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Anarchy At Trump Inauguration Is The Wrong Way To Change The System

We can understand the disappointment that some have

that their candidate lost to Donald Trump. We felt the same way when 

Barack Obama won in 2008 and 2012 as well as when Jimmy Carter

won in 1976. However, those losses did not result in the violence

and destruction we have seen at the Trump Inauguration.

We are told by the rioters that they are against facism, racism 

and whatever "ism" they feel is appropriate. We are too but

we do not feel that we need to resort to destroying cars, businesses

and whatever else is in their way.

This is more than dissatisfaction with Trump as we have 

never seen this type of activity in any other election before..

This, my friends, is anarchy.  It is violence to get their way.

It is childish, immature temper tantrums which has been allowed

to grow into a national disgrace.  They want to destroy

the United States and turn it into mob rule.

The real issue is not Trump, it is the way the US has operated 

since 1789, through elections and the peaceful transfer of 

power.  The rioters, these anarchists, will riot at the drop

of a hat if their "demands" are not met. Their goal is not to 

make things but to make it so intolerable that we give into

their temper tantrum. However, that will not work as there are 

better ways to change the political landscape.

The best example of getting things done to improve the

country is the Tea Party Movement.  When Obama was first

elected in 2008, there was a cadre of citizens who did 

not agree with his methods or  goals.  From a small

group of citizen activists (who never burned a car, set a fire, attacked

a police officer or destroyed a trash can and left their protest sites cleaner 

than the way they found them) a process was set in motion. 

Within a few months, the Tea Party delivered the 2010 mid term elections

 to the Republicans.  From there they had victories 

in 2014 and now with the election of Donald J. Trump, we 

see the GOP maintaining control of the House, Senate as

as capturing many state houses and governorships along 

the way.  The devastation wrought on the Democrats have 

their heads spinning as they have lost over 1000 seats since 2008.
This success would not have happened if Tea Party members had 

destroyed things at their protest sites or attacked police officers.

The anarchists who protested (their right) at the Trump Inauguration 

are not cut from the same cloth as the Tea Party and therefore will  

not have the same success.  

Martin Luther King proved that non-violence wins in the end which is

a lesson these protesters have not learned. The Tea Party 

did it the right way.  Win the argument with sensible American values 

and the day will be won.

Violence is never the answer to losing an election but getting a plan 

together to change things is.  

Congratulations to President Trump. We wish for you great success

but  be warned, the Tea Party and conservatives will

 rise up again against you if you abuse the American people and do not

follow through with the programs and policies which you told us would govern

your Presidency.

Conservative Tom

This post first appeared on Conservative Musings, please read the originial post: here

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Anarchy At Trump Inauguration Is The Wrong Way To Change The System


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