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Censorship: Facebook Bars Users From Posting Intel Hub Articles

Facebook blocks alternative news links

Author: Brian D. Hill

Confirmed as Fact! Facebook blocks certain links from being posted by all Facebook users unless enough complaints are sent to Facebook to get them to unblock certain links from TheIntelHub.

We have decided to confirm whether Facebook is actually barring Article postings from TheIntelHub or not, but our research has confirmed it, plus we are verifying this fact with a few other Facebook users as well.

TheIntelHub is an Alternative News website that brings out the truth in exclusive news articles not covered by the mainstream media. Alternative News Sites has been the target for hacker attacks [1,2,3], lawsuit threats [1], slander attacks to try to discredit them, targeted by Canadian Government agents monitoring online forums and social networking sites to combat what they deem as ‘Disinformation’, and Alternative News sites had been blocked by some ISPs due to their Governments block lists under the guise of stopping children from watching porn. Alternative News sites have poked a hole through the once-secretive New World Order agenda and now because of this the elite are looking to destroy any information that further damages their reign of any power that they still have left, then will highly likely destroy dissidents to conduct damage control for the PR people.

Alexander Higgins site that was hacked, forced him to have a one-page where he gets donations to try to bring his home-based server website back up, is also a contributing writer of TheIntelHub.

As it turns out Facebook has blocked these articles from TheIntelHub according to my research (The list will grow as more censorship is discovered):

Certain Information has been redacted for privacy reasons as those Facebook users and their posts do not have anything to do with this articles research, testing, and confirmations.

1. U.S And United Kingdom To Cut Power In Preparation of Massive Solar Storm (Completely blocked according to Screenshot and Alexander Higgins [1] verifying this)

2. House Passes World War 3 Legislation With Senate To Vote On Bill Next (Completely blocked according to Screenshot and several Facebook friends verifying this)

3. Facebook Censoring Some Alternative News Sites While Allowing Hackers To Attack Others (Will post on Facebook Wall status but refuses to show a title and Description according or any thumbnails of any of the images on the post or website, so here’s a screenshot and my Facebook friend testing this as well, screenshot from his wall included as evidence for this article)

So Facebook or some group of people is monitoring for certain posts then flags them for abuse and spam to get them barred from Facebook entirely. In fact Chris R. Hughes, the Co-founder of Facebook, has attended the Bilderberg meeting according to the leaked 2011 Bilderberg Attendee List [1] thanks to Jim Tucker and moles inside the Bilderberg Group. In fact the Bilderberg Group had planned for internet censorship for a long time but was likely to discuss how to further tighten Internet controls to further censor the truth from the four corners of the Internet world.

All Hope is Not Lost

In fact USWGO was able to easily circumvent the blocks by Facebook by syndicating the article titled “House Passes World War 3 Legislation With Senate To Vote On Bill Next” then posting the USWGO Syndicated link on Facebook instead of the original one from TheIntelHub and success, no block was engaged against the truth article.

So people syndicating other peoples articles might still be a way of working around Facebooks relentless censorship link blocks.

Another method to circumvent Facebooks blocks would be to use a proxy-style free URL redirection service which provides a good redirect link that at least has a title and description for the redirect page that way Facebook assumes the link is not coming from TheIntelHub or any blocked sites and allows the blocked link.

By Brian D. Hill

This post first appeared on R7, please read the originial post: here

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Censorship: Facebook Bars Users From Posting Intel Hub Articles


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