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I'm A Dog, I'm Really A Dog - Maybe

Best Dog Blog Finalist - Who Me?
We have always been a feline centric home. Although we are multi-species (dog, cat, and rabbit), the cats definitely rule the roost. Ruby sometimes acts like a cat and Lulu, our rabbit, like a dog. We are a confused bunch - except for the cats who are always proudly themselves.

And this is why I was so shocked (like fall-off-my-chair shocked) to be among the finalists for Best Dog Blog. While the other three amazing dog blog finalists are off doing extraordinary things like hiking, trekking, and traveling to the far corners of the world, Ruby is just trying to figure out what it means to be a dog, and whether or not she might really be part cat.

We are kind of cat bloggers disguised as dog bloggers or some weird hybrid of the two. All last week I was waiting for someone to pop out and be like "oops, we made a mistake - no Best Dog Blog nomination for you"

Are the scary squeaky things still there?

Ruby's Confessions About Her Non-Dogness and Fondness For All Things Feline

1. Squeaky toys scare the heck out of Ruby, tug toys confuse her, and interactive games wreak havoc on her self-esteem. She has a basket full of toys, but only one that she actually enjoys (a purple bear from her former foster family).

2. Ruby has yet to discover her inner wolf. She has no interest in squirrels, birds, or any other little creatures. She also doesn't bark - ever! I guess this makes her more rabbit than Cat

The family that trains together, stays together. 
3. Ruby has trouble learning tricks. She knows the basics, but anything new not so much. Just recently, I tried to teach her to give a high five. She remained perplexed, but Rosie picked it up right away (species confusion in action).

4. Cats are Ruby's safe place. She has some separation anxiety and the cats serve as her therapist, occasionally talking her off the ledge (AKA couch). Pretty sure she sticks to Rosie like glue while we are at work and school.

5. Ruby has a fondness (more like an addiction) for cat food. We are forever constructing new barriers to keep her away.  While the other dog blog finalists are climbing mountains, visiting ancient temples and dining at European cafes, Ruby devotes her energy to finding new ways around the baby gate that separates her from that oh so yummy, salmon and chicken blend.

Backyards are weird especially when there are no cats around. 
6. Backyards are weird. We have a big backyard that any dog (except Ruby) would love. When we take her out, she seems confused and usually runs to the door to get back inside (like an indoor cat might do). She's actually never even done her business in our yard, not once. She likes long walks just not our yard.

7. Ruby is socially awkward around other dogs. She was removed (along with many other dogs) from her former home because of severe criminal neglect. I imagine there may have been some fights over limited resources like food and water, which might explain her jitters and occasional reactivity around other dogs. We always celebrate the small victories when she plays nicely and bravely with other canines.

8. Water is the ultimate enemy. Ruby and Rosie are united in their extreme dislike of water. A few summers ago, we drove from Chicago to Cape Cod. Our former dog, Pip, loved water and I assumed Ruby would as well. Only she didn't. I'm pretty sure she is still mad at me for torturing her dipping her paws in the Atlantic.

Ruby feeling the Ocean love. Not so much.
All this is to say, I am so grateful (but not sure we are worthy) to be among the finalists for Best Dog Blog and Best Cause Blog. And while Ruby may never travel to Croatia, bike across South America, or climb the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, I am confident that she will eventually conquer her fear of the backyard, bark at a squirrel, or maybe even stick her paws in Lake Michigan without having a panic attack. We can dream, right?

But jokes aside, I have enormous respect and admiration for all my fellow nominees and I am honored to be among such an unbelievably talented group of bloggers. From the bottom of Ruby's sweet, but slightly confused heart, thank you for accepting and loving her as she is.

Congratulations to my fellow nominees!

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I'm A Dog, I'm Really A Dog - Maybe


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