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A Few Home Remedies For Cats

Home remedies for humans are increasingly popular, but few people realize that there are many effective home remedies for cats too. If your furry friend is sick, it may be possible to help them without resorting to medications. If your cat has one of these conditions, consider trying a home remedy.



Fleas are a common pest that any cat who goes outside or comes into contact with other animals may pick up. Though certain essential oils can repel fleas, it is important not to put them on your cat because a cat may become sick after ingesting the essential oils while licking their fur. Instead, try using a collar made with amber beads. An amber collar is not just a cute accessory, it actually releases aromatic terpines that repel both fleas and ticks. You can also brush your cat’s coat with a diluted mixture of coconut oil every couple of weeks, and this will help to get rid of fleas and prevent them from being attracted to your pet in the first place.

Bladder Infections

If your cat is exhibiting some of the symptoms of a bladder infection, it is important to take it to the vet to make sure nothing more serious is happening. After your vet visit, you can give your cat apple Cider Vinegar to treat the urinary tract infection. It works because the acidic pH of the Apple Cider vinegar prevents bacteria growth, and one study of 43 cats found that 41 cats who were given apple cider vinegar were able to get rid of their bladder infection. The sour taste makes cats unlikely to enjoy it, so you can either mix it into canned food or use an eye dropper to squirt it into your cat’s mouth. Once your cat is healed from the bladder infection, you can continue to add one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to their water to prevent the infection from recurring.

bladder infection


Since cats have such delicate digestive systems, they are particularly prone to vomiting. Vomiting can be due to a variety of health conditions, so keep an eye on your cat and take it to the vet if severe vomiting persists. One of the main dangers of vomiting is that it can quickly dehydrate a cat. Since water can trigger more vomiting, try giving your cat ice chips, because it is easier for it to keep down water when ingested in this form. To calm an upset tummy, you can stop giving your cat regular pet food and feed it a diet of boiled chicken or hamburger with the fat drained off and rice. This will give your cat’s stomach a chance to rest while it heals.


There are a few different home remedies that can be useful if your cat is suffering from hairballs. You can mix a half teaspoon of softened butter or coconut oil into your cat’s food to help them expel the hairball without discomfort. Adding a cat-friendly digestive enzyme, such as papaya or slippery elm, to the oil will make it easier for your cat to pass the hairball through the digestive tract. You can also use natural home remedies to prevent the hairball before it starts to form. High fiber sources will keep any bits of hair from sticking together and forming balls. A few great natural options include adding a pinch of psyllium husk powder to water or adding a teaspoon of sugarless, spice-free mashed pumpkin to your cat’s food.

Bowel Issues

There are many irregular bowel movements that can affect cats. Though these problems can often be solved with home remedies, your pet may need to see a vet if they persist. Cats who suffer from diarrhea can benefit from having a teaspoon of plain yogurt added to their diet because yoghurt contains healthy bacteria that aid digestion. Some scientific studies have shown that adding probiotics to a cat’s food helps them recover from diarrhea faster. If your cat has constipation, giving them dietary fiber, such as the psyllium husk or pumpkin used for hairball treatment, can help to trigger a bowel movement. You can also give your cat a small amount of milk, because adult cats are often lactose intolerant. However, be careful not to give your cat too much, or it might end up with diarrhea instead of constipation.

Following these tips should help keep your cats healthy and happy!


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A Few Home Remedies For Cats


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