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Send a Clear Message to Stormont's Neo-Conservative Politicians in 2015

In less than four months, the North Belfast Electorate will once again be asked to choose a 'new' M.P. for the British Parliament at Westminster. At present, the amount of residents available to cast their votes is well-over 64,000. However, like all previous elections in the area. Only a section actually partake in electoral activity. Ardoyne is but one of the local communities within the North Belfast Constituency. The vast majority of it's North Belfast inhabitants are Working-Class. In previous elections, Provisional Sinn Fein polled extremely-well. 

Since 2010, Nigel Dodds of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) has been our local Member of Parliament. Double-Jobbing Dodds is also a Barrister, member of the failed Stormont Micro-Parliament and a Leading Member of the Pro-Imperialist, extremist and sectarian, Orange Order. For the past five years, the current North Belfast M.P. has done nothing to properly represent the Catholic, Nationalist or Republican people in the Constituency. Likewise, Dodds has done little in the way of helping the Protestant, Unionist and Loyalist community either. The arrogant upper Middle-Class Fermanagh man has little time for the Working-Class electorate. Instead he only has interest in an promoted anti Working-Class and sectarian agenda on behalf of his bigoted Party! 

Nigel Dodds M.P.
For the last few elections, Gerry Kelly of Provisional Sinn Fein has been hot on Dodds' heels. In 2010, Kelly came within two thousand votes of taking the seat. The former H-Block Escapee and Provisional IRA Volunteer has a high public profile and is a member of the Party's Negotiating Team. He is also the S/F Representative to the RUC/PSNI Policing Authority and recently advocated British Informers. Like Doods, Kelly is not a native of North Belfast and many local Voters do not see the MLA unless the Media is present. As a Stormont MLA, he is viewed by many as aloof, elitist and against local community initiative's like the Greater Ardoyne Residents Collective (GARC). 

Gerry Kelly MLA

Even though, Stormont and it's Spin-Doctors have attempted to mask the huge cuts to the Welfare Budget. Both Dodds and Kelly helped their Parties to capitulate to threats from Westminster for Stormont to introduce it's 'Welfare Reform Package'. In effect, the 'Package' includes punitive cuts to Housing Benefit, negative changes to Welfare and the eventual abolishment of Disability Payments. Altogether, over £750 Million each year will be removed by the Stormont Regime from the pockets of the poorest in the Six Counties. 

It is up to the North Belfast Electorate to open their eyes to the betrayal of Working-Class Families by last month's 'Stormont House Agreement', endorsed by both Parties, Nigel Dodds and Gerry Kelly. It is also the duty of all local Republicans, Socialists and Democrats to ensure that a Political Alternative to the current crop of Politicos is found to give the Working-Class of North Belfast a proper voice. A genuine Irish Socialist-Republican who will tackle these Conservative Politicians in the political domain, once and for all. It is clear that once again the Stormont Elite have been abandoned by this latest 'Agreement, are we going to let them succeed or will we fight for our rights? 

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Send a Clear Message to Stormont's Neo-Conservative Politicians in 2015


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