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Nigeria: Why OBJ Remains a Big Factor

In Nigeria, the political history favours the Northern part of the country. Lord lugard skewed the amalgamation to place the region on top of the rest. The reason was simple , the North was a friend who the colonial power could rely on after departure.

Since the British departure, the north has continued to dominate the affairs of the country politically. This went on unchallenged until the 1966 coup which led to the infamous civil war.

The civil war marked the beginning of the restive challenge of what was tagged in the south variously as sokoto caliphate, northern establishment /hegemony and much later christened by a northern journalist, now professor of political science, Mvendaga Jibo as kaduna mafia.

These challenges were however proving fruitless until the immortal saga of June 12. The annulment of June 12 election debunked the exaggerated religious factor and proved the north /South dichotomy in the country’s political chess because June 12 was won by a Muslim, Muslim ticket annulled by a Muslim. The only difference was that the winner was a Muslim from the south.

That singular event threatened the existence of Nigeria even more than the civil war. NADECO which was the instrumentality of this threat had its base in the south west. The Eastern part of the country was a willing tool to realize what war could not give. So, the Northern establishment was for the first time truly threatened.

For the country to survive, the Northern leadership had to find solution quick and that solution was in switch in power. The north therefore had to hand this power over to someone who was not just a friend but a trusted one. The one who was a southerner but northern at heart.

No one fit this more than the person who had proved this well before the emergency. That person was no any other than Obasanjo. Popularly called Obj, this general had to tactically force his friend T. Y. Danjuma for an early retirement to make Late general YarAdua his second in command. Though both Danjuma and YarAdua were from the north, Danjuma was seen as a Christian from the Middle Belt. It was indeed the arrangement the general North was more at home with.

Beyond that, the same Obj willingly as a military man handed over power to a northerner against the wish of his region. He had every leverage and machinery to have manipulated hand over to his kinsman, chief obafemi Awolowo but he didn’t.

So, the Northern power picked him from prison and gave him power. Obj is the son of the South and an avowed friend of the north. So he became a bridge between two regions. Therefore, if Nigeria must continue to exist then this bridge must be secured, protected and sustained. The south west and the north therefore have made Obj indispensable and he knows it very well.

Obj therefore has become a pillar, a reliable one for that matter, particularly for the north power management of Nigeria. Truth is, the awesome North can’t spit into his face as they do to others. For now, he’s the Rubicon of this great country!

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Nigeria: Why OBJ Remains a Big Factor


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