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Bird Tables: Read The Birdtabledaily Bird And Wild Blog
The birdtableDaily is a wildlife blog updated by naturalists and avian experts. It covers items important to people who care about garden birds & wildlife.
The Birds And The Strong Winds
2022-02-25 00:00
The past week has brought stormy weather too much of the country at one time or another and here in Kent we had a very windy day last Friday and again Sunday evening and early on Monday morn… Read More
Plenty Of Activity At The Feeders
2022-02-17 00:00
Bird activity at my feeders has been high through the past week and I’ve had my usual visitors to the garden including the feral pigeons.Another new mainly white pigeon has been coming… Read More
Pigeon Gathering And Plenty Of Other Birds
2022-02-15 00:00
It has been a busy week with bird activity in the garden and they are noticeably coming earlier in the morning and staying later in the afternoon.I don’t have to rush anymore to make s… Read More
Helping Birds To Use A Nest Box
2022-02-08 00:00
Spring – luckily – is on the horizon and although we can’t believe that it’s nesting season again, it’s one of our favourite times of the year.How can anyone no… Read More
Some New Sightings
2022-02-03 00:00
A couple of days ago I was delighted to see one redwing in the garden, as that was my first sighting of one of them for about 10 months.Unfortunately, the wood pigeons have eaten most of the… Read More
Warmer Days For Now
2022-02-03 00:00
The past few days have certainly brought what you could almost describe as spring-like weather and temperatures.I have been able to work in the garden with just a light jacket on and I have… Read More
A Watery Winter For Birds
2022-01-27 00:00
Spring and summer, usually the warmest months, are when the majority of us faithfully supply our garden birds with fresh water for drinking and bathing. By this time of year, however, some o… Read More
Frost And Ice
2022-01-25 00:00
During the past week it has been frosty most mornings with white hoar frost on the grass and ice in the bird bath saucers, so I’ve had to add to my routine breaking the ice in the sauc… Read More
It Was Here Before!
2022-01-13 00:00
Over the Christmas period as I mentioned in a recent blog, I was putting out extra food in the garden that was scraps of chicken, sausage meat and so on leftover from Christmas meals.I gener… Read More
New Year And More Birds
2022-01-11 00:00
Firstly, a Happy New Year to all who read my bird blogs.I think the birds have been spoilt over the Christmas and New Year period with plenty of extra treats on offer, varying from stuffing… Read More
Hawk Eyes
2021-12-17 00:00
I haven’t had any hawks in the garden as far as I know although possibly a sparrow hawk has been on a couple of occasions recently, as the birds all scramble and disappear for a couple… Read More
Paddling Around In The Water And Mud
2021-12-10 00:00
The past week has brought some strong winds again and further heavy rain to Kent but despite that, the birds in the garden have been enjoying the birdbath saucers.The starlings and feral pig… Read More
A Job To Keep Up
2021-12-09 00:00
The past week has brought some very cold weather and also Storm Arwen.The birds seem to cope very well with the blustery conditions which in Kent weren’t as bad as in some areas across… Read More
The Decline Of Common Bird Species
2021-12-09 00:00
Since 1980 the UK and Europe have seen large scale population declines in around 600 million breeding birds, according to a new study by scientists from the RSPB, BirdLife International and… Read More
Much Colder Weather
2021-11-25 00:00
Although there has been some very welcome late autumn sunshine in the last few days and indeed some days have had clear blue skies, it has certainly turned much colder here in Kent.Bird food… Read More
A Routine Week
2021-11-23 00:00
It has to be said that the past seven days have been fairly routine as far as the birds in the garden are concerned.Generally the biggest number of birds will be first thing in the morning a… Read More
It's Getting Dark, We're Off!
2021-11-12 00:00
The past week has not brought very much sunshine to Kent and some damp weather too but it’s not been as cold.However, it is noticeable that the birds are now disappearing from the gard… Read More
One, Two, Three, Or More
2021-11-04 00:00
My peanut feeder seemed to be going down very quickly in recent days and although I knew there was at least one squirrel coming and sometimes two, flipping the lid up or chewing through the… Read More
Big Birds And Something New
2021-10-29 00:00
We’re just a couple of days to go until the clocks go back as I write and the mornings are noticeably darker just now, but just as it’s getting light if I happen to be looking ou… Read More
How Weeds Help Wildlife
2021-10-26 00:00
We all know that weeds have been a burden for gardeners for hundreds of years, but should we start to see them in a new light?They are sprayed, dug up and despised, yet did you know that the… Read More
Autumn Routines
2021-10-26 00:00
There have been a couple of warmer days this past week with a fair amount of sunshine and you could be forgiven for thinking that we’re not into the third week of October.There is ofte… Read More
An S.O.S For Biodiversity
2021-10-19 00:00
Before the Industrial Revolution, the UK was covered in dense forests that covered much more of the countryside than they do now.These massive areas of wilderness were home to many animals a… Read More
2021-10-19 00:00
There’s an important meeting coming up. One that can change our natural world for the better.It’s called COP26 and it’s the annual UN climate change conference. Attended by… Read More
2021-10-15 00:00
In a blog a few weeks ago I commented that the squirrel was coming for peanuts but was chewing them through the mesh of the feeder and wasn’t copying a couple of the feral pigeons, who… Read More
2021-10-08 00:00
In recent blogs I have mentioned that the jackdaws seem to have returned now we’ve moved into autumn and three are regular visitors at various times of the day at the bird table.Certai… Read More
Autumn Has Arrived
2021-10-01 20:02
In the past few days there has been some rain in Kent and Sunday was the last really warm day when I could safely go out without a jacket on.It has now turned much cooler but brighter again… Read More
2021-10-01 20:02
We love all nature at Haith’s, even if that garden visitor has two, four or even more legs - or no legs at all - but we do know that the gardeners amongst us draw the line at thinking… Read More
It Didn't Take Long
2021-09-27 19:22
In many of my weekly blogs I have mentioned the bird feeding facilities that I have in the garden and for the last several months I have been placing a suet log beside my main seed feeder in… Read More
Awesome Autumn Facts
2021-09-22 17:42
For many people the start of autumn is signalled by the harvest, but where does the word 'autumn' come from and what does it mean? Autumn comes from the Latin word autumnus, which means &lsq&hell…Read More
It Looks Very Much Like Autumn
2021-09-17 00:00
Although we haven’t had any particularly chilly nights at the back end of summer and then into the start of metrological autumn, the trees are certainly starting to turn colour in Kent… Read More
Our Top 5 Garden Plants For Birds
2021-09-16 19:21
Gardens come in different shapes and sizes, from hundreds of acres to the smallest courtyard or window box; however, our gardens can provide a healthy supplementary selection of a bird's nat… Read More
2021-09-16 19:21
You may have noticed that when it rains there is seemingly less bird activity and that birds seem to disappear during strong winds and storms.So, where do they go? And how do they protect th… Read More
Buzz Buzz Buzz
2021-09-10 00:00
This past week has brought some much warmer days again across Kent although it is cooler today and we’ve had some welcome rain overnight.Bees have been busy in the garden on various f… Read More
Safe4 Saves The Day
2021-09-08 16:41
Over the last few months, we’ve all become accustomed to washing our hands more often and making our home environmentally safe.For those of us that feed garden birds then, we need to b… Read More
Amusing To Watch
2021-09-02 14:41
My blog this week starts on a light-hearted note.In the past few weeks the Olympic and Paralympic Games have been taking place in Tokyo and I think the birds and other wildlife have been eng… Read More
Comings And Goings
2021-08-26 00:00
I have seen at least three blackbirds in the garden this past week, a male, female and possibly an adolescent.They are coming in the morning and as I’ve been putting out more suet pell… Read More
This Is Hard Work!
2021-08-20 00:00
I enjoy watching the birds from various windows in the house when I’m working on whatever I am doing and a couple of days ago I was sitting at my laptop and a wood pigeon landed in the… Read More
Are There Any Foods Starlings Won't Eat?
2021-08-13 00:00
Starlings look black at a distance but close up they have glossy green and purple plumage and in groups, they can be very noisy - often scaring away the smaller birds.Juveniles, on the other… Read More
Business As Usual
2021-08-12 00:00
Over recent weeks I have been commenting about the young starlings, the young sparrows and the adolescent blackbird.Well during the past week I have seen one young robin, so at least the pai… Read More
Blackbird Activity
2021-08-12 00:00
Different bird species tend to have different seasonal patterns to their use of our gardens and the food that they contain.One of the most noticeable patterns is that of the blackbird. A com… Read More
A Staycation With Nature
2021-08-12 00:00
Many of us this year will be taking summer breaks in the UK and myself included.I was fortunate to find a very quiet and peaceful place to stay with the surrounding countryside and amazing v… Read More
Bird Identification & Bird Guides
2021-08-12 00:00
Identifying unfamiliar, distant or briefly encountered birds can be hard work.There are many books on the market for taking with you if you’re bird watching, but the internet can be a… Read More
Bird Feeding Basics
2021-08-06 00:00
Bird feeding in your garden doesn’t have to be a lavish or expensive affair.In fact, the most basic of equipment is needed. In Haith’s wildlife garden we have both a manufactured… Read More
Update On Haith's Two New Wildlife Ponds
2021-08-05 00:00
As promised, I am updating you on the progress we are making with our two wildlife ponds. What a difference a few weeks makes.I reported in June that we were awaiting a variety of aquatic ma… Read More
2021-08-05 00:00
During the past week the squirrels have been very busy checking out my cobnut tree and I think they are now taking some nuts to store for the winter.However if you’re doing such an act… Read More
That Is Mine!
2021-07-29 00:00
The weather has been cooler this week and the birds have been tending to return to their normal routines although the feral pigeons still disappear from the roof at the hottest part of the d… Read More
Modified Behaviour
2021-07-22 00:00
The past week has brought very hot weather to much of the country and Kent has been no exception.I have still seen plenty of birds in the garden, but they have modified their behaviour on th… Read More
Better Weather For The Birds And Bees
2021-07-15 00:00
The past week has brought some better weather to Kent with less incessant rain, although there have been some showery days and as the week has gone we have slightly warmer temperatures.It ha… Read More
Meet The Family
2021-07-08 00:00
During the week I have seen evidence of a lot of young birds coming with or without their parents. The starling group on some of the cloudy and cooler days has been quite big.I have certainl… Read More
Busy Bees
2021-07-01 00:00
The various types of bee in the garden, which I’ve mentioned before I’m not very good at identifying, have been very busy during the past week feeding on the various flowers in t… Read More
Plenty To Look At
2021-06-24 00:00
I’m very pleased to say that the woodpeckers are now daily visitors to the garden and I will either see one or two at a time.They have learnt that it is easier and quieter for them to… Read More
Then There Were Three
2021-06-17 00:00
In recent blogs I have been talking about a greater spotted woodpecker coming into the garden and onto the feeders, although I was never sure whether it was the same one.Over the past week… Read More
What Bird Foods Do Blackbirds Not Like
2021-06-16 00:00
Blackbirds are one of the most common wild bird species in the UK and providing them with the right kind of bird food could encourage them to feed in your garden.Blackbirds are soft-billed b… Read More
We've Created Two Ponds For Wildlife
2021-06-16 00:00
It has been a few weeks since I wrote my blog about attracting wildlife to Haith's bird food centre in Grimsby, Lincolnshire.Where we've been handing over commercial space for nature to work… Read More
Waste Not, Want Not
2021-06-15 00:00
There are so many so-called waste-free, no-mess bird food mixes available in the UK we thought we’d take a closer look at the one that started it all – Huskfree Advance. Specific… Read More
2021-06-10 00:00
There have been some very warm days in the past week and the amount of food being eaten by the birds has not reduced and in fact with the longer evenings now, as we approach the longest day… Read More
Summer Routines
2021-06-03 00:00
The past few days in Kent and indeed in quite a bit of the country, have certainly seen a welcome boost in temperature and sunshine and things are looking much more like summer. The birds in… Read More
Welcome Back!
2021-05-27 00:00
I think it is fair to say that people as well as birds have been fed up by the strong winds, low temperatures and rain over the past few weeks, all of which have held back Spring. On some of… Read More
2021-05-25 00:00
Everything is better when it’s made with love and attention to detail. Serve your family or friends a frozen mass-produced pudding and yes it will ‘do’ but only the handcra… Read More
2021-05-20 00:00
"Wellness" – a modern word with ancient roots. Look the word up in the dictionary, and the word means ‘the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal&r&hell…Read More
Busy Parents
2021-05-20 00:00
In my blog last week I mentioned that the baby starlings had arrived in the garden and there is still a lot of activity.It always amuses me with the parent birds as they will be sitting next… Read More
The Youngsters Have Arrived
2021-05-13 00:00
On Sunday I saw the first young starlings of the year, four in total with their parents, but as the week has gone by more and more have been arriving and yesterday I counted at least 24, not… Read More
Experience NatureGet Closer To Nature
2021-05-13 00:00
One in four of us will experience a mental health problem each year but thankfully mental health awareness is growing - and rightly so.‘In every walk with nature one receives far more… Read More
That Is New
2021-05-06 00:00
Bird activity continues apace and I have now placed my new additional seed feeder in what I hope will be a suitable place for the smaller birds.The feeder does not have a tray underneath but… Read More
Just Hopping About
2021-04-29 00:00
Bird activity continues to be high in the garden probably a result of some of the cooler days this past week, but also as I mentioned in the last couple of blogs, they are nesting now with y… Read More
A Busy Week
2021-04-22 00:00
The amount of food that has been consumed by the garden birds this past week has certainly increased, partly down to the colder weather some days with overnight frost but probably due to mor… Read More
That Will Do Nicely
2021-04-15 00:00
In my last blog I mentioned that the birds did not seem to be using the new bird bath saucer for bathing and I concluded that it was too shallow for them to use, although it was fine for dri… Read More
Business Is Brisk
2021-04-08 00:00
Bird activity continues to increase in the garden and a crow is a regular visitor once again, which usually means that the other birds keep away until it has finished feeding and prancing ab… Read More
Just Sitting Around
2021-04-01 00:00
There’s been a lot of bird activity in the garden this week with a pair of black birds coming and going at various times of the day, starlings making frequent visits to one or other of… Read More
Give And Take
2021-03-25 00:00
Nest preparation seems to be continuing apace with the birds this week and I have seen a female blackbird going away with a beak full of moss and then disappearing inside my clipped yew tree… Read More
2021-03-18 00:00
The birds have had a new deep tray for a bird bath and water dish for about 10 days now and it’s taken them quite a while to pluck up courage to use it.The first bird that I saw having… Read More
Six Reasons To Enjoy Spring
2021-03-15 00:00
To many people it’s their favourite season - spring heralds the promise of new life with fresh sounds and colours after the darkness of winter. What better time to venture outdoors and… Read More
That's More Like It
2021-03-11 00:00
I’ve mentioned in my blogs before that I have a small seed tray size gravel tray down on the lawn for the birds to use as a birdbath.As the most frequent users are the feral pigeons, t… Read More
The Story Of Daphne And The Other Birds
2021-03-04 00:00
In my blog last week I mentioned the sparrows collecting material for their nest building and other birds have been doing the same during the past week.A couple of days ago a magpie went off… Read More
2021-02-25 00:00
During the past week the weather has certainly been spring-like with temperatures around 15 or 16 Celsius, around the 60 Fahrenheit mark, although overnight it’s still a little bit chi… Read More
Normal Service Is Resumed
2021-02-19 00:00
Last week was very cold in Kent with snow on the ground from the Sunday afternoon through until the following Sunday.The birds were more plentiful as it was very cold but I think were slight… Read More
Do I Need A Bigger Bird Table?
2021-02-11 00:00
The past week has brought a massive change in the weather here in Kent and for the last five days we’ve had snow on the ground, frosty nights and very cold days.It’s no surprise… Read More
Are Sunflower Seeds Good For Birds?
2021-02-10 00:00
Are sunflowers good for birds? The answer is emphatically yes.They are packed full of fat, protein, vitamins and minerals, making them the ideal food for garden birds. There are many types o… Read More
I Counted Them All Landing
2021-02-04 00:00
The past week has brought another mixture of mild weather, some colder days and plenty more rain.The birds are eating apace and of course last weekend was the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch, whic… Read More
That's Not Quite Right
2021-01-28 00:00
In my blog last week I mentioned that I had a new bird in the garden and I assumed it was a fieldfare. Upon further investigation I have decided that’s not quite right, in fact not rig… Read More
A New Visitor
2021-01-21 00:00
The past week has seen the usual mix of birds coming to the garden and I think that either supplies of food in the countryside are starting to dwindle or the birds are thinking ahead to spri… Read More
Rare British Woodland Birds
2021-01-19 00:00
Following on from our recent blog about forests and woodlands, we would like to focus on those rare woodland birds whose habitats are slowly disappearing.UK woodland was once full of a wide… Read More
Trying Out New Things
2021-01-14 00:00
The jackdaws have been keeping me amused during the past week and four of them are coming regularly to my feeders at various times during the day.The other afternoon on what was a very cold… Read More
New Year And Some New Visitors
2021-01-07 00:00
Since my last blog shortly before Christmas, the weather of course turned much colder and so bird activity at the feeders increased dramatically.The really wet days we have had in Kent this… Read More
Feathered Friends
2020-12-21 00:00
The past week in Kent has not been as cold and bird activity does vary from week to week according to the conditions, but that’s not to say that I haven’t had a good number of bi… Read More
More Comings And Goings
2020-12-10 00:00
With the darker mornings and some foggy mornings this past week, the birds have been arriving slightly later at the feeders and bird table. Some of the days have been very chilly and the bir… Read More
A Busy Week At The Feeders And Bird Table
2020-11-26 00:00
The extra suet log that I have been hanging in my cobnut tree has certainly been put to good use by a variety of birds in the past week.My photograph shows some starlings sitting beneath the… Read More
Move Over It's My Turn!
2020-11-19 00:00
In my last blog I talked about the suet log which I had placed in my cobnut tree to give the smaller birds up to and including starlings, the chance to have some suet away from the larger mo… Read More
Frosty Mornings And Hungry Birds
2020-11-13 00:00
The last couple of mornings have brought a white ground frost to my back garden and the birds have certainly been pretty hungry this week.They have generally disappeared for the day by by 3:… Read More
Extra Food Needed
2020-11-12 00:00
With the colder weather with us now, at least on some days, I decided to put out some additional food for the smaller birds and have placed a suet log in my cobnut tree in a position where s… Read More
2020-11-09 00:00
We all know what pleasure we get from playgrounds. Children find them a wonderful place in which to relax and to enjoy themselves, especially when school has ended for the day.Children of di… Read More
2020-11-03 00:00
When songwriter Paul Simon wrote these lyrics to his song (LEAVES THAT ARE GREEN - 1966) "I was twenty-one years when I wrote this song, I'm twenty-two now but I won't be for long. Time hurr… Read More

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