses of mercury-containing vaccines by the time they are six months old.

It is inconceivable that these heavy burdens of foreign “immunologic” materials are introduced into the immature systems of children.

That there might be a link between vaccines or vaccine ingredients and the rise in rates of health problems like Autism is dismissed out of hand. Any evidence of a linkage goes unreported or covered up, as is the case of CDC whistleblower William Thompson PhD.

Thompson was co-author of a study that found that the measles-mumps rubella (MMR) vaccine increases the rates of autism spectrum disorder in black children by 340 percent when administered before age 36 months. He claimed the CDC intentionally directed him and other researchers to falsify the data in order to hide the results of the study. Thompson’s claims have since disappeared down the memory hole.

Mercury rising

Now a new study is out linking blood mercury levels at late pregnancy and early childhood and their association with more autistic behaviors in children at age 5. The study, published in the international journal Science of the Total Environment comes out of the Republic of Korea where the prevalence of autism is higher than in the U.S., where it is found in 1 of every 38 children.

In it, researchers began in 2006 testing blood mercury levels in pregnant mothers both early and late in the pregnancy, in umbilical cord blood, and in their children at ages 2 and 3. They found that as mercury levels rose from late pregnancy to birth, the rate of mild to moderate autism in 5 year olds rose 31 percent and the rate of severe autism rose 28 percent.

The Federal government tacitly admitted years ago that vaccines are harmful when it established the Federal Vaccine Injury Compensation program (aka the “absolve Big Pharma of all liability at your expense” program) which pays out compensation for autism-related disorders.

Who really knows the extent of the damage of vaccination assault on American children?

Doctors cannot possibly understand what they are doing. Government “health” agencies, organized medicine and the pharmaceutical industry are joined together to eliminate all informed consent rights regarding vaccinations.

“Health care” in America is a system of killing off weak infants and aging adults. This is not largely suspected because of the disassociation of cause and effect.

This means that in our “democracy,” we have the “free choice” to murder unborn babies, and soon, murder ourselves with “death with dignity” drugs. But there is no free choice to reject the medical assault upon millions of infants and children’s immune system.

Immunity is all-important, vaccines aren’t

If you have children and/or grandchildren, please become alert to the dangerously high risk of vaccinations. During the last 50+ years, there has been a rapid deterioration of the health in American children with steadily increasing incidence of immunologic, allergic and neurobehavioral problems.

Childhood asthma has been increasing both in frequency and severity, the incidence in some areas doubling every 10 years. The number of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has risen from 900,000 in 1990 to nearly 6.4 million today. The use of Ritalin, a stimulant type of drug used to treat ADHD, and similar drugs has increased more than 100 percent during this time period in spite of scientific reports showing a lack of long-term benefits from Ritalin.

Still, according to a report from prescription provider Express Scripts, there has been a large overall increase in the number of Americans treated for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: a 36 percent rise in just five years. More than 4.8 million people covered by private health insurance have filled at least one prescription for ADHD, the report finds.

In fact, our impression is that these drugs drive many children and their parents up the wall. There are estimates that 500 percent more Ritalin is used in America than the rest of the world combined. We ask you to consider that the same companies that sell Ritalin sell the vaccines.

Childhood autism, one of the more tragic childhood disorders, has increased at least 10 to 15 times in the past several decades. From 2002 to 2012, autism rates climbed from 1 in 150 children to 1 in 68, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The notion that vaccines are required to prevent childhood diseases has become so ingrained in conventional wisdom that to challenge the assertion subjects the challenger to immediate ridicule and scorn. This despite the fact that no double-blind studies of health rates of vaccinated and unvaccinated children have been performed. This cannot be done, the medical community asserts, because to not vaccinate children would be abusive as it would subject them to a host of diseases.

There is a false public concept that the mass vaccine programs were largely responsible for control of former epidemic disease, but this is not the case. From 1911 to 1935, the four leading causes of death among those aged 1 to 14 covered by Metropolitan Life Insurance policies were diptheria, whooping cough, Scarlet fever, and measles. However, by 1945 the combined death rates from these four diseases had declined by 95 percent, before mass immunizations programs started in the United States. Improved sanitation and nutrition played a significant part.

We are by now so used to mass vaccinations and mass medication (such as chlorine and fluoride in our drinking water) that we fail completely to realize that we are volunteering our children to social violence in the form of medical assault. We are intimidated to give our consent for the induction into our children foreign genetic material, especially in the forms of live-virus vaccines that cause degenerative disease long-term and may bring about genetic changes.

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Link found between mercury and autism


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