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Should You Be Worrying About The Corona Virus?


This article is an introductory resource for those interested in the Novel Coronavirus. Like SARS in 2003, the Corona Novel virus is the newest Asian virus outbreak. The Coronavirus was first were diagnosed in Wuhan China (Population 11.08 Million)in Please note, Coronaviruses aren’t new. However, previous Coronaviruses usually only caused mild respiratory problems. But, the Novel Coronavirus (” Corona”), like the previous MERS and SARS, can cause severe respiratory illness and death, and it also is easily spread.

Corona Virus Dangers

First of all, the Coronavirus mainly has occurred in Wuhan, China. So, if you don’t live near China or haven’t recently visited China, you should not be overly concerned. However, as you should always do, practice safe practices like washing your hands, avoiding the sick, etc. The Coronavirus, though, can kill, and as of February 8, 2020, in China, 722 people have died from the Coronavirus, and 34,586 have been diagnosed as being infected. 

Corona vs. Common Flu

These deaths are unfortunate. However, the current number of deaths caused by the Coronavirus needs to be put in perspective as the common flu kills thousands each year.   For example,  in 2014-2015, an estimated 51,000 people died from the flue. Corona does have the potential to be deadly, and currently, there is no vaccine or cure for the Coronavirus. So, if this virus were to mutate, it could be quite fatal.  However, right now, especially if you do not live in China, you should realize that the flu is more dangerous than the Coronavirus.

 Why You Should You Be Concerned?

Even though the death toll for Corona, compared to the flue, is quite small. You still should take necessary preventative measures (I.E., proper sanitation) and avoid traveling to China. The reason for this concern is the following:

  • Chinese Government Response-China has responded with quarantining victims of this virus.
  • World Health Organization (“WHO”)– the WHO has designated Corona a “Global Health Emergency.”
  • U.S. State Department-US state department strongly urges against travel to China
  • No Cure and No Vaccine– Right now, luckily, Coronavirus isn’t a death sentence.  So, Corona is not as deadly as Ebola and, if you are infected, you will most likely recover. However, as there is no cure and no vaccine, if the Corona were to mutate into something more lethal, it could be devastating. 
  • Spreads Easily-Corona spreads though, minimal, human contact. For example, you can be infected by someone sneezing on you or you coming into contact with infected bodily fluids. This differs from AIDS were infection can only occur via sexual contact, sharing of needles, etc. 


Corona Virus causes a respiratory illness, which can lead to double pneumonia and even death. The first signs of Corona, occur within two to 14 days after infection, are the following:

  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Shortness of breath

The above symptoms vary widely as the infected could have mild or even no symptoms and still be infected with the virus. 


Coronavirus is easily spread through human contact, as all that is required for infection is someone to sneeze on you. However, there are specific precautionary measures that you can take to reduce the chance of infection, which are:

  • Don’t visit China
  • Avoid all contact with any infected or people who you may suspect be infected. 
  • Never touch your nose, mouth or eyes without cleaning your hands first
  • Wash Your Hands-Wash your hands, at least 20 seconds, numerous times daily. 
  • Hand Sanitizer-if you can’t wash your hands, wipe your hands with a sanitizer that has at least 60% alcohol. 


For more information on Corona, I recommend that you investigate the following links.

  • World Health Organization(” WHO”)-This is the starting point the WHO’s information on Corona. 
  • CNN-This isn’t fake news, as it is an excellent overview of Corona that is communicated in layman’s terms.
  • Center for Disease Control (” CDC”)–The United States Center for disease control is an excellent resource for necessary information concerning the Coronavirus outbreak.

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Should You Be Worrying About The Corona Virus?


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