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#NeverTrump – It Isn’t Moral Superiority, It’s Depression


I hate to see summer coming to an end, but on the bright side, at least it means that the dreaded 2016 election is almost behind us. It’s going to be a long 2 1/2 months. I’m sick of turning on the radio, news or looking at my computer only to be lectured at by some establishment type or Trump supporter about how horrible #NeverTrump conservatives are for not climbing aboard the Trump Train.

In Morally Superior tones they tell us that we’re the ones acting morally superior.

The knives have come out for Never Trump conservatives. It’s personal now. Gone is the always-fantastical claim that we would hand the election to Hillary, replaced with the notion that we’re simply exhibiting a “terrible case of moral superiority” and putting “our own vanity and taste above the interests of the country.”

Echoing Bennett, the Huffington Post interviewed a number of “establishment” figures who’ve thrown in with Trump, and their words about anti-Trump holdouts are scathing. It’s “slick moral preening,” said one anonymous critic. “These are mostly self-serving political hacks,” said another. We have a “desperate need to be accepted in the liberals’ putative morally superior universe.”

If I felt the need to be accepted into the liberals’ morally superior universe I would say things like “The government should pay for health insurance for everybody” because “people are dying in the streets.” I would change my position on immigration policy. I would say taxes should be raised and trade should be restricted. I would say the government needs to spend trillions of dollars it doesn’t have to stimulate the economy. I don’t say those things, Donald Trump does. If I wanted to get in good with progressives I’d tell conservatives to get over the constitution. But it’s not #NeverTrump people saying that, it’s a Trump supporter.

So no, it isn’t that #NeverTrump people are morally superior, if anything, we’re just sad and depressed about what we see happening, and feeling powerless to stop it. It’s beyond frustrating to see a con artist get away with scamming millions of people who genuinely believe in him and his magical ability to Make America Great Again. And it’s infuriating to see political leaders who know it’s wrong but support him anyway and try to shame the rest of us into doing the same.

Yes, voters have a responsibility to exercise good judgment. But the greatest responsibility lies with the con artist and his knowing enablers. Trump — like Obama before him — is selling hope. But that hope is a false hope, and all those “establishment” figures who scorn the alleged “moral preening” of Never Trump know it. They’re aware of the pyramid scheme, and they choose to further it anyway, like the minions who circulate to cheap hotels across the land, pitching scams in meeting rooms. They’re co-conspirators. (Read More)

At this point, it’s just about wondering where we go from here. I would love to see a viable third party candidate, because the choice between Clinton and Trump is like a choice between starving or food poisoning. Clinton is as corrupt as they come, and Trump is a morally bankrupt dictator wannabe. For most of us who are #NeverTrump there will be no celebrating on November 8th, no matter what the outcome, unless there’s some sort of miracle. We’ll be weeping, and it’s not about being on the losing side of a contest. It’s about the end of any hope for preserving our constitutional republic. It’s about wondering what kind of mess our children and grandchildren will have to clean up. It’s knowing that a majority of Americans don’t seem to understand what it was that made America great in the first place and that our best days are behind us, at least for a generation or two.

I understand why a lot of you want to believe in Trump, and I hope and pray if he wins that I’m wrong about him. I just don’t see how this ends well.

And please, save the comments about how happy I’ll be if Hillary wins, or how it will be my fault. Blame it on the guy who met privately with Bill Clinton right before he announced he was running for president, then ask yourself why that didn’t bother you.

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#NeverTrump – It Isn’t Moral Superiority, It’s Depression


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