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6 Things To Know About John Kasich

When John Kasich walked away from the New Hampshire primary with an impressive second-place finish on February 9, many of the American public breathed a sigh of relief. He doesn’t use vulgar language in his addresses or claim to be the second coming of Christ, unlike those other Republicans topping the polls. Plus, he took 16 percent in the contest, with a healthy margin over Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, and Marco Rubio! Finally, a half-decent contender rose from the GOP cesspool! He can’t be that bad of a guy, right?

Photo by Michael Vadon via Flickr
WRONG! He’s just as crooked and quacky as the rest of the Republican slate. Consider these points from his colorful history:
1) Kasich played an active role in the ’08 economic crash.

When the stock market crashed in 2008, only one investment firm got left with empty hands after Congress bailed out all the others. That’s because Lehman Brothers’ $600 billion burden from risky real estate scams was so huge, there simply wasn’t enough money for the Federal Reserve to do anything about it.

And who was managing director of Lehman Brothers’ investments? That’s right – John Kasich. And he pocketed $1.1 million for himself in that same year the firm blew away everyone else’s savings.

2) Kasich’s a shining example of plutocracy.

Shortly after becoming governor of Ohio in 2011, Kasich stripped state employeesof all labor rights. Their unions were decertified, and their right to strike was removed. He then cut their pay and raised their insurance costs.

Sounds like a great guy to work for, don’t he?
5) Kasich once hosted a freaky, sensationalist “talk show” on Fox.

At the same time he was blowing away others’ investments in his stint with Lehman Brothers, he was also hosting his own weekly broadcast – “Heartland with John Kasich” – on the Fox News network.

His show wasn’t about politics or business, though. Instead, Kasich tackled more important subjects, such as … pole dancing. The sins of Rosie O’Donnell (that awful liberal lesbian!). Regular attacks on some so-called attacks on Christianity. And don’t forget Kasich’s brilliant “Special Investigation” on aliens from outer space visiting our planet.

Uh huh. This was the content of Kasich’s “news” program. And so low was this content that the show’s ratings were low, too – so low that Fox News eventually pulled the plug, cancelling “Heartland” in 2007.

6) He once got fired from a job for dealing dope.

In October 2015, Kasich spoke strongly against marijuana. It only leads to other, more harmful drugs, he said.

That sparked angry laughter from Roger Stone, a notable political consultant and author who just so happened to be Kasich’s boss years ago. After learning of the comment, Stone broke a four-decade silence and publicly announced on Twitter why he fired Kasich from Ronald Reagan’s 1976 presidential campaign.

It wasn’t just because he was carrying weed, and not just because he was smoking it, either. Stone says he fired the now-presidential candidate because Kasich was even selling marijuana to other campaign staff.
​Sure, Kasich denied it, but Stone didn’t back down. “I stand by my statement,” Stone quickly replied.
 Remember, now – according to Kasich, you shouldn’t be allowed to smoke it. But he apparently thinks selling it is perfectly okay.

So is Kasich really some moderate Republican who is easily distinguishable from the other quacks on that slate? Not really, as his long record of shadiness (and oddball-ness) shows.

And despite his second-place finish in the New Hampshire primary, it looks like he’ll only sink back down in the barrel to join the GOP’s other dregs. Polls in the next primary state of South Carolina haven’t been updated in about two weeks, but Kasich still placed a distant eighth, scoring only one percent, in the last one conducted.

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6 Things To Know About John Kasich


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