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What is The Best Harness for Boston Terriers

“Should I buy a collar or a harness for my Boston terrier?”

This is one common question that many BT owners ask.

What is the best harness for Boston Terriers?

This is another very common question..

Best Harness for Boston Terriers - picture

And here we are going to answer them and also will give you lots of helpful tips.

And also will help you to choose the best product for your dog.

Do you have to walk your Boston terrier with a collar or with a harness?

Well, the best option would be to get a Harness.

This is so, because while pulling the leash, the force won’t spread on your puppy’s throat, but around its chest.


the dog’s behavior while being outside should also be considered.

If it does not cause problems,no leash-pulling will be necessary, then you may use a collar, as well.

Do you wonder how to determine what choice is better for your terrier?

Then try answering the questions provided bellow.

How does your Boston terrier behave while on the lead – does it pull or does it lunge?

Not every time a dog will suffer from problems with its breathing. Although, you should better be cautious and choose a harness. Using a collar will be a reason for your dog’s neck and airways to be strained – which is definitely not your dog’s dream.

Using harness provides more comfort and safety.

Well, it is a hard job choosing a harness which is perfectly comfortable for your dog. But, on the brighter side, this article was created to provide some help with this tough choice and to show you some of the best models.

What else should you consider?

Is your dog comfortable?

You must remember to provide a harness that can fit the Boston terrier’s chest. Most harnesses that are cheaper will become uncomfortable when they get wet, so you should not forget that.

Do you consider exercising your Boston terrier’s agility?

Then, remember, if the harness is provided with comfortable handle, this feature might help you prevent fallings, while you are training your pet on the ramp.

Taking the measurements of the Boston terrier correctly and finding the right harness

A harness that is fitting well is a necessity.

Otherwise, the harness will cause pain under your dog’s arms or will rub against its skin. All that won’t happen, if you learn how to take the harness’ measurements for your dog properly.

You should get a measuring tape. A lot of troubles can be saved if you are aware what your dog’s exact measurements are.

You will see that most harnesses are being sold by weight. Still, if you combine the weight with inches or centimeters, then you will succeed in finding the perfect harness.

In cases where your dog possesses an energetic nature, then it might be necessary to find someone to assist you in getting the measurements by keeping the dog still.

Measuring the part of the chest that is the broadest.

It is found just behind the armpits of the dog. To measure it correctly, the first thing you should do is to wrap the tape around the chest and, then, over the back – do not pull tightly, but leave it snug.

For finding out the right harness, you should combine the weight of the Boston terrier and its measurements.

You should aim to for a less than two inches larger harness than your pet’s measurements and consider the weight range. The dog’s harness should be matching its weight range.

Not every harness will meet the dog’s weight.

Are you struggling to decide between two sizes?

Then our tip is to get the bigger size. This is because you cannot loosen the smaller one but you can tighten the bigger one.

Best Harness for Boston terrier puppy

Everything you want when you first meet your puppy is to play with it. But, when it reaches eight weeks, then you have better buy it a harness. That way it will learn the puppy not to restrain it.

You should ensure a comfortable harness with which the dog can feel cuddled rather than restrained. When the harness fits well, it will also play a role as a safety equipment, providing security to your young Boston terrier puppy.

EcoBark Maximum Comfort & Control Dog Harness

One really popular model offered for sale is the model above. It has playful colors and a wide variety of choices. Considering the safety, only a few better choices than this harness can be found.

A friendly for the environment model, produced with recycled water bottles.

The vast is padded, made of breathable mesh material that is lightweight and provides comfort for your puppy.

Your little buddy will undoubtedly adore the product, so the harness is a wonderful choice. A must is finding the correct one. The correct product will help the puppy to learn to wear harness.

The difficult job is to find the right size.

The head hole is with a vest-like design and cannot be adjusted, so you must find out what are your puppy’s head exact measurements.

You might buy a harness that is bigger, because puppies grow fast and you can save some money. Although, that difference can be no more than two sizes.

Do the calculation of the measurements, compare the result to the measurement for the opening for the neck and you will succeed in buying the right product.

The puppy will love this product and will be eager enjoy the walks.
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Ruffwear All-day Adventure Harness

It’s fitting is perfect for every Boston terrier. We are sure of that, because it’s provided with four adjustment points that are separate. Thanks to them, your puppy won’t feel irritated by rubs or chafes, while using the product.

Another reason to buy this harness is if your Boston terrier pulls the leash. The product has chest and body panels which are padded. That way, if any force is involved, it shall be dispersed – thus, your dog will feel nothing.

There, on the back side of this model, is placed a D-ring – this is helpful for full control over your pet.

For better control while going out with the dog for a training session or for a walk, webbing attachment point is provided.

A lot of color options are provided. So, there are plenty of possible choices.

There are reflective strips – they will be vital if you go out with your dog during dusk or night.
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Puppia Soft Dog Harness

A lot of various colors and sizes – the smallest is XS, the largest is XXL – make this harness an awesome product that you can purchase for your Boston terrier.

A big plus is that the used material is 100% Polyester Air Mesh.

Because of that, the harness has high breathability.

It is also soft and lightweight.

The product is a wrapping one and has 9 out of 10 points for convenience, which is estimated by a research among a hundred dog breeds.

There are soft edges, Puppia label made of rubber placed on the chest, chest belt that as adjustable and has a snap on/off buckle.

It is provided with a D-ring, as well. It is situated on the back and can be hooked to any standard leash.

Another fact for you to know is that the creators of the Puppia Soft Dog Harness have kept in mind small sized dogs when making the product.
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I want to be able to catch my dog easily – what to do?

Is your dog too energetic for you to catch it easy?A very helpful feature will be the handles that are on the top of the harness. That makes the harness an awesome product for people whose dogs aren’t easy to be walked.

Julius-K9 IDC Powerharness

A Velcro system of high quality on the chest, combined with interchangeable patches, makes the harness perfect for every dog.

The edges are reflective edges and there is a chest strap.

A vital function of the Juluys K-9 IDC Powerharness is that it works like it is a visibility vest. Which means you can take your Boston terrier for a night walk and will easily spot your pet, thanks to the grey edges on the harness and the reflective materials that had been used.

The lining is highly breathable and won’t irritate the skin: The product has OEKO-TEX material included, which follows the highest international standards.

Heavy-duty buckles: The quality buckles are durable and ideal for every type of weather and for every occasion.
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Front Range No-Pull Dog Harness.

Go on adventure outside with this reflective vest – Handle Provided

Using this product, you will have all the necessities.

A model, made of durable and stylish materials – Scratch-Resistant Oxford for the outer layer, which makes the harness lightweight.

The model features a huge loading capacity and helps for the improvement of the tensile strength.

Perfect fit, comfortable and ergonomic design – that product is an awesome one for your dog and can be easily put on or taken off.

Nylon webbing with reflective 16M material has been used for safety during walks in low light levels or during the night.

There is a steady handle provided, so (when you attach it to any seatbelt), it will help securing the safety of your dog, while it is riding next to you in your car.

The lightweight Mesh lining provides comfort and is sponge-padded in the areas of the chest and the belly.

It can be bought in three different colors – orange, black or green.
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Which harness to choose for travelling with a Boston terrier

According to the law, you should restrain your dog while taking it out with the car. This is because, otherwise, it will distract the driver. Your dog is not just a pet – it is an important family member, so you should secure it safely.

A walking harness will not do in a car. It isn’t suitable for travelling because it isn’t made for that kind of activity.

So, to provide safety while driving, you have better purchase the perfect travel harness.

KurgoTru-fit Travel Harness

For a full of happiness car while you are travelling, choose the Kurgo Tru-fit Travel Harness.

It has seat belt fixing points, which keep the dog at place and, if emergency stop occurs, will not let it be hurt.

The dog won’t choke and it will not feel too much pressure on any of its body parts, because it is designed for spreading the force of the kinetic energy equally.

This 2 in 1 harness is made both for walking and for safety while travelling. The product is multi-functional and will help you to safely reach your destination.

A tether is used for attaching the product to the seat belt – you slip it through the seat belt, using the carabiner to clip it to the harness.

This tested harness has proved to restrain dogs up to 75 lb if a car crash happens.
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How does your dog walk with a leash?

A harness has many advantages. Naturally, it has a disadvantage, too – and it is that your dog can pull.

If you take your puppy out with a collar, it cannot pull very hard because it will feel pressure on its throat.

Try getting a no-pull leash which won’t allow the terrier to pull. GoPets is one of the best company for no-pull harnesses. We will explain you how this is done with the next products.

GoPets No Pull Safety Harness

The putting of this harness is no only fast, but also easy – sliding the loop for the neck over the dog’s head, passing a strap between its front legs and buckling it up.

The orange strong webbing is highly visible even form cars, so you will go for a walk in the dark without any worries.

The no pull action consists of two options.

The first consists of the attachment of the leash to harnesses’ back. With this method, if your dog tries pulling, then the girth strap will tighten – thus, teaching the puppy what is allowed.

Or, you can connect the lead to the ring – that ring is placed on the front breast area. With it, the action of the mechanism will turn the dog around if it tries to pull.

With this method, the puppy will understand that it should not pull forward, but should walk next to you.

This harness is strongly recommended by the dog owners that have tried it.

The product is adjustable, so it can fit exactly to your dog’s body.

Dogs can find how to side step that turning action option, so the pet might start acting strange. Also, do not let the harness near the dog’s mouth, because it can try and chew it.

Another option can be tried if the method isn’t working for you.

If you use the GoPets’s product, it will help your pet to learn the correct way of walking next you, thanks to the GoPets’ product.
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I prefer a collar – what should I do?

Of course, you might find collars that can do a very good job, as well.

While choosing one, you should pay attention. Find out if it makes the pressure that is forced around the throat to be spread equally.

High quality leather is used for the best collars.

Bestia “Bijou” handmade dog collar. Studded

This awesome collar will improve your dog’s appearance, so if you love fashion, the product is perfect for you.

For maximum comfort, 100% genuine leather had been used on both sides.

The collar is unique both in design and quality.

Undoubtedly, choosing the right collar for Boston terriers a very hard job.

It might cost more, yes, but that will supply your pet with everything what it needs.
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In conclusion

Out there, you can find a thousand harnesses. A lot of them will not suit your dog, so you should first consider is if the harness suits the breed’s requirements.

Remember, safety comes first. To ensure it, you have better get a multi-functional harness. It will cost less money and will result in less unwanted aftermaths.

While considering getting a no-pull harness, remember that with it your dog will understand the way it is supposed to behave.

Do not forget about comfortability – choose a harness that has cushion paddings, which are a guaranty for full comfort.

Also, try and purchase a model that is of the highest quality, for whose manufacturing had been used only top quality materials. Find out is the company has a perfect reputation– if it does, you will be sure in its performance.

Do not ignore the durability – that is a key factor.

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What is The Best Harness for Boston Terriers


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