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Natural remedies to stop German Shepherd eating its poop

Do you know that some  German Shepherds eat their poop ? There are dogs that have this problem of eating stools  in general, it is called coprophagia. But this one in particular is a “special” type since it consists of the German Shepherd eating its poop (not that of another animal).

Why do they do that? It may be that you take it to the park and your dog does it there, or also that your GSD defecates inside the house and tries to eat its excrement in secret or when you do not see it, so you do not quarrel.

Why does my GSD ​​eat his feces?

Well, if you have come to this post, I’m sure you already know this practice in your dog. But, why do German Shepherds eat their own feces? The reason why a dog eats its droppings is not unique:

  • If your dog eats its own excrement , it may be because it has a weakened digestive system
  • disease , such as pancreatic exocrine insufficiency, which prevents adequate digestion and assimilation of food
  • To have a poor diet in some nutrient
  • Or it can be a problem of behavior, motivated by other factors such as stress.

Remember, the interesting thing is to find out the underlying reason , consulting your specific case with a veterinary professional to rule out that there is a serious health problem behind this behavior of your dog.

Once discarded that, we can do different things to try to solve this habit of your dog.

Do not give him the opportunity to eat excrement

It is important not to give your German Shepherd the opportunity to eat his own Excrement, so when you take him for a walk, you should be careful and pick it up immediately so that he cannot eat it.

Walk and exercise your dog regularly

One of the causes of a dog eating excrement can be boredom and lack of mental stimuli. Therefore, it is important that you spend enough time every day to walk your dog , exercise and play with him.

You can also give natural teethers when you are alone at home, so you can entertain and relax.

A natural and fresh diet can help

If some cases of canine coprophagy can be related to a poor diet, it is clear that changing your German Shepherd diet to include fresh, varied and unprocessed foods will have a positive impact on your health, and decrease your problem.

Give your dog the best feed (or balanced) you can afford, but also offer daily natural foods such as chicken, turkey, eggs, olive oil, liver, fruit such as apples, vegetables such as carrots, or plain yogurt, etc. . You can also add a few times a week, small amounts of natural foods very rich in vitamins, such as brewer’s yeast .

Supplements so that dogs do not eat excrement (spirulina)

In the market there are currently some products to help dogs stop eating feces. These supplements are administered to the dog temporarily, until the problem subsides.

Some of them include food supplements rich in minerals and vitamins, and other nutrients. For example, one of the ingredients that can be included is spirulina algae , due to its high content of minerals, proteins, fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins like those of group B.

Pineapple to prevent a dog from eating its feces

Apart from the above, there is a homemade trick that can be done at home and costs very little money to prevent your dog from eating its excrement with pineapple . It consists of giving your dog cut pieces of pineapple mixed with their food for a few days in a row.

Normally, from the second or third day, German Shepherds with this bad habit begins to stop doing it. The reason behind all this is believed to be that the pineapple alters the taste of the dog’s feces.

When digesting the pineapple, the substances present in this fruit modify the composition of your GSD excrement and it seems that the taste or smell of the dog’s feces becomes unpleasantfor him.

Hot spicy

Some owners express that they have had good results adding a pinch of hot sauce to their dog’s feces. In this way the experience of eating them becomes unpleasant for the animal, and it is possible that with only  a few repetitions, learn to relate eating excrement with a negative experience . Of course, you should take the spicy with you on the walks, and be faster than your dog to apply before you eat them!

My dog ​​eats his stool solution to this problem.  As you see, to get rid of this problem we must approach it in a global way, combining different methods to reach the desired result. -If you have found it useful, share this article in your social networks and ask us your questions or experiences,  below, in the comments.

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Natural remedies to stop German Shepherd eating its poop


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