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Believe or Not These Tips will Surely Help you Preserve Your Cat’s Health

Most cats are pretty healthy animals most of the time. They’re so healthy and so low maintenance it’s easy to forget they are at any risk at all. But there are some areas of preventive care that matter enormously. Cat Health is very important to you and your cat.

Even the most pampered feline can develop health problems from the common cold to more complicated and rare diseases.

#First-Aid Kit

Being a loving responsible pet owner means more than providing devotion and love for your kitty and attention to your cat health. You need to have a feline first aid kit handy as well as your vet’s phone number and an emergency pet hospital number in case the unthinkable happens. Of course, the responsible thing to do is to have your cat neutered. Your veterinarian is your best source of health advice and information.

cat health


Foods that are perfectly harmless to humans but should never be given to your cat include chocolate, alcohol, garlic, grapes and raisins, and onions. These foods are actually poisonous to your cat and will cause serious problems. Resist the temptation to give the treats from the table such as poultry skin or cooked bones.

#Bladder Problem

A primary way of looking after the wide-eyed fuzzy who greets you each day is taking care of Cat Bladder Health. They are among the most potentially deadly in terms of Cat Health bladder problems.They although are among the easiest to guard against but are most likely to strike suddenly and move very fast. Cat bladder health is most often threatened by some combination of crystal growth in urine, and bacterial urinary tract infection (UTI). The two are so closely associated that cause and effect can blur. What is totally clear, though, is that acting to prevent crystal formation and to ward off bacterial UTIs provides powerful protection in terms of cat bladder health.

A few basic supplies will help your cat stay healthy and happy. A litter box is necessary for the cat and its owner’s health and well-being. A scratching post that is available for the cat to use when the need to scratch is strong will save your couch and easy chair. Cats like to sleep in a warm place and will use a special bed if one is conveniently provided. Some simple toys such as yarn and small balls will keep you and your cat entertained.


Cats generally will respond to training and perform tricks as long as the activity is interesting and fun for them.

They can be trained by offering rewards for good actions and removing rewards for bad actions. The consequences for an action should be offered immediately while the action is still fresh in the cat’s memory. A consequence offered some time after the action has occurred is meaningless and confusing to the cat.

#Proper Grooming

Most cats spend several hours a day grooming them. If you groom your cat every few days, it will strengthen the bond between you and allow you to check your issues regarding your cat health.

#Health Problems in White Cats

  • Eye color is another aspect to look out for. Generally, it has been observed that a white cat with blue eyes is deaf. Again if the kitty has odd eyes, such as having one blue eye and another of green or other colors, then it is generally deaf in the ear close to the blue eye. In general, these types of genetic deformities are observed more in dominant white cats.
  • A white cat is very much prone to skin cancer and sunburn. The cat health problems that occur due to repeated sun exposure are called squamous cell carcinoma. Usually, the parts of the body which has thin hair are prone to this form of cancer. That is why the ears, nose, and eyelids get affected with squamous cell carcinoma if the cats are allowed to roam frequently in the sun.
  • There are some famous white cat breeds available, which include the White Persian cat, the White Siamese Cat, Tuxedo cats and White Bengal cats. Among these, the White Persian cats are hugely popular and you can find them featured in popular culture such as Snowbell in the movie Stuart Little. However, before you bring home a white cat, it would be a good idea to learn more about it and the possible cat health problems that it may suffer from so that you can take care of it in an informed manner.


Centuries ago, cats lived and hunted in the wild but now they depend on you to provide for their needs and care for them. So, don’t put your pet at risk: be proactive and defend your friend today, so you won’t have to deal with a catastrophe in cat health tomorrow.

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Believe or Not These Tips will Surely Help you Preserve Your Cat’s Health


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