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Best Toys for Bulldogs – Top Reviews

If you are reading this article, you either have or want to buy an English Bulldog.

Well, to put it in short, they are made for chewing things.

And, since they love to chew stuff, you’d better not let that be the kitchen cupboard’s corner or the table’s leg.

Best toys for bulldogs - picture

The Bulldogs have barrel chest. Their demeanor is gruff and their gait shows that they mean business. Everything of these shows real toughness.

Although medium-sized and looking rough and tumble, the Bulldogs do love to play.

You should choose a toy that will entertain your dog, so we have complied a list to show you the best of them.

Everybody wants a cool, new, not very expensive, fun and durable toy and it is not very easy to find the perfect one for your Bulldog.

Bulldogs at a Glance

Even the history agrees that the bulldogs are a symbol of toughness.

They are also called English Bulldogs and their name derives from the cause of their breeding – they were fighting bulls for sport.

They are not used for these purposes anymore, but they will definitely make their ancestors pride, because of the confident swagger.

An English Bulldog might be medium-sized dog, but its physical traits exceeds much more than that.

The skin of these dogs is soft and loose- this gives them an extra protection. Their broad body and their muscles provides the English Bulldogs with an admirable amount of power.

The bulldogs are painted as mighty in the pop culture and their confidence fuels this reputation. But don’t think that they are not easy-going, sweet and sociable, because they totally are.

The English Bulldog loves making friends and playing around.

Let’s tell the truth:

The breed’s physical shape is what fuels its reputation, but also makes it wildly popular.

The bulldog’s confidence, pushed-in face and wonderful tail make the owners fall in love.

The English bulldog tends to make these so called “bulldog noises” and to grunt and this might be very endearing.

Bulldogs at Play

Will you be surprised to know that bulldogs love to chill around and just do nothing?

Well, that is the truth.

Their history might be bold and one of the features of the bulldog may be confidence, but this dogs still are very quiet and docile. They are indoor dogs and as such do not require a lot of energy.

That is why they are the winning choice for everyone whose lifestyle isn’t very active.

With this relaxed and somehow lazy nature, the bulldogs aren’t very easy to be exercised and played with. You should definitely make your English bulldog exercise otherwise it will gain a lot of weight.

You remember that part about the inactivity – well, they will totally want a nap after spending after 15 minutes walking

When it comes to playtime, bulldogs are keen to romp around. But, because of their docile behavior, the do not start to play by themselves – they need to be motivated by your or a member of your family.

You have better not let your bulldog play outside. That is, because of its pushed-in nature, for which they do not do well in extreme heat. Nobody will win if you try and make the dog play in a too warm environment.

Since you will be initiator of the playing session, be tolerant. Do not think that the bulldog is as dumb as it is thought to be. No, the breed just possesses strong will and can be very intelligent when it comes to getting what they want.

Your dog might surprise you with a sudden desire to be rubbed on the tummy when you are trying to make it play.

What Toys Should be Avoided?

Our advice is not to buy your bulldog a retrieval toy.

The English bulldog is not very energetic dog and doesn’t even know what fetch is.

If you try to teach him how to fetch stuff you throw, the dog will probably respond with the mentioned above desire to be patted on the tummy or with a simple fun look in his eyes.

Another bad idea are water-based toys. This breed’s physic does not allow the English bulldog to swim. That is why your dog will definitely not jump in any pool no matter what.

Even more, bulldogs are not keen on playing outside but the water-based toys are designed for outdoor play.

If you buy a chew toy, make sure that it is made to withstand repeated chewing.

The bulldogs simply love chewing and that is why they will play with their toy a lot. Because of this, you have better purchase a durable toy. Otherwise, you will have to buy a new one almost every month.

What are the Best Toys for English Bulldogs?

One very good toy for a bulldog is a skateboard.

Weird, isn’t it?

Yes, we know that skateboarding isn’t a home activity and it counters the bulldog’s nature, but it is true – here are a couple of reasons to prove this fact.

First, this isn’t as boring as simply walking and it can provide enough exercise for your English bulldog.

The dog will love the breeze that it will feel when skateboarding and won’t accept the riding as an exercise, but rather as a funny activity.

Another thing is that the bulldogs can master a task very quickly, once they figure it out.

Yes, they are stubborn and rather manipulative, thus, teaching them to ride a skateboard won’t be easy. But when you does, the dog will be eager to ride this wonderful toy.

When playing indoors

English bulldogs love chew toys. If you have to go somewhere and leave your Bulldog alone for a few hours, then the toy is a very good option for them, because they will not get bored.

Since the bulldog will chew its toy repeatedly, you should consider buying a durable chew toy.

A stationary chew toys are also good choice for English bulldogs, because they will simply be happy to have something to chew.

You will make a wonderful decision, if you buy a chew toy, which can also be a puzzle one.

Even though bulldogs are said to be not that bright, this isn’t the case. They are actually pretty smart and will love it if given the chance to put their brain muscle to work.

Every pet store packs the shelves with thousands of toys for dogs. Each of them, for promotional purposes, is marked as “Super Tough” or “Indestructible”, but this is only a marketing trick and you will find the truth out soon, but not before you empty your wallet or savings account.

Once you buy one of these Unbreakable, Durable, Super Ultra toys and try it at home, you will realize that the best they can do is to make a huge mess and we all know who will clean up.

What to consider, when it comes to buying a Bulldog toy

If you are a happy owner of another breed of dog, then you might know that almost every toy will make them happy.

The bulldog is very picky about its toys and it mostly likes chewing stuff. If you got dog from another breed, you can walk in a pet shop and choose almost any toy, including pigs ears and stuff like that.

When the time for deciding which are the best toys for bulldogs comes, then you should absolutely never buy something like a rawhide, for example.

The best option is finding toys that are hard to be destructed, considering that bulldogs have the tendency of swallowing things, and even if they are whole, which can be a reason for obstructions.

We would never recommend something that will harm your bulldog, so follow our advice – stick to toys that aren’t easily destructed.

Here are our recommendations for the best toys for Bulldogs

KONG Dental Dog Toy

Do you want to buy a simple but long-lasting chew toy?

Well, then the KONG Dental Dog Toy is a perfect option. It will make your dog happy and, even more, will take care for you bulldog’s dental health.

You might have noticed that the bulldogs’ lower jaws jut out more that their upper jaws. This leads to exposure of some of the teeth, which makes them a subject of more nastiness.

The unique grooved shape of KONG Dental Dog Toy cleans the dog’s teeth and provides gums’ massage, thus, leading to a cleaner mouth.

Another option of this wonderful toy is that you can stuff a treat in its center. That way your dog will see the prize. This helps you buddy exercise its puzzle-solving skills.

The bulldog won’t have to move around (which, as we already said, the bulldogs don’t like), for it will see the puzzle straight before itself. Thanks to this, the mental stimulation will be more fun for your English bulldog.

Why It’s So Popular:

– Durable, even after a long period of chewing

– Entertains the dog for hours

– Extended chewing time

– In the inside you can easily fit treats, and it even can hold peanut butter well

– It is large enough for playing tug of war

Keep In Mind:

– If your dog is very determined, it can still break it

– It might be too heavy for dogs that are smaller

Click Here to Buy from Amazon

Goughnuts Indestructible Dog Toy

When it comes to Doughnuts, a lot of people know how durable they made their ring.

You can choose any color.

There will be absolutely no problem for your dog to chew this toy. If your dog breaks it, you can call in and get a free replacement.

Why It’s So Popular:

– Durable and long-lasting, no matter how tough your dog chews

– It can break, but will serve you for years before this happens

– Shaped in a way that allows easy chewing

– Can be carried around by the dogs

– Suitable even for lightweight dogs

Keep In Mind:

– After time, the tougher dogs might chew through it

– If a dog chews through the toy, the chunks might be dangerous

Click Here to Buy from Amazon

Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy

An awful lot of dogs love chewing toys like this.

It has awesome smell, even for people, which means a lot, because humans cannot smell as well as dogs can. Plus, it will not leave residues on the floor after a long chewing session.

It cannot be eaten, but only used for a toy.

That way, if you have several or more dogs, they will not fight over it.

For the look and the smell of the toy, the dogs will assume that they can eat if, thus, will be kept busy for a long time.

The Benebone has a curved bone shape and will satisfy your dog.

With this toy, you pet will develop a strong bite.

The nylon, which it is made of, is strong and the toy consist real ingredients, used for flavor, and these features make it durable and very interesting for the dogs.

Why It’s So Popular:

– If any problems occur, you can count on good customer service

–The ingredients, used for is, are healthy

– Will entertain your dog for a lot of time

– The dogs will feel the wonderful smell, but you will smell nothing

– No residues will be left on carpets

Keep In Mind:

– Dogs might swallow little pieces of it

– Not suitable for puppies that are teething

Click Here to Buy from Amazon

West Paw Design Zogoflex Tux

Guaranteed Tough Treat Stuffable Dog Chew Toy.

Another one of the Best toys for Bulldog is Tux, made by West Paw Design. The company has created a wonderful toy and has kept the idea of clean Earth in mind.

Almost each of the West Paw’s Dog Toys can be recycled.

Tux has a back opening, where you can place your dog’s favorite treats.

The toy is bouncy and buoyant.

Plus, it is made of nontoxic materials.

One of its best features is the guaranty that it will never break or, if it does, they will offer a free replacement.

Click Here to Buy from Amazon

Bionic Ball

Bionic provides a ball for dogs, as well. You can pack some treats in it, freeze it and give it to your dog.

Or you might use it for bouncing around, if your bulldogs decides that it wants to play for a while.

Why It’s So Popular:

– Compared to other brands, it is cheaper and more durable; can easily be replaced, if torn off

– Can withstand to chewing for long periods

– Lasts longer, thanks to the large size

– Designed with smaller breeds of dogs in mind

– Can bounce for your dog’s entertainment

Keep In Mind:

– Larger or more powerful dogs are able to chew through it with time

– Best for mild to medium chewers

Click Here to Buy from Amazon

Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel and Puzzle Plush Squeaking Toys

The Hide-A-Squirrel is a Wonderful Toy! First, the Puzzle Plush Hide-A-Squirrel is awesome choice, when it comes to teaching Eye-Paw coordination and also strengthens the problem-solving skills

These squirrel are made to last for a long time and are really cute. It their bellies are placed squeakers and the whiskers are like real ones!

The Hide-A-Squirrel won’t last long if you Bulldog starts tearing it, but might be used for hide-and-seek for a long period of time.

The squirrels are also sold separately in packs of three squirrels. You can see them HERE 

Click Here to Buy from Amazon

SCSK8 Pro Skateboard

Do you want your dog to be the coolest canine in the neighborhood?

But you also want your Bulldog to be more willing to exercise and stop causing so much troubles when made to?

If this is true for you, then try a skateboard and prepare yourself for some training sessions, and you will achieve a success.

This goal can be accomplished without some fancy tricks.

The SCSK8 Skateboard is basic and easy to use.

The base model has white wheels and no fancy patterns or funny graphics, but straight wood coloring. Well, since your bulldog will not care at all about the look of the board, this model is the perfect choice.

During riding the skateboard, the bulldog will not only exercise, but will also socialize.

A dog on a skateboard will draw attention and the English bulldogs adore attention. Even more, this might make it more willing to hop on the skateboard and have a ride around.

Click Here to Buy from Amazon

You can choose to play with your bulldog in a lot of different ways. Still, you should make the playtime meaningful and active, because this is crucial for the dog’s health.

An English bulldog will, most likely, not initiate a play session, so you should take care of it body shape (the dog has to be trim and fit), since a healthy physical appearance will add more years to the dog’s life.

Yes, English bulldogs might not be keen on playing, but they do rather enjoy it.

Do not forget this, when your dog tries manipulating you into not making him play or exercise.

If you resist this manipulation, you will strengthen the relationship you have with your bulldog and will make the dog healthier.

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Best Toys for Bulldogs – Top Reviews


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