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Ever wonder why hawks push a psychotic military agenda?

War hawks at the highest levels of U.S. Government have in recent years increasingly advocated for ratcheting up military tensions between the U.S. and countries capable of striking the homeland. Why advocate such foreign policy recklessness? Why Not? The taxpayers have them covered.

Each year the federal government shells out $2 billion in taxpayer money to fund “continuity of government” operations that officials say are necessary to keep the nation operating in the event of an attack on the homelands.

That such plans are in place (and they should be) is no secret. But a new book written by journalist and historian Garret Graff reveals just how far the government’s “secret plan to save itself… while the rest of us die” goes.

The book, titled Raven Rock, details how the federal government long ago abandoned the idea of protecting civilians in the event of an unthinkable attack in favor of building a vast network of secret site bunkers accessible only to Washington’s best-connected insiders. The bunkers, along with a massive fleet of secret government-maintained aircraft and other vehicles, communications equipment are part of what the elite say is a plan for democracy to survive — even if most of the Americans who make up our democratic society do not.

From the book:

As the world rejected the “easy” road — international control and disarmament — the United States began a third phase of nuclear reality: an arms buildup and a new militaristic approach that expanded into civilian society. If atomic bombs represented the new normal, then the home front would become a war zone — each house its own ground zero. Cities like Allentown, Pennsylvania, distributed dogtags to every resident, and New York City gave the military-style IDs to every schoolchild. “See, it’s a bead chain, just like yours,” a kid told a soldier in an ad promoting the program. Bert the Turtle taught a generation of schoolchildren to “duck and cover: when nuclear alarms sounded.

But in the years ahead enthusiasm for such plans waned. Efforts to protect civilian life fell by the wayside and a fourth and final grim phase of nuclear reality settled over the United States. Soon grandiose plans shrank to just a single, all-consuming governmental goal: protect the idea of a democratic leadership and preserve the National Command Authorities — that virtually never-ending succession line of officials authorized to launch the nation’s nuclear weapons. Rather than remake the entire society, the government would protect itself and let the rest of us die. That way, there was a chance that democracy could one day again blossom across the land of the free and the home of the brave.

In the years since the terror attacks on 9/11, government plans to protect the Washington elite from bad actors have ramped up even more — all at added expense to taxpayers who may or may not survive a strike on the homeland.

And Washington elite really means elite, as Graff points out in his book:

 When Aaron Sorkin was researching what would become “The American President” and “The West Wing,” Clinton aide George Stephanopoulos pulled out of his wallet what the Hollywood director first thought was a bus pass — it was actually a little card explaining how Stephanopoulos would be evacuated in case of a nuclear event. Sorkin incorporated that card into a latter West Wing episode, where character Josh Lyman received such a card from the national security council and felt guilt because his co-workers wouldn’t also be saved. While shooting the scene, set consultant Dee Dee Myers, the former press secretary to Bill Clinton, pulled Sorkin aside to tell him that the scene was unrealistic because those cards didn’t actually exist. Sorkin was shocked: Even as a top aide, she’d never realized that her co-workers had exactly those cards — and she never did.

What’s perhaps most distressing about the continuity plan Washington insiders keep classified from the American public is that for it to work, those with spots in the bunkers would have to know an attack was imminent before it occurred.

And they will. After all, it’ll most likely be the result of their reckless policy that invites an attack. Actions like continuing to prod Russia and China with acts of proxy war in Syria and North Korea.

And military muscle flexing from all parties involved over international waters means that the start of the next world war could be only an accidental engagement away.

As the Huffington Post’s enterprise journalism wing Highline recently reported:

By now, it is widely recognized that Russia is waging a campaign of covert political manipulation across the United States, Europe and the Middle East, fueling fears of a second Cold War. But it’s less understood that in international airspace and waters, Russia and the U.S. are brushing up against each other in perilous ways with alarming frequency. This problem, which began not long after Russia’s seizure of the Crimea in 2014, has accelerated rapidly in the past year. In 2015, according to its air command headquarters, NATO scrambled jets more than 400 times to intercept Russian military aircraft that were flying without having broadcast their required identification code or having filed a flight plan. In 2016, that number had leapt to 780 — an average of more than two intercepts a day. There has been a similar increase in Russian jets intercepting U.S. or NATO aircraft, as well as a significant uptick in incidents at sea in which Russian jets run mock attacks against American warships.

Russia is hardly the only source of anxiety for the Pentagon. American and Chinese ships and aircraft have clashed in the South China Sea; in early 2016, Iran seized 10 Navy sailors after their boats strayed into its waters. But senior U.S. officials view run-ins with Russia as the most dangerous, because they are part of a deliberate strategy of intimidation and provocation by Russian president Vladimir Putin — and because the stakes are so high. One false move by a hot-dogging Russian pilot could send an American aircraft and its crew spiraling 20,000 feet into the sea. Any nearby U.S. fighter would have to immediately decide whether to shoot down the Russian plane. And if the pilot did retaliate, the U.S. and Russia could quickly find themselves on the brink of open hostility.

The remedy to most of the problem is the much maligned idea of the U.S. government backing off of its role as world policeman and doing what its founders intended: Protect the nation’s borders and the life, liberty and prosperity of its citizens.

Of course, war hawks (profiteers, really) will continue to shout that withdrawing from the world will only make all Americans less safe.

The obvious rebuttal is this: If the current actions being carried out by the federal government are keeping us all so safe, why are we paying $2 billion each year to provide an escape plan for the elites?

The answer, of course, is that none of this has anything to do with democracy.

As illustrated by President Trump’s near total reversal on every promise to put America first and avoid military adventurism, the deep state is already too powerful for average Americans to work against via democratic government.

All Americans can really hope to do is to focus on individual preparedness, because it will be the average masses — not the psychotics in charge — who suffer the coming consequences of decades of reckless policy.

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Ever wonder why hawks push a psychotic military agenda?


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