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When simply caption are not enough, we tell the complete story.
The De-Sensitive Nation
2017-04-19 16:00
India is a very diverse country at its very core. We have numerous languages, cultures and religions residing here since ages and though we have always had our differences with each other so… Read More
2015-12-19 07:41
“If You Don’t Know History, then you don’t know anything. You are a leaf that doesn’t know it is a part of a tree.”Lucky are those who have the honor of witness… Read More
2015-02-05 09:23
I miss those days,Days which are old,Feeble and weak now.Fresh in my memory,Is an era of my city.When the time went slow.I miss the cruel winter wind,Which devoid me the feeling of my hand.I… Read More
2015-01-28 15:44
On a cold winter morning and boxing day in Australia, There was huge buzz in the Australian Camp that a 23 year old blonde who can bowl as fast as the now Pakistani Great Shoaib Akhtar … Read More
2015-01-01 14:38
Normally I wouldn't write anything on the end of any particular calendar year. Because frankly only the calendar has changed, sun has completed a revolution and nothing else. It’s not… Read More
2014-12-21 07:10
Pk Movie ReviewWell we at focused tales have been thinking of starting a movie review section and after a long wait we have a perfect film to review.Pk is Rajkumar Hirani's 4th film as… Read More
2014-12-13 09:55
I am looking for my lost town.Don’t know why at this, people frown.It used to wear a green coat.Its calm humility was worth a note.Dehra and I met two decades past.Its shadow still rem… Read More
2014-12-10 07:17
Well normally I try and stay clear of socially relevant subjects because frankly each person has his/her own set of views and perspectives and I don’t really intend to hurt anyone in a… Read More
2014-12-07 18:57
As the extravaganza of cricket is just peeking from the corner, we thought of something. Now everybody knows what Indian Cricket and the cricketers are for the Aam Janta of ours.  Crick… Read More
2014-12-02 08:40
Horror stories have always been a favorite of people all around the world. Where some are just made for amusement, some are claimed to be genuine. Believing or not believing in these kinds o… Read More
2014-11-11 11:19
India is a country with lots of people. They need to travel from one place to another place. To travel properly, they use various mediums like buses, trains, planes, etc. Out of all kinds of… Read More
2014-11-05 18:34
She is the one who has been there since as long as I could remember. The one who makes my heart skip a beat every time she comes into sight. She has been one of the anchors of my ship and th… Read More
2014-11-05 18:02
Let’s take a walk through the memory lane,Memoir of times irreversible.A time when Doon was ours.It’s about a time in my city,When the sound of silence was greater car horns,When… Read More
2014-11-03 08:43
15 Signs of a Filmy Keeda1-      We are like an encyclopedia – Ask us anything. No really, go ahead and ask us anything. We are more than happy to impart our k… Read More
2014-11-03 08:33
So this is now for all those Doonites who have long been away from Doon and for those Non-Doonites who want to visit the valley. We try and compile some faadu dishes you have to have when in… Read More
2014-11-03 08:31
As Happy as I have been writing earlier articles, I am sad writing this one. It’s obvious..isn’t it?1.       Trees, Trees and Trees…nowhere … Read More
2014-10-28 18:06
On a dull, yellow afternoon By the signpost I sit maroonedHot winds and cool, cool sweatAd-boards you'd rather forgetIn their shade I smoke and wait"Where to now?" trying to contemplate… Read More
10 Things You Remember As A 90s Kid!!
2014-10-28 04:41
Childhood is by far the best stage of a person’s life and I know or at-least hope that everyone would agree with me. Now having said that, being born in the last decade of the 20thcent… Read More
2014-10-28 04:40
Prologue“Yaar!! Kya wo aaegi??” exclaimed Rahul. Gazing at the sinking sun far between the mountains Prem’s concentration is broken by this sudden but expected query. Calml… Read More
2014-10-28 04:38
On the third and final day of the Times Dehradun festival, Doonites were in for a rare treat. In the iconic auditorium of St. Joseph’s Academy, “Raju, Raja, Ram aur Mai”, t… Read More
2014-09-11 14:02
We know how much Doonites love Doon and so we decided to write something which would cater to the nostalgia of all our fellow Doonites residing elsewhere.  1.    You… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
A wet Monsoon night on a lonely road with the street lights trying desperately to illuminate the way for the travelers. But they seemed all too worthless as the moist was covering the view l… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
Of the People, by the People and for the peopleIndia, Bharat,Hindustan is geographically a south Asian country. Being seventh largest country by area in the world and second largest by popul… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
The God Of Cricket Who is God? Does God even exist?  If he does what does he look like? These are some questions which have been troubling the homo-sapiens since times unknown. The conc… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
Life is a journey which each has to take. One may make his own unique way another makes way for others to follow. But is it only about just getting there or is how we get there of greater im… Read More

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