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Ruby Learns To Spin - Trick Or Treat Giveaway Hop

We are super excited to be participating along with 19 other bloggers in the third annual Trick or Treat Giveaway Hop.

Disclosure: The Trick or Treat Giveaway Hop is sponsored by CleverPet, The Honest Kitchen, Planet Dog, and Health Extension. The individual sponsors are responsible for their giveaway prizes including shipping. The opinions and ideas in this post are my own.

The Trick or Treat Giveaway Hop: How It Works

The TRICK: Each blogger teaches their dog a new trick and then posts a tutorial. Each trick is different so be sure to visit all participating blogs.

The TREATS: Readers have a chance to win $850 worth of amazing prizes. You can enter on one or ALL blogs to increase your chances of winning. This year’s prizes are provided and sponsored by CleverPet, The Honest Kitchen, Planet Dog, and Health Extension. There is also a $300 PetSmart Gift Card (funded by participating bloggers) up for grabs.

Tricks are hard

Ruby Is Trick-Challenged

When we were first invited to participate in the Trick or Treat Giveaway Hop, we enthusiastically agreed. A few weeks later reality set in. Ruby doesn’t have the best track record for learning new things. New things are hard for her and kind of stress her out.

But we are not quitters so we forged ahead. With the help of my daughter (Mini-Me), we set out to teach Ruby a trick – pretty much any trick that would stick. We started with give paw, but after multiple attempts and bags of chips (for us, not Ruby) we gave up.

Next we tried spin in a circle. I didn’t actually think it would work, but Mini-Me was bound and determined to teach Ruby something – ANYTHING.

But at least I know how to sit  

Here's How We Taught Ruby To Spin In A Circle

1. First we had Ruby sit. This is the one thing she actually does quite well.

2. Next I stood in front of her and repeated the word “circle”. She looked at me like I was nuts for the first 100 times.

3. While I repeated “circle”, Mini-Me circled Ruby with a treat.

Half circle 

4. During this phase my husband repeatedly walked by shaking his head in disbelief. But we kept our eyes on the prize (and Ruby’s eyes on the treat) and kept going.

5. Ruby eventually started following Mini-Me (and the treat) in a circle. We, of course, praised and rewarded her.

6. And finally, after many more attempts (like 500), Ruby got the idea and started circling on her own. Success!

I am not sure who is more excited about this accomplishment Mini-Me or Ruby. Mini-Me is now determined to teach Ruby even more tricks and build her confidence so she can come to BlogPaws with us.

Bonus point: Rosie observed the whole process from the sidelines and pretty much taught herself to circle. Like many cats, she’s clearly the smartest and most confident member of the household. She is also hearing impaired so relies on hand signals rather than voice commands. Check out the final results for both Ruby AND Rosie in the video below.

The moral of this story: anything is possible with enough treats, chips, patience and a couple of determined girls who don’t give up (Mini-Me and Rosie). Ruby and I were just along for the ride. 

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2017 Trick or Treat Giveaway Hop - The Daily Pip

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Ruby Learns To Spin - Trick Or Treat Giveaway Hop


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