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My cat said that she does not want milk…!

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We used to see cats drinking Milk in cartoons as their only food and I used to put a bowl of milk beside my door for homeless cats, but not after today.

Most cats’ owners who are newbie’s in this field make this mistake. Well, I do not know exactly who associated cats with milk at first, but I know that he/she just did without knowing that milk is bad for cats. Well, cats look very cute and adorable while having a white drink and are usually attracted to it, but let’s face the truth: it affects their health.

If cats can talk, they will tell you how much it is hard for them to digest milk and that they wish if you prevented them from tasting it. They are like us. They may have craved, but it is harmful to give them what they like. Your kitten may ask for spaghetti sauce, chocolate, bread or even grapes that lead to their death after few days. Watch out!

Here are some facts about cats and milk that will completely change your mind:

  • I cannot deny that our cute fluffy pets adore milk, but too much of it may be dangerous. It causes diarrhea and you never know if your cat is lactose intolerant as many of them are. It is commonly known that cats have less and less lactase (an enzyme that helps to digest lactose) while growing up. That’s why your cat will have a tough time processing milk.
  •  Water is more important and beneficial to your cat than giving them milk. While milk can be a cause of many health problems, water regulates the body temperature, weight, and help in digestion. If you notice do not really enjoy the water and do not get enough of it, try to use water fountains.  They are very effective.
  • Kittens need their mother’s milk not other animals milk like cows. Like all the species, only mothers carry the right formula of milk to help new babies grow up healthy. That is an enough reason to avoid another kind of milk and let the mama brew its child. But if your cat is an orphan, you might want to use special milk that is usually sold in pet stores.
  • You might not know that cats do not gain anything from you huge bowl of milk. So, it is preferable to keep it way. The myth and tales are wrong. Milk does not have any nutritional role because all that your cat needs is included in high-protein diets. In addition to that, the cat’s digestive organs do not support too much liquid.
  • The most common health issues that milk can cause to kitties are obesity, skin problems, vomiting, upset stomach, and allergies.

After knowing all the bad sides of milk, the question now is why cats are so attracted and run faster the milk bowl than the water one?

Many answers are given by people, but no proven scientific facts. Some say that it tastes good and other that it is part of their nature. I, personally, think if cats can show a sad face, play, love their owners, feel pain, jealous and be bossy, they can miss their infancy too. Why not? They carry in their little chest a variety of emotions, so why not nostalgia?

If you want to know extra information, here are additional answers:

What if my cat loves milk and does not show any reaction to it?

Some experts say it is okay then if the cat does not throw up or have diarrhea, but they advice most pet owners to either give them free-lactose milk or better cream as substitutes.

What are the drinks that work better than milk?

Whatever your cat’s breed is, water is very essential in your pet’s diet, but not any water. Do not let your dear friend take sips from the toilet. Clean and fresh water is obligatory.

What are the worst results of feeding your cat milk regularly?

The results are fatal and are very regrettable, milk causes many health issues but the worst that can happen is dehydration (a condition that happens when the body loses more than it absorbs).

What is special about giving a newborn kitten its mother’s milk and not any available kind?

Mothers know best and their milk is the best for the newborn kittens. It simply enhances the immune system because they are rich in antibodies. It also provides vitamins and protein for healthy adorable pets.

Can I treat my cat with milk on special occasions?

Of course yes. You cannot deprive your kitten of delicious treats even if it is milk because after all, they go together.

Can I buy Cat’s milk and give it to my kitten regularly?

It would be preferable to buy products that stimulate the formula of the cat’s milk.

If you have a cute beautiful cat that you adore, just take good care of it and it will be a very loyal friend!

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My cat said that she does not want milk…!


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