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The Best Dog Clippers for Home Use – Grooming in 2017

Your dog is important to you. As a result, fur care is important, too, since it can relate directly to your dog’s health. But with today’s vast and competitive market, choosing the best dog Grooming Clippers is no longer straightforward. You must consider factors like fur texture, product durability and even your dog’s temperament. Companies can promise a lot, but it’s hard to be sure if they can follow through. And when your dog’s hygiene is dependent on your choice, it’s difficult. Not sure how to go about deciding? Below are some helpful insights to which clippers would be best for your dog.

Do I even need to use dog clippers?

Your first question might be “why can’t I just use human hair clippers on my dog?” Granted, this would be cheaper, especially if you already have a clipper on hand, but the bottom line is that you should not use human hair clippers on dogs. Human hair is generally thin, and the sheer abundance of dog fur would overwhelm and break the clippers. Dogs also have more than one type of fur on their bodies, each requiring a different type of cut. Canine fur clippers come with a variety of blades and speed settings that account for this. They also have stronger motors to prevent clogging or snapping. So for the record: no human clippers.

What should I consider before buying?

First, everything depends on your individual dog. Consider each element below with your dog’s breed, personality and lifestyle habits in mind.

Cordless vs. corded If you have a well-behaved and relaxed dog, corded clippers should work without a problem. You’ll be able to trim them anywhere near an outlet. If your dog tends to be rowdier or more skittish, you may appreciate a cordless clipper. It will give you freedom to groom wherever he or she feels safest. Just remember to charge regularly. If you’re not sure which is best, some brands have a detachable cord option, being roughly the same price as corded brands.

Grooming a small dog

Blades/combs Combs smooth out the fur and guide it to the blades, which do the actual cutting. Both come in several sizes, all dependent on what breed your dog is and how short you want the final fur cut. Blades are numbered by size for close-cut length, from 5/8 at the smallest to 50 at the largest. Combined with comb type, this determines cut appearance. Remember that different body areas have different sensitivities. You should probably use different blades to trim the face and body, especially around the eyes and nose. This chart will help you decide which blades and combs work best for your dog.

Noise Dogs notoriously hate vacuum cleaners, and roaring clippers can have a similar adverse effect. If your dog is prone to spooking, find a clipper with a quiet motor. Many companies offer a selection of electromagnetic and rotary motors with different sound levels. Keeping your dog calm will make for a quicker trim session.

Rotary speeds There are two types of clippers: single-speed and variable-speed. Both are based on rotations per minute (RPM). The former is a better choice for amateur groomers. It is less complicated, but still powerful enough to cut most dog fur. Variable-speed motors tend to be more high-end and versatile. In general, short fur does not require much power, while long or thick fur needs higher rotary speed. This will help cut through knots while maintaining smoothness. Otherwise you could end up with choppy or unfinished fur that could leave your dog looking ragged. Don’t forget to be mindful of noise levels, vibrations and heat with more powerful motors.

Thick fur

Size/weight This one’s more about you. Size and weight will determine how comfortable your hands and wrists are while holding the clipper. If you have a big dog and grooming takes a while, you may want a lighter or smaller clipper. It’s okay to go easy on your hands when caring for your pet. Trimming should be relaxing and easy for both parties, not a chore.

Included accessories Who doesn’t like accessories? If you have multiple dog breeds, interchangeable blade attachments can save you from purchasing multiple sets of clippers. Buying accessory packs is often a frugal choice; just be sure the attachments fit your particular model. This is also a good way to stock up on extra blades and combs. Some dog breeds with heavy fur tend to go through them a lot quicker than others. Keeping extras around will make mishaps less of a problem, and also help you stick to your routines.

Maintenance: All clippers need regular maintenance in order to function smoothly for the longest possible time. You should oil them before trimming your dog (to prevent breaking skin), and rinse the blades thoroughly afterward. If your model comes with a manual, study it for proper cleaning procedures. Most require disassembly so each individual part can be properly maintained. This prevents things like rust, which can cause the clipper to malfunction and potentially harm your dog.

The Top Brands

Oster – This is one of the most trusted and well-known brands on the market. Oster provides a complete selection of clippers, trimmers, shearers, accessories and replacement parts. Their products are high-end and made from quality materials. They offer professional-level equipment to pet lovers with all levels of grooming experience.

Wahl – If you’re looking for a reliable, pet-friendly company that offers low prices, Wahl is the way to go. They produce and sell grooming kits with a standard clipper, accessories, instructions and cleaning/maintenance supplies. It’s a thoroughly-stocked and affordable package for anyone just starting out.

Andis – Another trustworthy company, Andis caters to professionals as well as DIY pet groomers. They carry a broad selection for all types of furry animals, but their dog clippers are especially superior. Their products sport a wide variety of motor types, blade/comb sets and complete accessory packages. It’s almost like owning your own pet salon.

Laube – This is a straightforward, no-nonsense company. Laube knows you want clippers, and they sell a broad selection of just that. Their dog clippers are powerful and have high ratings from professional dog groomers. They also offer replacement parts and kits with clear specifications based on model type.

Sminiker – Still looking for more low-priced, well-made brands? Sminiker makes sleek, modern dog clippers with customer and dog comfort in mind. Their cordless models are battery-run with hours of lasting charge. They even sport safety features, making the clippers safe for kids so your child can share some pet care responsibilities.

ShineMore – While less well-known than some other brands, ShineMore is another example of affordable yet state-of-the-art dog grooming kits. They like making things easy. They offer fast, powerful, cordless models that come with useful accessory sets. They even throw in things like nail clippers and trimming scissors.

Best Dog Clippers Reviews

Sminiker Professional Pet Clippers Grooming Kit

Buy now from Amazon

These are some of the most economical pet clippers you’ll find. At well under $50, this multipurpose grooming kit comes with clippers that work on both dogs and cats. It is cordless, rechargeable and includes scissors and detachable combs. The blades are a mix of titanium and ceramic. It is “ultra-quiet,” and customers agree that it works with many types of dogs and cats. The plastic comb detangles knotted fur, but can become clogged with thinner hair, so clean regularly. It is also lightweight, and the battery charge lasts up to several hours. The kit does not come with the necessary oils, so be sure to buy those separately. Overall, this is the best dog hair trimmer if you are looking for a well-tested and inexpensive product. The quiet motor and compact design will make for a swift grooming session you and your dog will appreciate.

Andis UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Hair Clipper

Buy now from Amazon

At roughly $150, this clipper may initially seem pricey, but is certainly worthwhile. It features a low-vibration motor to soothe uneasy pets. Best of all, it has two rotary speeds so you can adjust it for different areas on your dog’s coat. While this model is not cordless, its cord is heavy-duty and fourteen feet long for a wide range of movement. The clipper is powerful, compact and durable enough to withstand heavy use. Be aware that the blades heat up quickly; you may have to change them multiple times during one session to avoid burns. On the flipside, the blades are also custom-manufactured for extended use, and you can even add a chrome finish to prevent corrosion. This model comes with size 10 blades that can be easily exchanged with separately-purchased sizes. Overall, the Andis UltraEdge is a solid choice for beginners and experienced customers alike.

BestTrendy Dog Clipper, Grooming Trimming Kit Tool Set

Buy now from Amazon

Still looking for more affordable options? BestTrendy’s complete grooming kit provides a quality set of tools with unbeatable prices. At under $30, these are the best dog clippers to buy for such a low price. The kit comes with cordless rechargeable clippers, two pairs of scissors, multiple comb sizes, a brush, a battery charger and a styling comb. The motor runs at only fifty decibels. Customers happily report sharp blades on both the clipper and scissors. While the battery only holds its charge for about an hour, it promises clean, smooth and easy trimming. Just be sure to snip away extra-long fur with the scissors first. Overall, this is a surprisingly complete package for a satisfactory cost. Be sure to purchase blade oil beforehand, and then you’re ready for a straightforward and swift grooming session.

PATPET Dog Grooming Electric Hair Trimming Clippers Set

Buy now from Amazon

Patpet provides makes many pet care products, and this clipper is one of their best. It is in a middle price range, under $75, and comes with some pretty unique features. This model has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that charges through a USB. It takes about the same amount to charge as it does to deplete (about 120 minutes). In addition, the battery is environmentally friendly. The kit comes with two types of grooming scissors, a styling comb, four interchangeable comb heads, a brush and blade oil. It comes with two blade types, stainless steel and movable ceramic, which add durability. The combs prevent clogging and the blades are detachable for easy cleaning care. This clipper works on all types of dogs and longhair cats; just be sure to trim the longer fur with scissors beforehand. Even thick poodle fur is no problem.

Best Clippers for Thick Coats

Andis UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper AGC2 Model

Buy now from Amazon

Similar to the AGC model, this Andis UltraEdge AGC2 has a quiet motor, detachable blade and fourteen-foot power cord. Additionally, it includes a size 10 blade and rotary motor. The two speeds are 3,400 and 4,500 RPMs. This makes it optimal for all coat types, but especially thick or heavy ones. It weighs just 17.5 ounces, ideal for longer grooming sessions. Because of its smart, unique design, the clipper requires little to no maintenance beyond simple cleaning. The internal parts require no extra oiling or greasing. The comb heads smooth out heavy, tangled fur without a problem. There is little need to trim fur with scissors beforehand. Like other brands, the blades get hot fairly quickly, so be sure to check periodically while using to avoid irritation or burns. These clippers are under $160, and are well worth the price.

Oster A5 Turbo 2-Speed Professional Animal Clipper

Buy now from Amazon

It should be no surprise that Oster offers this reasonably-priced, versatile and reliable fur clipper. The A5 Turbo has two speeds up to 4,000 strokes per minute with a cryogenically treated, detachable size 10 blade. They also include blade oil, clipper grease and the necessary cleaning and replacement materials. The price, under $105, accurately reflects the clipper’s quality and adaptability. It can be used not only on dogs and cats, but also horses and livestock. It has a hefty twelve-foot cord which allows as much maneuverability as possible. And to top it all off, Oster is one of the only companies to provide fun and unique color options. The A5 Turbo lasts through years of regular use, requiring minimal maintenance as long as they remain cleaned. It is efficient and quiet, and while it does not come with any accessories besides the blade, it one of the best dog clippers for thick hair.

Cyrico 5-Speed Professional Pet Grooming Clippers

Buy now from Amazon

If your dog has heavy, thick, matted or knotted fur, this is the choice for you. The Cyrico 5-speed starts at 5,000 RPMs and goes all the way up to 7,000 RPMs. Heavy coats don’t stand a chance. This clipper is a cordless model with a short charge time of 3 hours. The lithium-ion battery will last for 4 full hours of use even against the heaviest coats. The Cyrico sports a unique LED screen which will tell users when to re-oil the ceramic/metal blades during grooming. It will do the same for cleaning, allowing pet-owners to take the best possible care of their tool. The auto-shutoff will defend against malfunction. It is also extremely quiet, operating at under sixty decibels. At under $75, it is not only one of the most affordable, but one of the best dog clippers for thick fur. It’s hard to beat low prices and incredible RPM speeds.

Clipping small dogs

Best Clippers for Small Dogs

Cropal Pet Grooming Clippers

Buy now from Amazon

This extensive grooming kit by Cropal is a well-priced steal for owners of small dogs. The clippers are a decent quality with consistently high reviews. They come with scissors, adjustable angle combs, a battery pack, charger and styling comb. The blades are at a 30-degree angle (adjustable) for easy trimming with smaller dogs or puppies. What makes the Cropal clipper unique is its charging capacity. It runs cordless for 100 minutes after just one and a half hours of charge thanks to the lithium-ion battery. In addition, you can also use it while it is charging on the 5-foot cord. Cordless, it runs at about 50 decibels, and at slightly higher while charging. You will need to trim longer hair with scissors beforehand. But at under $55, this pet grooming kit for both cats and small dogs is a prime choice.

ShineMore Pet Grooming Clipper Kits for Dogs, Cats and Other Family Pets

Buy now from Amazon

This ShineMore kit is the perfect starting place for smaller dogs and cats that like extra pampering. It comes with a powerful 5-speed clipper, an AC adapter, a cleaning brush, four comb attachments, scissors, a styling comb, a nail clipper kit and a nail file. The lithium battery charges five hours and will last seven hours, although it depletes quickly after 60-70 minutes of straight use. It also works while charging on its nearly six-foot cord. Owners of miniature and toy dogs enjoy the quiet motor and low range of vibrations. If your dog has longer fur, trim with scissors first. The rest is easy thanks to the angled blades and adjustable comb functions. This product does not come with necessary oils, so make sure you purchase those separately first. At under $45, it will still be an economical choice to go with this effective ShineMore kit.

Andis 2-Speed Detachable Plus Pet Clipper

Buy now from Amazon

This model is another smart choice for owners of small dogs. It is a bit more expensive at just under $100 (at the time of writing this) for a single clipper, but the benefits are numerous. The two speeds (2700 and 3400 RPMs) allow you to trim both long and short fur with ease. It is nearly silent, will not easily clog and features shatterproof casing. It comes with a size 10 UltraEdge blade with optional chrome finish. It is exchangeable with several other blade types and sizes that can be purchased separately, including some Oster blades. The blades do get hot rather quickly. Considering buying a blade coolant spray so you can work without the risk of burning your dog’s skin. Thanks to the variable speeds and quiet motor, small dogs won’t mind this corded but versatile clipper. Professional groomers and home users alike have given positive feedback and recommend this product as a solid investment.

Grooming Tips

See below for answers to top FAQs on the subject of grooming.

How often should I trim my dog? This depends on the breed of dog and the thickness of his or her coat. In general, you should trim your dog every 4-12 weeks. Regular brushing and bathing sessions in between will help. Some breeds, like Boxers, will clean themselves, but keep a close eye out for grooming needs.

Should I shave my double-coated dog? No. Double coats work together to either warm a dog or keep it cool. If you shave these dogs down to the skin, you rob them of their natural homeostasis. They will shed naturally when they need to. Be careful because the double coat may not grow back if shaved.

What about paws and ears? These can also be trimmed, but you should do so with great care. Start with scissors to reach difficult areas. Some of the above clippers have specifications and blades built for paw and ear trimming. Check the manual carefully and only proceed when you’re sure it will work on sensitive areas.

Dealing with matting. Most of the listed clippers have multiple speeds. Use a higher setting to temporarily power through matted fur. If it proves to be extra difficult, use scissors. Make sure you are not pulling or yanking fur while trimming. Also be aware that the motor may get louder as speed increases.

My dog is not comfortable while being groomed. Dogs are notorious for avoiding grooming attempts, especially having a bath with shampoo. Some dogs are equally skeptical of trimming, but plenty of options exist for anxious dogs. Cool, quiet clippers with low decibel ranges will help ease any nerves your dog might have. Try to get your dog used to the process gradually. Groom in increments, if possible. Finally, make sure you are calm yourself. Dogs pick up on emotions easily.

The Long and Short of It

Overall, choosing the perfect clipper is an important step for both dogs and their owners. Now that you know a little more about the ins and outs of any best dog shaver, trimmer or clipper, your grooming routines should become more quick and enjoyable. Once you have found the right model, your dog will thank you. No matter how thick, thin, knotted, layered or textured the fur, one of these clippers is bound to fit the bill. And with so many cost-effective choices, there’s no need to worry about money. Your dog can enjoy the comfort of proper grooming anywhere, at any price.

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The Best Dog Clippers for Home Use – Grooming in 2017


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