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America Overwhelmingly Approved Trump SOTU Speech


The Trump Hating Liberals can now take a hike with all their bullshit nonsense about how The Citizens of The United States are so disapproving of President Trump and his agenda because according to a poll taken by no less than CBS (The Columbia Broadcasting System), Three out of Four Americans polled overwhelmingly approved of the President's first State of The Union Address last night!

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The (What I consider to be) the paranoid, psychotically-raging hatred for the President by some members of what's left of The American Left has been left in the shitter by a poll taken by one of the Three major American Television Networks ----- and that is proof enough for me that the asswads who continually spout hatred for the President on their insignificant little blogs and as talking heads on next-to-nothing public electronic media outlets are full of shit --- and with this CBS poll I believe that has been proven beyond a shadow of any doubt!

I watched that State of The Union Speech and while it was going I kept an eye on the attending Left Wingers as best as I could and all I saw was a bunch of scowling, disapproving, frowning faces, refusing to aspplaud anything the President said and very obviously being opposed to all things American -- and then there was that rebuttal speech that sounded to me like it had been written far in advance of the actual SOTU address and all I could hear in it was negativism toward the President and a lot of boilerplate propaganda bullshit obviously written by Leftist extremists.

The speech was an overwhelming success as testified by the Major Network I referenced earlier and still, there are some numbskull idiots in the Leftist Wing who will continue to tell anyone who will listen that Trump is never going to be popular with "The People. Total Leftist bullshit! -- Total!!

Last night during that speech the Left Wing looked exactly like it always looks, "Totally stupid and out of touch with reality. The Democrats proved one thing to me during the President's speech last night if they have never proven anything else -- They have proven to me that most of them are anti-American in all their ways and I say it is high time to either hold them accountable or to vote every one of their sorry asses out of office at the soonest possible opportunity.

The CBS poll was great in and of itself, but now I understand that CNN had their own poll and the numbers were significantly and substantially the same as they were with the CBS poll!

The take away from last night as I see it is that 8 out of 10 Americans gave the President the highest possible marks for this State of the Union Speech and I am exulting in the probability that there are a lot of Dems and Libs and Lefties running their underwear through the third wash this morning!

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America Overwhelmingly Approved Trump SOTU Speech


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