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America Owes Nothing To The "Dreamers"

In spite of all the bleeding heart Liberals' arguments, The United States doesn't owe the so-called "Dreamers" a damned thing!

We have no debt to them! If anything, they should feel indebted to us, The American Taxpayer, for our generosity toward them and our tolerance of them.

They have to be made to understand that the only reason they are receiving the benefits of Obama's illegal and unconstitutional DACA program in the first place is because their law-breaking illegal immigrant parents put them into the position they find themselves in today.

It is not the fault of The American Taxpayers that the illegals brought their children with them when they came here.

I admit that there are certain protections for non-citizens under our laws but that is no reason -- that is no justification for any of the Dreamers to be making demands on the Government of The United States.

In my personal opinion, the Democrats who started all this DACA crap in the first place are just like their contemporaries that we are dealing with today -- They always place the interests of illegal interlopers and their offspring above the best interests of the "Real" citizens and that is something that has to be stopped! And the sooner it is stopped, the better off we will all be.

I think that if The American People, in general, are not damned careful they will see the day come when the Left Wingers among us will have given the country entirely over to control by the illegal immigrant population for whatever gain they think they might achieve in doing so. (I think they love the votes that favoring Illegals over Americans will secure for them. I think that is their sole and only reason for trying to give the country to people who don't belong here in the first place because they chose to break our laws and sneak in here criminally rather than following the law and pursuing the traditional path to entry and citizenship.

The Liberals are always trying to sell the story that America is a land of immigrants and that is their reason why we should keep the doors open to the illegals. But the hole in that theory is that yes, America is a land of immigrants to be sure .... but those immigrants came here legally! There is a difference the Liberals refuse to acknowledge between "Illegal" immigrants and "Legal" immigrants and that is something else that has to be corrected as quickly as possible in my opinion.

These Obama-Era "Dreamers" do not have any special consideration coming to them by means of any rights at all. In fact, when their deferment ran out they should have already been deported a long time ago. But no, the Democrats kept extending their deferments and now the fools seem to me to want to make those deferments permanent and we cannot afford to let that happen. We are a nation of Laws and the laws that we have ought to be enforced and honored or changed through proper action of The Congress of The United States.

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America Owes Nothing To The "Dreamers"


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