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Coptrz Drones Blog
Helping businesses decide which drones to add to thier aerial sensor equipment, from film and photography to industrial surveys and mapping.
Drone Light Show: Swarmtech Drones LTD
2021-02-26 09:52
Producing A Drone Light Show: How Does it Work? Welcome back to the Coptrz blog. This week, we are bringing you the behind the scenes on producing a drone light show. What goes into it? What… Read More
Drones For Surveying: Arcadis
2021-02-19 09:01
Arcadis – Civil Engineering At Coptrz, we know that challenging terrain comes with the territory of surveying, and more often than not access and measuring points are difficult to reac… Read More
Best Drone Apps For 2021
2021-02-05 09:28
The Best Drone Apps to download in 2021  Smartphones have quickly become one of the most powerful technology tools that we use in our everyday lives. From making calls, downloading apps… Read More
Become A Drone Pilot: Resilient Pilot
2021-02-02 12:16
Become a Drone Pilot: Case Study – Resilient Pilot  Resilience is key in today’s industry; it’s a vital characteristic for pilots and a ‘buzz word’ in airl… Read More
Top Drones For Inspection In 2021
2021-01-15 09:22
Top Drones for Inspection in 2021  The drone inspection market continues to grow as technology enables more and more applications, and 2021 is going to be no exception to that. Drone te… Read More
Top Drones For Surveying In 2021
2021-01-05 12:19
Top Drones for Surveying in 2021 Thanks to their ever-improving accuracy, greater efficiency, cost savings and enhanced safety features. Drones (or unmanned aerial vehicles – UAVs) are… Read More
Drone Regulations For Dummies
2020-12-15 16:02
Feeling confused about the new regulations?  Are you confused about the new drone regulations coming into place after December? Unsure of the differences between the new A2 CofC or the… Read More
Drone Laws: Explained
2020-12-15 16:02
Feeling confused about the new regulations?  Are you confused about the new drone regulations coming into place after December? Unsure of the differences between the new A2 CofC or the… Read More
Birds Attacking Drones: How To Fly Away!
2020-12-10 14:28
Bird attacks on UAV’s are common: how to prevent them We’re all too familiar with the risks that birds attacks can pose to aeroplanes, but our feathered friends can also bring d… Read More
Somewhere ‘Over The Crater’…
2020-11-26 13:54
Is it really possible? Can drones be used to predict future natural disasters? Natural disasters are on the increase, and the world has been ravaged by deadly storms, weather events and wild… Read More
Driving Change: Drones For Surveying
2020-11-10 12:16
Driving change: Drones for Surveying Drones can do an awful lot:  from taking photos and delivering packages to even replacing fireworks. But can they put an end to every driver’s… Read More
Drones – An Alternative To Fireworks?
2020-10-30 16:13
Drones for Events: Pixel Artworks & Drone Inspect  It’s no secret that this year hasn’t been the best. Lockdown, curfews and generally getting used to living a life in a… Read More
The Ultimate Drone Photography Package…
2020-10-22 13:39
Coptrz is proud to announce, our latest collaboration with content creator Daniel Hughes. Our partnership with Daniel Hughes has been long-standing. Now we can finally reveal what we’v… Read More
Incorporating Drones At Your Next Event 
2020-10-15 07:59
Incorporating Drones At Your Next Event Commercial drones have a lot to offer to the event industry and they are certainly becoming more popular year on year – UAVs are one of the bigg… Read More
Inspired Media: Coptrz Academy Alumni
2020-08-10 14:46
We caught up with Coptrz Academy Alumni, Jeremey Rackham of Inspired Media to see how his business has evolved post-Coptrz Academy. If you’re ready to start flying your drone commercia… Read More
The Drone Rescue Revolution
2020-08-07 11:10
Pioneering drone rescue scheme launched in UK Drones have started operational missions to officially assist search and rescue helicopters for the first time in the UK. The remotely-controlle… Read More
Drone Data And Climate Change
2020-07-24 13:30
Drones for Good: Drone Data And Climate Change The impact of global warming  on a broad variety of communities has been well-documented, highlighted and forecast. However, there are sp… Read More
Drones For Property Marketing
2020-07-20 11:37
Drones For Property Marketing Property marketing is a highly competitive and ever-evolving sector. For decades, the marketing of properties and estates has evolved to fit with new technologi… Read More
Drone Technology: Going The Distance
2020-07-13 15:13
The World is Shrinking; Drones Technology Reaches Ever Further Ever since drones first took to our skies, companies have looked at ways they can be utilised to deliver goods to customers, qu… Read More
The Rise Of The Delivery Drone
2020-07-08 13:37
When will commercial drones be used for deliveries in the UK? Commercial drones are well established in a variety of industries, such as agriculture, emergency services, and construction. In… Read More
The Rise Of The Railway Drone
2020-07-03 10:52
How drones are transforming the railways of the world A growing flock of drones are being deployed by rail networks around the globe to perform inspections of infrastructure, ensure safety a… Read More
Woodland Management: Drones For Good
2020-06-29 15:27
Woodland Management – How Can Drones Help? Most people know drones as handy, hovering cameras that can be used to take some amazing scenic snaps. But in reality, drones can do so much… Read More
Helping The Homeless: Drones For Good
2020-06-26 13:13
Helping The Homeless: Drones For Good In Britain, the Covid-19 pandemic has cast a light on many societal issues right on our doorsteps. One of these severe social failings has been the care… Read More
Pix4Dreact – Mapping On Demand
2020-06-24 13:04
Pix4Dreact – a detailed look into this game changing real-time mapper When time is of the essence and every second counts, Pix4Dreact is fast mapping software that’s tailor-made… Read More
PPK Or RTK – Which Is Best?
2020-06-22 10:00
Know your PPK from your RTK: how GPS correction systems are changing our understanding of landscapes Accuracy and precision are essential for any mapping or surveying task. When deploying a… Read More
2020-06-17 10:15
5G technology is a huge talking point – not just amongst drone manufacturers, but across a whole spectrum of industries. Indeed, many tech companies are now claiming that 5G is the fut… Read More
2020-06-04 11:29
Commercial Drones – A Basic Buyers Guide
2020-06-03 16:19
Commercial Drones – A Basic Buyers Guide When commercial drones first arrived on the market, choices were relatively limited. Nowadays, when it comes to purchasing commercial UAVs (unm… Read More
The Mountain Rescue Drone Revolution
2020-05-18 13:30
The mountain rescue drone revolution Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have revolutionised the work of Mountain Rescue teams. And drones for emergency services, to assist in locating… Read More
2020-05-11 11:10
DJI M300 – Technical Video Review with industry experts from Public Safety and Inspection in this exclusive Q&A video Our Industry Experts got together for a 60 minute live Q&… Read More
2020-05-07 12:09
Secrets & Lies: We separate the facts from the fake news with the launch of the new DJI Matrice 300 RTK After disappointing the masses back at CES2020 in January, DJI quickly confirmed t… Read More
Our Top 6 Drones For Inspection In 2020
2020-05-06 12:58
Our top 6 drones for inspection in 2020 Thanks to their ever-improving accuracy, greater efficiency, cost savings and enhanced safety features. Drones (or unmanned aerial vehicles – UA… Read More
In Photos; Drone Demo Day 2020
2020-03-23 16:02
Earlier this month, we hosted our regular drone drone demo event in Dunchurch, Rugby.  The UK’s only multi-manufacturer and multi-vertical drone demo in the country it was an unri… Read More
How Networx3 Are Using Inspection Drones
2020-03-06 14:55
In this blog you’ll find out:  How to use inspection drones to manage risk and protect your workforce  What drones you can use for industrial inspection An insight into worki… Read More
Frequently Asked Training Questions
2020-02-28 09:32
We recently caught up with our head of training Dan Wilson to cover some frequently asked training questions and the upcoming CAA legislation changes. Q: Can I still use my PfCO after leg… Read More
Coptrz Introduce Complete Survey Package
2020-02-20 16:06
We are very pleased to present you the ultimate starter survey package. This is a one stop shop to help revolutionise your business with drones. The survey package consists of a carefully cu… Read More
2020-02-11 16:40
Having worked with the public safety sector for over 3 years, I have helped a number of different emergency services departments to create tailored drone solutions to make their operations e… Read More

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