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Best Dog Bed For Two Dogs: #1 Two Dog Bed

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Being a multiple Dog owner means you have to consider a few different things than if you had the one dog to care for.

You probably already know something about single dog beds, but what about the best bed for two dogs?

Are two dog beds even a good idea?

We will answer a few questions about two dog beds, as well as review the top two dog bed on the market.

If you don’t have time to read the full article and review, you can check the reviewed dog bed out on Amazon:

PetFusion Ultimate Pet Bed & Lounge in Premium Edition with Solid Memory Foam

Best Dog Bed For Two Dogs: #1 Two Dog Bed Option

Best Dog Bed For Two Dogs: Two Dog Bed Review

PetFusion Ultimate Pet Bed & Lounge in Premium Edition with Solid Memory Foam

View On Amazon

The PetFushion Ultimate Pet Bed & Lounge is a memory foam dog bed that can be used as either a two dog bed for two medium sized dogs, or a single dog bed for large and giant dogs.

Who Is This Two Dog Bed For?

  • People who want a high quality bed for large and giant dogs
  • People who want a high quality bed for two medium to small dogs (around 75 pounds/53 kilos and below)

Who Is This Two Dog Bed Not For?

  • People who want a cheap dog bed

What’s Good About It?

  • X-Large Bed has a 36 x 26″ inch inner area – can support two medium sized dogs, and can support around 150 pounds of weight
  • 4 inches of memory foam – very comfortable for your dog, and great for larger dogs to protect their joints
  • Made mostly of polyester and cotton
  • Removable cover which is easy to wash and clean
  • Bolsters are recycled – good for the environment
  • Water resistant and tear resistant cover
  • Color neutral decor so it fits into whatever room you put it in
  • Non skid bottom so it stays in one place

What’s Not So Good About It?

  • The X Large Bed is a little on the expensive side – but you get what you pay for in terms of the thickness of memory foam and overall quality of the material
  • The fabric on the cover is a little thin – not the best for dogs that dig, scratch and chew alot. However, no dog bed is indestructible.

Other Items That Go With This Two Dog Bed?

Some people choose to get a replacement cover for their dog bed so they can interchange while the other cover is in the wash or if it deteriorates:

PetFusion Replacement Cover for Ultimate Dog Lounge (on Amazon)

Where Can I Check This Two Dog Bed Out?

Click here to view the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed X-Large on Amazon

Best Dog Bed For Two Dogs: FAQ and Buyer’s Guide

Dogs Are Naturally Pack Animals

Dogs are pack animals – their evolution means they will naturally want to establish a hierarchy of leaders and more submissive members of the pack.

This would explain why it’s so important to establish yourself in a calm and assertive way as the leader of your dogs – for training and general obedience.

It would also explain why its so important, particularly when you own two dogs who display dominant traits, to socialise your dogs early and teach them the correct behaviors around both other animals and other humans.

But, Should Two Dogs Sleep Together In The Same Bed?

Technically, it is best to give dogs their own personal space when it comes to beds, and the same applies to toys, food bowls and water bowls.

Although its best to have a separate dog bed for each dog you own, its not such a big problem to have one bed for two dogs – as long as it doesn’t cause any internal or behavioural problems for your dogs.

Some dogs love hanging around together, as that makes them feel more comfortable and secure.

As a responsible owner, you just need to make sure this comes without any negative consequences, and there’s no reason you can’t have one two dog bed, and a single dog bed in case one of your dogs changes their mind!

Here are some of the problems you want to look out for if your dogs spend alot of time together, particularly when sleeping in the same bed –

  • Separation Anxiety

If your dogs spend all day playing together in the yard while you are at work, and they go to sleep in the same bed – that’s close to 24 hours a day that they spend in each others’ direct company.

Spending such a long time together can sometimes cause issues with over dependancy of one dog on the other, or with both dogs.

If the dogs are apart when a dependency has been built, or one of them passes away, this can cause separation anxiety issues.

  • Stress and General Anxiety

Even dogs need to feel safe, protected and like they have a retreat or personal space they can call their own.

If you notice one of your dogs tends to want to be more alone than your other dog, there is potential that a two dog bed could cause them stress and they will want to find their own bedding or space to sleep.

  • Behavioural Problems (Over Dominance, and Territory Protection)

One of your dogs might have a higher dominance drive, whilst one of your dogs might be more passive.

Look out for signs of aggression (snarling, snapping, tensing muscles and showing teeth, attacking, consistent jumping and chasing), and signs of being overly protective of territory.

A dead giveaway would be if your dogs become territorial over the same bed and fight, in which case its time to get separate beds.

You can read more on about stress and anxiety in Dog Anxiety & Separation Anxiety: What Is It, and How To Treat It?

Best Dog Bed For Two Dogs – Resources


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Best Dog Bed For Two Dogs: #1 Two Dog Bed


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