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My Gabby is a Dalmatian who is an incredible girl. We got her when she was approximately 3 months old. She and I took 3 years of obedience classes together and developed a very special bond. Gabby is very friendly dog and loves to follow me around everywhere including the bathroom. Gabby's favorite room is our house is the kitchen where she likes to help me cook. She gets treats sometimes when she is in the kitchen and loves putting her nose in our refrigerator when it is open.

The Dalmatian can live in almost any type of residence but it is recommended that they live in a single-family house with a large fenced yard. This dog should not be left off leash in a non-fenced yard and should not be chained in the backyard. They are very interested in being with their people.

Temperament and Personality

The Dalmatian is a playful and eager dog that loves to be with his people. This dog and its owner should take obedience classes together because he can be stubborn. The obedience training with positive reinforcement will make him a well behaved and wonderful adult. They need regular attention from their owner and other members of the family. They are okay with being alone during the day while you are at work. This dog will run to greet you when you come home and wants to spend time with you. Also, they tend to favor one family member over others. This dog generally gets along with everyone including children if socialized as a puppy. They tend to be aloof with strangers but very friendly with their family.

A daily long walk is needed to help them burn off some of their energy and help them behave in the house. If they are not given a good amount of exercise every day, this dog could become destructive. If you are a very athletic individual, this dog may be a good fit for you.

Health and Care

This breed is prone to congenital deafness and approximately 12% of the dogs born are deaf. Some dogs are born with unilateral deafness which means that they can hear in one ear. Most experienced breeders feel that the unilateral deaf dog can live a perfectly normal life.

The Dalmatian has an unique urinary tract system which makes they susceptible to urinary tract stones. You will need to be careful not feed them food that is high in purines. In addition, they need adequate water at all times besides dietary management.
Some dogs suffer from skin allergies such as food, contact and inhalant allergies. It is
important to take good care of your dog and eliminate the source of allergies.

The coat will need to be brushed at least once a week because these dogs shed all year long. This dog will only need a bath 3 or 4 times a year unless it gets dirty. In addition, the nails will need to be trimmed every other week.

The Dalmatian is an excellent companion which will love you as much as you love them. This dog is not for the beginning dog owner. My Gabby is a wonderful and loved pet.

The links for this article are from Dogtime, The Dalmatian Club of America, Petfinder and Mental Floss.

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