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However Long It Takes

In a couple of weeks, the Iranian people will be asked by an alien force, to go and choose from a selected set of Shi'ite politicians, to represent them.

These selected set of Shi'ite politicians, are chosen by the Ayatollahs, who want to keep their petty religious system in place. This religious system is only 1400 years old. Iran is at least 10,000 years old. It is the oldest civilization on Earth. Writing was invented in south west Iran. Love was written about first in Iran.

Love of nature is what Iranian poetry is famous for. Iranians use this power of love to defeat any aggression. It is our contribution to human civilization. Being at the crossroads of the world, all major empires have invaded us, and eventually gone, because love makes us non-violent. That is written in the Zend-Avesta. That is why the Ayatollahs have remained. We could have removed them aggressively, a long time ago, but then we would end up being like them.

The Ayatollahs want a fight. That is what their IRGC wants. It is as silly and simple as that. We all know about bullies. And the monster in Iran is just that. A pathetic bully.

I am purposely writing this in such a simple manner, because the situation is really that simple. But how do you handle such an important situation, that is such a clear and present danger? We have 80 million people suffering under these bullies.

We will see the Ayatollahs ask the people they finance, to come and participate in their Shi'ite elections. If they don't, they will lose their jobs. Bullies blackmail.

Boycotting these Shi'ite elections, allows all secular Iranians to become more united. Iranians are united in their pre-Islamic traditions. Everyone celebrates the Spring Vernal Equinox, more than any other celebration. That is the biggest love in Iran.

Ayatollahs tried to stop Knowrooz (my spelling), not knowing how powerful it was. They thought Islam was more powerful, and they found out that they were wrong. So expect a small turnout for the Shi'ite elections, and a massive turnout for the Iranian Spring Festival.

Iranians have just one major force that binds everyone. It is more powerful than politics or religion. It is our New Year festival. Simple. Nothing can compare with that. The world knows where its heritage is, and will not let these monsters survive.

We all know how Iranians saved the Jews in their hour of need 2500 years ago, and Christians and Jews all respect that. Iranian Magi visited Jesus Christ when he was born. Iranians created the human rights, and all the members of the United Nations know that.

Our national heritage is the heritage of the world. The world will not let its heritage to be misrepresented by Ayatollahs. They will have to go peacefully. That is what the Iranian people will do, however long it takes.

This post first appeared on Iran News, please read the originial post: here

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However Long It Takes


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