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Biodegradable & Eco Friendly Puppy Training & Dog Pads: Are They Worth It?

Like Eco Friendly or biodegradable products, you want to know that performance of the product is affected, and that the product will benefit the environment and isn’t just marketing hype or slight of hand.

Bio degradable and Eco Friendly Puppy training pads and dog pads are no different.

In this informational and educational guide, we look at the range of the most popular eco friendly puppy pads and dog pads – and assess what they are made of, what their best features, how they impact the environment and compare them to standard puppy pads and dog pads.

Let’s take a look…

Biodegradable & Eco Friendly Puppy Training & Dog Pads: Are They Worth It?

What Are Regular Dog & Puppy Pads Made Of?

The top absorbent layers are usually made of materials like non-woven cloth, paper tissue and absorbent polymer, and fluff pulp.

The waterproof leak-proof last layer is usually made of PE film (polyethylene) – the most common plastic.

Ontop of this, the materials are usually treated with commonly used chemicals such as bleach to make them look extra white, dyes to add colors to colored puppy pads, and dog attractant + baking soda.

How Do These Regular Dog & Puppy Pad Materials and Chemicals Harm The Environment?

  • What Does Plastic Do To The Environment? – Plastic is obviously damaging when it goes to landfill and the environment. We have outlined the dangers and damage plastic causes to the environment previously when discussing plastic and eco friendly dog poop bags.
  • What Do Man Made Materials Do To The Environment? – man made materials are harder to break down than organic and biodegradable materials.
  • What Does Dye Do To The Environment? – dyes can contain toxins or chemicals which pollute the environment
  • What Does Bleach Do To The Environment? – bleach used in products like pads to make them look more white can toxic dioxin levels which impact living creatures and the environment

What Are Eco Friendly Puppy Pads & Dog Pads Are There? And, What Are They Made Of?

Eco friendly training pads are made by a few different brands have a few different benefits:

Four Paws Wee-Wee Dog Housebreaking Pads (on Amazon) – top absorbent layers are made with bleach-free, dye-free tissue and fluff and the leak-proof liner is made from 50% recycled material.

Simple Solution Eco Care Puppy Training Pads (on Amazon) – use 50% recycled materials reclaimed from the manufacturing process, reducing 400 tons of landfill waste annually.

The Green Pet Shop Bamboo Training Pads (on Amazon) – Fabric is made from organic and eco friendly 25% Bamboo rayon and 75% wood pulp – both of which break down easier in the environment than standard fabric used in puppy pads.

How Do Eco Friendly Puppy Pads & Dog Pads Benefit The Environment?

Using Recycled Materials – there are many benefits for recycling and manufacturing using recycled materials including re-using materials that would have gone to land fill and damaged wildlife and the environment 

Not Using Dyes, Bleaches and Other Harmful Chemicals – not using harmful chemicals like bleach and dye decreases the environmental toxicity that is being leaked onto and into the soil, water and wildlife

Using Organic Materials – organic materials are usually biodegradable. Biodegradable materials usually break down much more quickly (within 6 months to a couple of years – compared to 500 to 1000 years it takes plastic to break down), more naturally, and with less toxicity than plastic. 

Are Eco Friendly Puppy Pads & Dog Pads Worth It?

In general, the same count of eco friendly pads are about a third less competitive in terms of price than regular pads. They have similar performance in terms of being very absorbent, not leaking and having similar odor containing properties.

Without being sure of how much using recycled materials or organic costs in the manufacturing process, we’d like to see if the price can be more competitive as higher quantities are sold.

If recycling, organic materials, less dyes and bleaches, and less plastic in the environment are important to you – they probably are worth it.

They are certainly worth paying attention to and raising awareness for among your friends and peers – as thousands and even millions of regular puppy and dog pads are used each year and disposed of.

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Biodegradable & Eco Friendly Puppy Training & Dog Pads: Are They Worth It?


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