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Age Does Not Bring Wisdom. Life Long Ongoing Education and Enlightenment Does.

This post is part of a series covering World War II Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity. My aims are to present
  • Some of the reasons why the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and subsequent HR Instruments Were Created
  • To publicize ongoing Human Rights Abuses and the Perpetrators
  • To register my own personal horrific experiences with family members and their associates, who are guilty of Human Rights Abuses and Violations as well as utter contempt for all legal boundaries and restrictions
World War II was supposed to be the War to End All Wars. Unfortunately there is wide spread intentional amnesia today, meaning the same crimes are being committed. Some people are also conveniently forgetting this era, often for reasons of securing financial profits, which are more often easily earned in environments where Human Rights Abuses are Rife and Ignored.

The nine posts in this series cover:

0 INTRODUCTION - Why this Series of Posts?
- Why WWII Drove The Creation Of The UDHR.
2 EUGENICS, RACIAL PURITY AND PERSECUTION - The US Influenced Nazi Germany's Eugenics Program. A Snapshot of the Diverse Groups Persecuted and Imprisoned in Concentration Camps. The Nuremberg Trial, Which Dealt With Racial Purity - RuSHA (USA vs. Ulrich Greifelt et al).
3 FORCED AND SLAVE LABOUR - Without Forced and Slave Labour the Nazi War Machine would have Collapsed and Brought the War to an Abrupt End. A Brief History of Forced and Slave Labour Before, During and After World War II. Details of The Nuremberg Trials for German Industrialists - Flick, Krupp and IG Farben.
4 FORCED PROSTITUTION, SEXUAL VIOLENCE AND RAPE - Sexual Crimes Were Not Tried at Nuremberg even though There Were Established Laws Condemning These Crimes. Information About Nazi Military Brothels and Concentration Camp Brothels. Evidence and Testimonies from Witnesses. Both Axis and Allied Forces were Guilty of Sexual Violence and Rape.
5 NAZI DOCTORS EXPERIMENTS AND TRIALS - The Nazi Doctors' Nuremberg Trial and Details of Their Experiments. Names of Nazi Doctors who Escaped Prosecution. Information about Post War Unethical Experiments Without Informed Consent, in the USA, Russia, South Africa and Israel.
6 STERILIZATION AND EUTHANASIA PROGRAMS - Life “Unworthy of Life” A Brief History of the Sterilization and the Euthanasia Programs and German Public Opposition. Using Cost Benefits Analysis in Nazi Medicine to Educate Children.
7 WORLD WAR II BY DESIGN – THE ECONOMY AND FOREIGN INVESTORS - An Important Component of Nazi Germany's War Infrastructure. Brief History of the German Economy and Hermann Goering's Four Year Plan. Role of Jewish Public Protests and their Boycott of German Goods in 1933 and Germany's Retaliatory Actions. The Real Role of Neutral Countries During the War. Post War Looting of German Patents, Cover Up of German Research on Tobacco and Cancer and the Removal/Kidnap of Nazi Experts to Allied Countries. The Role of Foreign Subsidiaries/Investors before and during World War II in Germany.
8 UNWCC (UNITED NATIONS WAR CRIMES COMMISSION) LAW REPORTS - The UNWCC prepared and published a 15 volume set of law reports covering 89 War Crimes Trials From World War II. This post contains links to all of these law reports and a list of the cases in each volume. Some information on CROWCASS (Central Registry of War Criminals and Security Suspects).


It is a fact, that we are surrounded by people who are living in an arrogant stupor of self importance and material influence. Sadly, some of these people regard an elementary education and the history of precedent, to be unnecessary (and even irrational!) for reasoned judgement and responsible actions.

In my first post in this series, I present the background to the creation of the UN Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Following World War II the UDHR in no uncertain terms declared a Blue Print, a Code of Conduct stating acceptable and unacceptable behaviour, for all nations in the 20th century and beyond. Unfortunately some countries and people today consider the UDHR to be a meaningless and insignificant document to guide their countries and lives. Why? These countries are enforcing human and primitive sub-human hierarchies, with divisions based on wealth, physical strength as well as ethnic origins. Persecution, discrimination, slavery and denial of equal rights/opportunities continue in these countries.

On a similar theme concerning the Denial of Equal Rights/Opportunities due to Female Physical Weakness, my post Ameneh Bahrami - Why Acid Attacks Will Continue on Muslim Women/Children in the 21st Century and Beyond - Inequality of Justice for the Physically Weak in Iran touches on the ongoing inequality of Justice and Rights For Women.

How many people have fixed ideas about the Meaning of Life or are indifferent to the reasons, because they are content being clones, conforming to their social environment? Is it so unrealistic in the 21st century for all people to unite and reach a common agreement on the meaning of life and to agree on the optimal conditions required for human beings, in order for them to excel and demonstrate their true mental and physical capabilities?

Religions have been the first to inform everyone about our origins and the reason for our existence. They have however been unable to make any important contributions to the fields of science, medicine and technology, bringing into question their access to a Superior Being, responsible for all aspects of our creation. If a religion can not provide for example, the cure for EPILEPSY, except through death, one must question the real purpose and function of many religions. All intelligent and rational human beings in the 21st century, need irrefutable evidence to believe something and it does not come alone through books.

We know many religions were created at a time when there was no mass media and no international opposition. If anyone were to claim to be a Messiah today, and they delivered revelations, unambiguous prophecies and real miracles for all of us, to see and experience, they would surely be attacked, silenced and destroyed. Why? Any New Messiah with such gifts is a serious threat to old established religions, who have failed to deliver anything to prove their proclamations and support their doctrine. For this reason, I see no chance of any new Religious Messiahs surviving. If anyone was in fact a Genuine Messiah, we can safely assume, all hell would break loose following their persecution and destruction. For those hoping for Armageddon, destroying a Genuine Messiah might actually serve their agenda. 21(or 12) December 2012 has been declared as a turning point for our planet - why, because all those 12s means something logical and rational?

As I recall during America's racist past, missionaries of God were also guilty of overt racism. As ever the weak conformed to the Majority; Christian Values and Sin faded into oblivion.

Given that religions have repeatedly failed to invoke their God in times of dire hardship and conflict over many centuries; man made intervention has been the only solution, hence the real need for organizations, such as the UN.

Why has it taken so long to deliver certain accomplishments and achievements? If we were to identify what types of people have repeatedly put obstacles in the way of others, over the centuries, we might find the answer and remove these people permanently, in the interests of the advancement of human civilization.

Nobody can advance human civilization in any field, if education is denied and the historical building blocks of precedents are ignored, manipulated and/or even erased. Why would Anyone Manipulate and even Delete History? For self serving Reasons of Course. To ensure they maintain their rank and status in a hierarchy, preventing all interference from outside, with their decisions, interests and actions.

It was only in the 20th century, some countries and people delivered:
Electrification / Automobile / Airplane / Water Supply and Distribution / Electronics / Radio and Television / Agricultural Mechanization / Computers / Telephone / Air Conditioning and Refrigeration / Highways / Spacecraft / Internet / Imaging / Household Appliances / Health Technologies / Petroleum and Petrochemical Technologies / Laser and Fiber Optics / Nuclear Technologies / High-performance Materials

Classic resistors to ingenuity, creativity and positive change are those intent on enforcing their own education and status with a self serving agenda. These people are often with limited education and wisdom, holding illegitimate authority and superiority. They live in fear of more intelligent and educated individuals, usurping and removing them, permanently. With such blinkered arrogant idiots in power as leaders, whole countries and communities have been denied development and advancement. There has been much bloodshed.

Climate Change/Global Warming is a recurring theme in the 21st century. What is the real problem here? Are humans so fearful of changing their established lifestyles, that they must resist everything that alters their surroundings including nature? Some Humans love to assume they are in control of their planet. What if climate change were to have no connection with Humans, at all?

It goes without saying, human beings are incredibly expressive and rich in verbal communication and far more sophisticated mentally and physically than the animal kingdom. Why therefore are people still enforcing the behaviour of animals as role models for human beings: sexual reproduction and observed animal perversions, physical strength and ferocity, as well as power and domination as a group, over others. Naturally animals have a unique set of skills required for their own survival, which humans can learn from and should respect, but animals are not and never will be the blue print and reference point for levels of human intelligence, human behaviour and the limitations of Homo Sapiens.

Unfortunately some countries even EU countries (through their weak and irresponsible immigration policies) support these primitive hierarchical systems, enforcing the separation of humans from perceived sub-humans: those viewed as slave animals and considered below the human race in evolutionary development.

No Human Being is a Sub-Human!

The divisions of human and sub-human is often created and tied to differences in wealth and possessions. Given that wealth has often been accumulated through bloodshed, theft, corruption and inheritance, these are hardly rational grounds for assuming superiority over others and the ongoing enforcement of a sub class of human, who has been repeatedly denied equal opportunities and education.

People who drive human and subhuman divisions rarely if ever, make positive contributions and excel in the scientific, medical and technological fields. Only the fool is impressed by their Manipulative Public Image with the pomp and circumstance of Ceremonies. Its the 21st century, Wake Up Everyone.......Look beyond their attention seeking showy acts and the possessions, they parade.

Without education and interest in research to find solutions/cures for many problems of today including illness and disease, expect these types of people to pursue the most ignorant and laziest solution possible for everything: Destroy Life! Similar to Nazi Germany and their Sterilization and Euthanasia Programs. Other countries also adopted this approach as a cure before and after world war II.

Given that sub-humans are effectively viewed as animals, verbal communication with logic and reasoning is never used, just physical contact/violence, as if the human is a goat, donkey, cow or dog. It is assumed animals do not understand human communication. Perhaps those using violence also derive sadistic sexual gratification from exerting physical power over others. There are enough Weirdos in Western countries who engage in SM and bondage, for these perverted reasons.


Sub-humans today remain ongoing targets of racism, discrimination, persecution and the prevention of equal rights. Physical appearances and the roots of people, often play an influential role in the minds of ignorant and uneducated people. Poverty is often a sign of denied opportunities and lack of development, not imbecility and stupidity. In the right circumstances, people of poverty are able to excel.


I am highlighting all of these topics given that they tie into personal experiences, which are explained later, in Playing Both Sides. Perhaps one day, people I have known, will wake up from their drunken stupor/coma of delusional superiority and recognize how irrelevant they are in the 21st century and why many reasonably intelligent civilized human beings, will REFUSE to be identified and associated with them and their heinous and despicable deeds, including myself.

Based on my experiences, there are various actions, which prove human and sub-human divisions are being enforced. Firstly, the most obvious one being acts of violence, sexual and physical abuse, instead of using and respecting verbal communication. Secondly, denying salary payments to staff/servants, even though they have dependent families to feed and clothe. Those withholding payment have no concern for the lives they impact, harm and destroy. Imprisoning staff/servants and denying them fundamental freedoms and rights of access to health care as well as communication with law enforcement. During family dining and feasting, food is thrown on the floor for the sub-humans/slaves to pick up and eat for themselves. If the slaves/sub-humans are being deprived of food, their Natural Survival Instinct will be to consume. Obviously this type of public act is to prove to everyone present, that staff/slaves are sub-humans, in fact animals, unclean, unhygienic, unfit and undeserving of any respect.

Another component of these environments are acts of parents selling their children into slavery, given that humans even family members, are judged to be a monetary value: either they are an income or an expense throughout their lives. Being an expense means a person is far more likely to become a victim of honour violence and killing.

When your own blood relations are guilty of supporting and enforcing these human and sub-human divisions, clearly something extremely serious has to be done to Them, To Stop Them and To Expose Them as Examples For Everyone. Clearly World War II taught some of my Blood Relations and Their Associates Absolutely Nothing. What Will Teach Them and Everyone Protecting and Retaining Them, In The Very End?

Often created as a result of tumultuous and catastrophic events, Human Rights instruments have been implemented to set and maintain certain standards of acceptable civilized behaviour, as well as to educate, warn and prevent further barbarity and atrocities, committed during war and peace time.

Let us not forget, A civilized nation and group of people is judged by how it treats human beings and the rights it bestows on all, AS EQUALS. In addition a country is judged by the laws it implements and the success of its punishment acting as a permanent deterrent to all, AS EQUALS.

Obviously Legal instruments apply to all : government servants, religions, people with title, public status and of wealth. Some people like to assume they are above all laws..... Why is that? Everyone is aware of the reasons why World War II was responsible for the creation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), given that there was global damnation of atrocities committed. Many victims of World War II, fortunately lived to give testimony at the Nuremberg Trials and other post war trials.

The UDHR has been translated into more than 300 languages and dialects and is widely accessible. Therefore nobody has any excuse that they were not able to access and read the contents in their native language. At the time of its adoption in 1948, the UN Assembly called upon all Member countries to publicize the text of the Declaration and

"to cause it to be disseminated, displayed, read and expounded principally in schools and other educational institutions, without distinction based on the political status of countries or territories."

For those ignoring this significant document today we know the reasons... They are selfishly preoccupied with their illegitimate status and obsession with excessive Financial/Material Profiteering: GREED, which is more easily obtained in countries where human rights abuses are rife.


Hitler used War to justify committing certain crimes against humanity, in the belief that being the eventual Victors, Nazi Germany would not be subjected to trivial International Laws and Tribunals. He was wrong.

Various sources mention that Hitler did not believe he could successfully implement the Euthanasia Program in Germany during peacetime. As he later discovered, even during war, the shortage of beds for wounded soldiers, was not a rational and responsible argument even for the German Folk. Once this secret program became public, there was German condemnation. The program was officially closed down as a result of public protests. Silent acts of euthanasia nonetheless continued on a local level until the end of the war.

In peace time today, there are several countries and communities, which are responsible for the same types of atrocities and human rights abuses, committed during WWII. They are of course not on the same scale but at individual level and often in private. Is this the reasoning why certain countries provided refuge to some escaped Nazis and they continue today to remain silent about who is actually residing in their legal jurisdiction? Soul Mates of Sorts.

Hitler made a rather apt remark about the conduct of a German business during the war which I believe reflects the attitude and behaviour of some international joint ventures today. IG Farben's conduct at Auschwitz is best described by a remark of Hitler: "What does it matter to us? Look away if it makes you sick." IG Farben (Industrialist) Nuremberg Trials. Is this not how various western companies are behaving, given their willingness to enter joint ventures with countries, that have a long history of "Undemocracy" and human rights violations?

Today, Western Profiteers ingratiate themselves with dictators, undemocratically elected leaders and oligarchs, (even providing refuge to some of these foreigners at a later date) in the pursuit of securing large profits, contracts and satisfying irresponsible self induced resource dependence, in western countries. To harmonize and maintain these relationships and secure further lucrative contracts and minimize competition, all sorts of Kick Backs, Bribes, Fees and Commissions are paid To People, Who Don't Even Need The Money! True Greed. So thats how they secured this Arms Deal.....

It is of no consequence to these Western Profiteers and their Partners how the local population is treated, whether they are slave or forced labour, whether they are tortured, imprisoned, killed or even charged with crimes they never committed. These Rampant Profiteers, these Blatant Opportunists have no conscience. Their financial rewards, blood money and commissions are then safely deposited in distant offshore financial center/tax havens, far from the Seeing Eye of Their Own Countries.

Am I being too hard on those who supposedly take significant business risks? I don't believe so. Nazi Germany was able to construct the infrastructure for a War Machine within SIX YEARS of coming to power. Allies can become the Enemies of the future. Foreign investors played an important role in the build up to World War II and the construction of Nazi Germany's Infrastructure. They turned a blind eye to everything, all in the name of profits and greed.

My previous post about International Joint Ventures with the Burma/Myanmar Junta is a present day example of Global Greed Merchants in action. Some Foreign Companies like to claim they are helping to introduce a democracy, when in reality they are maintaining the current regime financially and the lifestyle of the military leaders.

GO TO - International Joint Ventures with the Burma/Myanmar Junta and Business & Human Rights Resource Center - Tracking The Positive & Negative Impacts of Over 4,000 Companies Worldwide

The concept of greed is not limited to western companies investing in undemocratic regimes with unacceptable human rights standards. Individuals in western countries are also willing partners with the perpetrators of human rights abuses, for the selfish motive of easy financial earnings and material gain. I will provide a simple and real example of my experiences with my own blood relations and their associates, demonstrating how disturbed and sick some people really are. I use the term Playing Both Sides because it aptly describes their conduct, over many years. Public Statements Versus Private Actions.


When People Play Both Sides - People End Up Seriously Injured and Even Dead
For public consumption and manipulation, some people deliver attention seeking emotional stories about being victims of historical conflicts and oppression. For the uneducated fool they instantly believe these stories without ever investigating the truth, for themselves. Of Course there are genuine victims, but not all. These attention seekers continue to deliver virulent hatred, intolerance and contempt for their supposed former oppressor(s), throughout their lives. They repeatedly attack them for the crimes they have committed and the inhumane treatment of innocent people. They throw in religion buzz words, to influence people of their sincerity and validity. They even dare lecture people about Religion and Sin including absurdities about the poison of tea, coffee, alcohol and even soft drinks. You must be an alcoholic if you drink any alcohol. If only Realism, Evidence, Transparency and Balance were their human qualities.


On the Other Hand, there is a completely different situation, in private. Behind closed doors, these people, while full of loathing for human rights abusers in public, are actually guilty of the very same crimes, in private, as well as responsible for standing by and protecting other perpetrators. They intentionally forget the dreadful and harrowing experiences of family members during the war (Several imprisoned in concentration camps, Nazi Doctors' Experiments, Forced Prostitution, etc). These facts and painful experiences of other family members are completely ignored, written off, disregarded, thrown out with the garbage.

New innocent victims are subjected to similar experiences and cruelty, but it is of no consequence even when established laws condemn such acts in their country. They have no conscience.....for financial reasons, it has been ERASED.

What are their Motives for Forgetting and Ignoring History?
To put it simply: Obsessive Financial Greed and Blatant Materialism. The people they choose to associate with, are sources of easy financial benefits, material rewards and gifts. This is in fact their only motive for forming relationships with these wealthier associates. They have a history of establishing such relationships in the hope..... Even when someone dies, they are still trying to profit from them.

They do not care if the people who provide financial and material profits, are Criminals, responsible for Human Rights Violations and Grotesque Inhumane Treatment of Innocent People, in their country or elsewhere including the Middle East.

While parading themselves in public as sophisticated, educated and civilized people and delivering stories about their (private) school education, these stories fail to encompass real facts, such as they failed to complete their elementary education - they didn't taken any exams at school and they were also often absent from school. They don't tell anyone they were sent to another school and put back a year, in order to take elementary exams. Yet again they withdrew, demonstrating public education is completely irrelevant to them (like the parents), when money and materialism are easily derived from some people, on the street.

They might well be implicated in or even directly responsible for the death of people and malicious permanent injury. They do not care. They have no conscience. There might be victims of sexual assaults and rape as well, but instead of protecting the victim, stopping the perpetrators and preventing further victims, they stand by and protect the perpetrators.

On the one hand they parade in public their love and concern for vulnerable children. On the other hand in private, they have been grossly negligent and abandoned a child, whose end would have been to euthanasia, in the hands of doctors. They never tell anyone in public what they have done with this child and why. Yet another indication that human beings are simple monetary values in their lives and they are genuinely playing both sides.

As We All Know, A Locked Door May Hide Various Secrets. We Don't Always Need A Key When There Are Many Windows To Look Through.

Much would have become evident to outsiders, if they pursued identifying the number of sham marriages these people had engaged in and their motives for these relationships, in the first place. Outsiders would have noticed there was also an interest in adopting another name and an image associated with a partner, in the belief, a marriage would elevate their social standing and long term financial rewards.

It is an abundant source of immense anger to me that these people even tried to marry me into this uncivilized human rights abusive ridden environment, to a person I had never met. For them, the marriage was about personal rewards for themselves and profiteering from a passport, money and even property. They ignored the long term real fact about my true character and that I have never been influenced and motivated by materialistic possessions nor by wealth. They refused to acknowledge reality - the fact that I have never allowed anyone to throw money in my face, to buy friendships, sex and allegiances, which is part of their everyday lives. For them relationships = £$ and little else.

Here lies some of the boundaries and limits for people who persist with playing both sides. Both Business and Individual Greed Merchants despise education, balance, objectivity and law enforcement. For Sure, All Of These People Will Stick Together especially if they have committed Mortal Crimes! They will attack everyone who pursues exposing the Truth About Them, Their JVs and Their Lies. Why is it some people think they can get away with has something to do with their relationships and connections.....

As mentioned, I personally know of victims (family members) who were subjected to barbaric crimes during World War II. Cases covering Most of the crimes were tried, at the Post War Trials in Nuremberg, Germany and Poland. I will not relay the stories of family victims, given the pain it will cause. I know what they were forced to endure and will remain with them for the rest of the lives.

Fortunately there is a huge amount of documented information in public circulation. There are numerous educational resources and materials containing well researched articles, personalized historical accounts, testimonies and the photographic evidence used at the Nuremberg Trials. Everyone has free access to this information as well as their country's state and international laws.

One day, some people will say an Important Test was set in 1994 to catch everyone with my blood relations and their religious and business associates, given that their public communications and lies with their manipulated public appearances, were not reflecting their private actions, business dealings, in fact reality, at all. There was only one way to prove and expose the truth about THEM. In situations of death, serious injury, corruption, acts of racism and persecution, blatant Human Rights Abuses, crimes and even destitution, they were all tested - there was only one way to prove their real reactions, the depths of their own souls, their lies and the crimes they had committed. Every time they refused to recognize The Gravity of Each Situation, How Their Actions Were Directly Responsible and The Long Term Consequences - every time it was selfish opportunism and profiteering, cover ups, self protectionism with proof of intent to Pervert the Course of Justice and Prevent All Law Enforcement. An established pattern throughout their lives. Needless to say some religions and their members proved they are playing both sides and revealed their true colours.

Go To This Post For Numerous UDHR Translations:
UDHR (Universal Declaration Of Human Rights) in Arabic, Czech, Chinese (Mandarin), English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian & Spanish - Also Includes links to 359 translations of the UDHR.


How often do we encounter people who claim to be Great Patriots, but only IN WORD and never IN DEED? Everyone knows Real Patriots, first and foremost, Respect and Uphold the Established Laws of their country and even know the history behind their creation. They know the enforcement of this Legal Code of Conduct is responsible for protecting and advancing their own country, and respect is a condition of being identified as a True Patriot.

When (fake) patriots (including titled people, monarchists, the wealthy and religious figures) ignore established laws and international legal obligations, in addition to avoiding taxation and hiding their true sources of wealth, by depositing funds outside their country (in tax havens/offshore financial centers), we know we are dealing with False Patriots and potentially serious national security risks, as well.

The most famous of British Traitors have had very English Surnames - Far Greater Trust has been placed on Words and Names instead of Deeds, by uneducated and irresponsible idiots employed or retained by governments and people in authority. As for Patriotism in the minds and actions of immigrants who are Economic Migrants/Financial Profiteers, forget it, it doesn't exist.

The Patron Saint and Supposed Great Patriot of England, St George has always had many conflicting loyalties. St. George is also the Patron Saint of Aragon, Catalonia, Ethiopia, Georgia, Greece, Lithuania, Palestine, Portugal, and Russia, as well as the cities of Amersfoort, Beirut, Bteghrine, Cáceres, Ferrara, Freiburg, Genoa, Ljubljana, Gozo, Pomorie, Qormi, Lod and Moscow; Scouting, as well as a wide range of professions, organizations, disease sufferers and one of the most prominent Military Saints.


When Greed and Materialism overrides common sense, objectivity and responsible judgement as well as enforcement of all state and international laws; SOMEWHERE - SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE! I have turned My Key. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

This post first appeared on JUSTICE Will Be Served - Human Rights - HRLaws, please read the originial post: here

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