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I Just Had a Massive Twitter War

This all started with a few harmless tweets to David Pakman regarding his thoughts on Social Cohesion and diversity. I lean very strongly towards the benefits of social cohesion in any given country, but liberals tend to always push for more “diversity” and multiculturalism in order to bring about some sort of a perverse utopia.

Anyways, Pakman has not as of my typing this post responded to my query on Twitter. However, someone else did, and it turned into a huge back and forth exercise in futility. I have no intention of ever trying to change this guy’s mind regarding the realities of demographics and crime statistics, etc. That being said, I do hope to achieve in convincing a few people who were on the fence to now maybe see things a little bit more my way in the future.

These tweets also highlight just how someone who leans to the Right, such as myself sees the world, and how someone on the Left, the other guy tweeting at me, sees the world and their bizarre rationalizations that they regularly bring to bear. This I believe also highlights how many of those on the Left do not have any actual debating skills, but rather stick to virtue signalling and the demonizing of their political opponents instead.

@dpakman It’s not clickbait. Quick question, what are your thoughts on the benefits of an ethnically and culturally homogeneous society?

@dpakman Like say Iceland and Japan, for example?

@dpakman Most liberals seem to value “diversity” over social cohesion. As someone who leans to the Right this simply makes no sense to me.

Now those are the tweets that I sent to David Pakman. Now this is the response from the guy who turned out to be a full blown regressive.

@RonLewisAuthor and those kinds of differences in opinion/perspective help create innovation that helps the world

To which I responded:

@tehoriman I imagine that sometimes they can, but there is a significant opportunity cost which goes along with increased diversity.

@RonLewisAuthor what opportunity cost exactly? There’s already diversity in every way but racially and gender, why not those too?

@tehoriman The most diverse countries on the planet have the most violence and infighting, whereas homogeneous ones like Iceland do not.

@RonLewisAuthor why do you assume that diversity is the issue there exactly? Comparing a country of 323k to any other place is folly

@tehoriman Iceland had 1 murder in 2009 out of a population of around 300k. You know how many murders New Orleans alone had that year?

@RonLewisAuthor you’re just taking your opinion and applying it however you see fit, not reality at all

@tehoriman It isn’t. The greater the social cohesion in either a country, or a city, does in fact correlate with crime rates and civic trust

@RonLewisAuthor take a look at the economic stratification to get your answer. Has nothing to do with race

Notice how he said that it had to do with race, he brought race into the conversation first, not me, for the record. I was talking about social cohesion, not white supremacy, but a great many liberals seem to have a great deal of difficulty in wrapping their “sophisticated” intellects around this very simple concept.

@tehoriman The benefits of diversity are overrated and pushed by those with an agenda. The least diverse places in US have the least crime.

@RonLewisAuthor where’s this ‘social cohesion’ data point you’re using exactly? And is it more of a function of economic variables or not?

@tehoriman Look how smoothly the country of Japan functions and how they don’t have the problems of countries like Lebanon or Uganda.

@RonLewisAuthor you’re saying the benefits are overrated without knowing the actual value of it. You just have your own agenda.

@tehoriman Wow! “social cohesion” is how much people are alike in damn near every possible way. How they look, dress, religion, food, music

@RonLewisAuthor Japan was rebuilt with US technology and infrastructure intentionally and used as a valuable trade partner. Not the same.

@RonLewisAuthor and Japan’s economy has been in a downturn for decades now, with their population shrinking

@tehoriman and they haven’t fallen apart or had internal problems since then, have they? Also have very low immigration rates as well.

@RonLewisAuthor where’s any of those data points exactly? Or are you just making it up? why do you ignore economic data?

@tehoriman What economic data am I ignoring? Read this book. Answers your questions. (The link that I provided was to the excellent book “Reflections on the Revolution in Europe: Immigration, Islam and the West” by Christopher Caldwell.)

@RonLewisAuthor they haven’t fallen apart since they’ve been remade with trillions in investments? What’s your point?

@tehoriman Pakistan was created due to multiculturalism and a conflict of cultural values/religion. How was that a good thing?

@tehoriman Have you heard of the death trains? India, 1947. Look it up. Diversity leads to unnecessary conflict. People are tribal by nature

@RonLewisAuthor What of that has to do with diversity? Forced segregation is not diversity.

 @Sargon_of_Akkad@Nakidape@GadSaad Wow! I have truly found a full blown regressive here! (I retweeted his tweet: @RonLewisAuthor no, Pakistan was created by the English in a failed attempt to separate Muslims and the rest of India. You’re making shit up)

@RonLewisAuthor tagging people is meaningless. You’re just making shit up now and ignoring reality. @Sargon_of_Akkad@Nakidape@GadSaad

@tehoriman Do you have any idea how many people were slaughtered during the Islamic conquest of India?

@RonLewisAuthor do you have any idea how many people were slaughtered during centuries of fighting in any war?

@tehoriman Are you not familiar with the term “sectarian violence”? Do you think what happened in Iraq or Syria can happen in Iceland?

@RonLewisAuthor has Iceland been destabilized by decades of political maneuvering like Iraq or Syria? Why do you equate two disparate?

Please take note that I mentioned Iceland as an excellent reference to a country that is both ethnically and culturally very homogeneous in nature (which is not in and of itself a racist thing to point out, but rather a factual one). It is simply impossible for there to be any sectarian violence due to the fact that it is a demographic impossibility. Period. End of story. But he blatantly refuses to ignore how these other countries have all these problems due to their lack of social cohesion, along with the different religions and large groups of people of various ethnic backgrounds all being mixed together, which can lead to the creation of a powder keg that is just waiting to explode into sectarian violence.

@RonLewisAuthor I do love the anti-immigrant talking points that are debunked

@tehoriman@Sargon_of_Akkad@Nakidape@GadSaad Suppose you think that most of the rapes in Sweden and Norway aren’t done by Muslims either.

@RonLewisAuthor so was Europe and Asia and North America. And it’s only gotten worse in Africa/Middle East after European interventions.

@tehoriman Read Thomas Sowell’s book Black Rednecks and White Liberals. You might learn something.

@tehoriman The Middle East and Africa were fucked up and slaughtering each other well before any European intervention.

@tehoriman Same goes for India, and before Columbus human sacrifices and torture were rampant as well in the New World.

@RonLewisAuthor same goes for India how? human sacrifices and torture existed in Europe just as much as anywhere else.

@tehoriman Ah, so you are one of those cultural relativists I see. Cultures are not all equal. Some are just plain shit!

@tehoriman@Sargon_of_Akkad@Nakidape@GadSaad I am not anti-immigrant, just anti-stupid immigration policies. I like Gad Saad for example.

@RonLewisAuthor which are shit? Who should be the judge of that?

@GadSaad@Sargon_of_Akkad@Nakidape@DaveCullenCF You guys have to read the twitter war I was in. A taste (I linked to his tweet that said that Pakistan was created by the English)

When they mutilate their own daughters and follow the teachings of a pedophile and mass murderer… (I retweeted his last one: which are shit? Who should be the judge of that?)

@RonLewisAuthor what immigration policies are stupid. Do you even know the US policies? @Sargon_of_Akkad@Nakidape@GadSaad

@tehoriman@Sargon_of_Akkad@Nakidape@GadSaad You mean like letting in refugees from Somalia that join the Islamic State, or slash students

@RonLewisAuthor so basically anything Muslim is bad. Youre just against Islam. Meanwhile, Christians have been raping children for centuries

@RonLewisAuthor so of the 100k+ Somalis, how many of them did that exactly? And how many other Americans joined ISIS?

@tehoriman A subset of Catholic priests, sure. As a whole, no, Christians are not as rapey as Muslims in recent history.

@RonLewisAuthor Christians as a whole believe marital rape is not a thing. A subset of Catholic priests compared to a subset of Muslims?

@RonLewisAuthor yeah, instead of ISIS, they just attack people within the USA. What’s the difference?

@tehoriman There is no Muslim majority nation on the planet that is a good place to live where Christians and atheists are treated well.

Well, let’s see. No Presbyterians, or Baptists joined ISIS, nor have any atheists or Buddhists. Just Muslims. (I retweeted his tweet: @RonLewisAuthor so of the 100k+ Somalis, how many of them did that exactly? And how many other Americans joined ISIS?)

@tehoriman The sheer number of rapes in Sweden and Norway is not a subset of Muslims, it is a lot of Muslim men committing sexual violence.

@tehoriman The rapes in those countries have gone up in direct correlation with new arrivals from non-Western countries.

How sensitive and caring you are towards young women and girls in those countries! The rapes just magically occur, no one is doing them. (I retweeted his tweet:@RonLewisAuthor the sheer number of rapes in Sweden and Norway is a product of definition, not Muslims. The numbers are stable there)

That last tweet of his that I retweeted about the rapes being stable, yeah, definitely some regressive mental gymnastics on full display in that tweet.

@RonLewisAuthor if you applied rape statistics that Sweden uses to incidents in the USA, white males commit an insane amount

@RonLewisAuthor I linked an article that proves that exactly false. Why don’t you show me something that proves that?

@tehoriman Have you heard of the @GatestoneInst ? They have lots and lots of information at their website. Enough said.

@RonLewisAuthor ah, you just love to use logical fallacies. You should have just said that.

@RonLewisAuthor ah, so only right wing think thanks are valid. Thanks for that joke. @GatestoneInst

@tehoriman People in different countries have different cultures and beliefs. This is a fact of reality. Pointing this out is bigoted?

@RonLewisAuthor didn’t say anything about bigotry. Do you have a reading comprehension problem?

That’s not true either, blacks commit more than half of all rapes and murders. And they’re roughly 13% of the population. Whites over 60% (I retweeted him saying: @RonLewisAuthor if you applied rape statistics that Sweden uses to incidents in the USA, white males commit an insane amount)

@tehoriman Most people who read Thomas Sowell and Brian Greene do not have a reading comprehension problem.

@RonLewisAuthor you didn’t read what I said. You’re talking about something entirely different.

@tehoriman On the contrary, I did. Has to be put into context of the demographic representation of any given group of people.

@RonLewisAuthor you’re not most people then. Nice genetic fallacy though.

@tehoriman I never said it was genetic. @larryelder treats women quite well and would agree with me. Has to do with black culture, it’s bad.

Per percentage of the population, whites here and in Europe commit far less crimes, including rape, than minorities do (except real Asians). (I retweeted his tweet: @RonLewisAuthor you aren’t putting it into context because you aren’t talking about the same thing that I was)

Highlighting that some groups of people have destructive values is not racist. Racism is believing in genetic inferiority of other races. (I retweeted his tweet: @RonLewisAuthor oh dude, do you even know what I’m saying? Just call yourself a racist. It’s fine. Admit it.)

@RonLewisAuthor that wasn’t what I was talking about. You’re making a strawman argument.

@tehoriman Anyone who works hard, values education and is responsible such as @GadSaad @larryelder I am cool with. Values matter, a lot!

@RonLewisAuthor that’s not what racism is. Socioeconomic status means nothing to you.

@tehoriman No, you just have white guilt, apparently. Western Civilization has elevated the entire world, and it is superior.

@tehoriman There are poor people who don’t go around committing crimes. Does personal agency mean nothing to you?

@RonLewisAuthor more poor people commit crimes than rich people, of every race or background. What does personal agency mean to that exactly

@tehoriman You should go to work for @TYTPolitics or @AlterNet , you’d fit right in with those America haters.

@RonLewisAuthor every time I bring up reality, you dismiss and deflect. I get it. You think you’re smart and enlightened.

@tehoriman You have a good regressive day Sir, I have a book to finish reading. Don’t stop virtue signalling though. You’re good at it.

@Sargon_of_Akkad @nf_reece @Nakidape @GadSaad @DaveCullenCF I got called a “racist” today on Twitter. Such an important milestone to reach!

So that was the Twitter war I managed to find myself in early this morning. Now obviously, to have the exact statistics and accurate retorts on both sides would have required us to stop and then doing some fact checking, which quite frankly neither of us had the time to do. The population of white people in America is now at only 63%, which is down from around 80% in 1980 (America never was an ethnostate ever since its founding, it was a white majority nation, not a white nation), with blacks making up currently around 13% of the population.

Hopefully you, my dear reader, will have found this to be a highly entertaining blog posting that you can share with your friends. It definitely shows more than a glimpse into how people on different sides of the political aisle not only think, but how they communicate with each other as well.

This post first appeared on Questioning The Narrative, please read the originial post: here

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I Just Had a Massive Twitter War


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