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The Test Drive..

The one thing I do hate about sharing a desk with peep is, sharing a desk with peep!

OK maybe that's a bit harsh, and it's not as though I actually have to share the same chair at the same time, no ma'am. In this Palace you learn to dodge heavy falling weights when you see them coming towards you, so I'd insisted on my own chair, set up just like I like it. To be fair, peep has one too, so all well and good on that front, and ne'er the derrière shall meet. Purrs

But things do bug me. In fact hairy spiders bug me, which is why in enforced a new decency code in the Palace, and insist that there are NO unkept hairy legs be on show during office hours. Purrs

Anyways, what bugs me, beside them spiders cavorting around the ceilings flaunting hairy legs, is the mess. OK, so I do leave the odd hair here and there, which is quite natural, and as I say to peep, hair today, and there tomorrow!

What mess I hear you say, and well you may. I being a simple feline have no need for sundry things around and about me. I am naturally clean and tidy, like most cats I have impeccable habits and never do anything I don't wish to or need to, even though to some this may seem to be laziness or lying asleep, this is just the economy mode, Eco friendly non invasive with a hint of AWW! kinda way.

I am just who I am, and if I need a dictionary I use a dictionary and put it back, if I need a drink I go have one and come back, and you certainly don't find be leaving bits of my supper lying over the keyboard. Nothing worse than seeing a foot, a tail, or feathers sticking up between the keys. Mouses!

But my peep, well everything seems to end up on my desk and is never cleared up. Old sweet wrappers,  bits of paper, coffee cups and biscuit crumbs everywhere. In fact the crumb situation got so bad one of the keys, the letter N stopped working. It has to be said those keyboards are made pretty well, but after a good ten minutes batting it around the floor, I managed to extract the N from it's little niche. Not sure why the others came out as well, but lets just say it made for peep having a fun afternoon trying to remember which way up they went. Purrs

Just the other day, I was blogging away, when I spotted some movement out the corner of my eye. Now ever alert for bit to eat, I started to paw my way through the clutter, and........

****** Backwards travelling in time to the other day...... ******

Hmm, I wonder what this is?

Small pinky red in colour and hard. Strangest nip mouse I ever saw, and I have seen a few in my time. I mean there was that one that was shaped like a banana, and another a walking stick!

I mean, have these peeps NOT seen a mouse? Sure are enough of them around these days, well enough anywhere but in this palace that is. Mouses!

Frankly, I may be a cat and have a natural predisposition to knowing what prey is, sort of comes with the built in memory, but you'd have thought they could have got that basic sorted.

If my peep can identify a mouse then I'm sure others can. Though there was that time when peep forget to put the specs on and had been talking to a pile of stockings by mistake, thinking they were me!

Best give this new one a quick run around the place see what it's made of.  Maybe its one of those preproduction test models, like the cars. Looks like it has some sort of gas jet pack built in. Bet this has some super strong nip inside and goes extra quick! Not that that has been on my mind at all but a girl can dream of fast mice and strong nip... or is it the other way round? Purrs

Well, no time like the present, I'll just get some practice in and see what this baby can do!

Note from the editor:- For those peeps listening at home, Erin is sporting her traditional black and white racing gear, white paws and a freshly sharpened set of claws, oh, and a glint in her eye. The new mousie, now called PINKIE, is the one in a pinkie red combo plastic outfit, with metallic jet pack trim. Erin provides the commentary....

"And they're off! Erin, Princess with the mostest, heads off with usual flair, taking this new test model for a spin, quite literally!

Oh I say, Pinkie gets a firm helping paw off the start line and takes a flying jump to the floor, bouncing on landing and makes a great start to evade Erin.

Not to be outdone, Erin, that's me for those listening in, gracefully leaps to intercept Pinkie. Dazzled by Erin's acrobatic prowess, Pinkie stalls by the door frame at the top of the stairs, stunned no doubt seeing that a cat, ahem, of such svelte figure, can fly!

OH NO! Erin has overshot the mark, and has slid onto the landing. Well this is a turn up for the books! Looks like that manicurist will be in for the high jump. Mouses!

Turning back to Pinkie, Erin gains traction and ground, and WHAM! A spectacular right hook. Ooh that has to have hurt!

****** P-fft sound, and puff of dust ******

Oh my, looks like Pinkie is breaking up! Yup that definitely is a small cap come off the end, and yes that was a puff of smoke too!

But she's a game little thing, and that last smack has send her spinning for the far wall and.... NOOO! she's missed and plunged down the stairs, this doesn't look!

****** P-fft, clunk clatter, P-fft, clickety click rattle, P-fft, P-fft, clang! ******

Well, looks like it's all over for Pinkie. That final bounce has broken her up and her jet pack has come adrift with more than a splutter of that dust. What a result for Erin!"

Aww, Mouses! Just as it was getting interesting, and I was starting to feel really enlivened too, like a breath of fresh air was surging through me. Oh well I'll tell peep to send this one back to the drawing board.

What that mousie needs is to pack a bigger nip punch in its jet pack. And maybe a happy face and a tail to liven up proceedings and make it look more mouse like.

Oh and if they want it to catch on, they really should think about changing the name to something that rolls of the tongue. I mean In-Hal-Er doesn't exactly take your breath away, now does it! Purrs

                                                ~~~~~ La Fin ~~~~~

I dedicate this weeks post to dearest Flynn, who so sadly left us last week, for pastures new. Fly free, sweet Flynn, hunt well, and enjoy renewed friendship with pals we have lost before.....

                                                        ~~~~~~ Donec iterum conveniant ~~~~~~

It's Sunday Selfie time!

Please join me now as we enter the Sunday Selfies hosted by the fantastic 

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The Sunday selfies is a wonderful weekly celebration of blogs and bloggers from across the world, and shares stories and pictures for others to enjoy. 

Why not join the fun by adding the code from our hosts, a link is on their page, and posting your own selfie.

In This weeks selfie I can be seen, ahem, 'test driving' the swatches for a new office colour scheme, Golden Double Cream and Princess Pink. Me, I think a hint of nip would set it of a treat. What do you think? 

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The Test Drive..


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