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What Do You Expect From A Fake Conservative As The Republican Nominee?


Republicans haven’t had a true Conservative to vote for since Ronald Reagan. Those who came after him were varying degrees of moderate, but at least they were conservative on some issues, and they understood the issues, even if they failed to live up to the values they pledged to champion.

And now we have Donald Trump. A man who was a donor to the worst of the worst Democrats for decades. A man who has espoused liberal orthodoxy for most of his life. A man who only decided to become a “conservative” at the time he decided to run for office as a Republican. He picked up on anger over illegal immigration, a lousy economy, threats to our national security, and Democrats who have rammed through a progressive agenda for the past eight years with very weak opposition.

It was the perfect storm for a media-savvy blowhard like Trump to come along. In a very crowded primary field he was able to sell his bungled message – with $2 billion in help from the media – to enough Republican voters to win the nomination. He spent most of his time labeling, mocking and attacking his Republican opponents. He might not understand conservative orthodoxy, but he does know what sells to the masses. He promised that once the general election rolled around he would act more presidential, and there were enough suckers out there who actually believed him.

And now here we are. Is he spending his time going after Hillary Clinton for the scandals that are piling up around her? Sure he calls her Crooked Hillary, but he seems to be going a lot easier on her than he did on his fellow Republicans. The Democrats have nominated the most flawed, corrupt candidate in generations. There’s so much low hanging fruit there that any Republican candidate with a pulse should be way ahead in the polls. He doesn’t even need to talk about the mysterious deaths of several DNC staffer over the past few weeks, just the official, confirmed scandals should be enough to sink her. Just off of the top of my head there is the email mess she created and being investigated by the FBI, the way she used her position heading the State Department to do favors for Clinton Foundation donors, the way she used the Clinton Foundation to enrich herself, Benghazi, her dismal record as a US Senator. I could go on and on, and that’s not even getting into the failed policies of Obama that Clinton would continue, or even make worse, like Obamacare.

But here we are, Trump just goes out there, supposedly speaking off the cuff, making gaffe, after gaffe, after gaffe. His gaffes are endless, if they are gaffes. I’m still not convinced that he’s not a Clinton plant, but giving him the benefit of the doubt on that, there has to be some explanation for his cartoonish performance. He’s turned into the quintessential stereotype of how the Democrats have defined conservatives. For the progressives he is the gift that keeps on giving as he continues this caricature of what we’re all about.

The latest example is when he babbled about the possibility of Hillary Clinton nominating anti-Second Amendment judges, and how there would be nothing we could do about that, well except for those Second Amendment people… wink, wink. It’s like that was written by a progressive Democrat, but it was just Trump speaking off the cuff, because he thinks like a progressive Democrat. And it wasn’t the first time he’s shown his true colors.

Think about when he answered a question about outlawing abortion by saying that women who sought abortions should receive “some form of punishment.” Think about when he answered a debate question about raising the minimum wage by protesting that “wages are too high.”

These aren’t Trump’s own core issues, or the issues of his base. But they’re important to swaths of the Republican Party. As the party’s nominee, he’s tried to learn how to speak their language. But he speaks it with a heavy accent — and woeful miscommunication ensues. (Read More)

So yeah, miscommunication, or he’s just trying to lose. Whatever it is, this is what you get when you nominate a guy like Donald Trump. He’s making a mockery of the conservative movement, and the populist nationalists among us who fell for his shtick will have nobody to blame but themselves when Crooked Hillary is sworn into office. Congratulations.

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What Do You Expect From A Fake Conservative As The Republican Nominee?


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