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Akita Mixes: Akita Mix Breeds with Pictures

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Here is a list with the most popular Akita mixes.

Akita Mixes - picture

But before that lets say a few words about this great breed.

When we talk about Akita dog breed, there is one circumstance in its origin we need to discuss at first.

The thing is that there are two theories about Akita breed type.

According to one of them there is only one Akita breed type with two sub-types – Japanese and an American Akita.

The other theory says that the two breeds are completely different, but in practical life, when a dog breeder says Akita he or she means the dog breed with two versions, American and Japanese.

In all cases, Akita breed is a well-known noble breed you should not underestimate when it comes to a survival and a dog that is quite attached to its home place and mainly, to its owners.

This is a true protector with no fear to challenges and no love or affectionate to strangers.

Akita dogs are super cute and fluffy, even though the hairs of their fur are of a short type.

On the other side, Akita dogs are also webbed toes that help them walk in snow, a fact that speaks of its primary origin from the northern lands on the planet.

The dogs are even capable to walk ice picks and to survive in a cold area for a long time and with no water or food.

Akita breeds seem to start living the time of their life – quite energetic and ready to play and run with you.

Of course, the different mixes with Akita have their own individual features that are quite interesting to be seen and discussed, too.

Speaking of which, here are the most common Akita mixes you can find today:

Most Popular Akita Mixes

Akita Shepherd (Shepkita) – Akita German Shepherd mix

Shepkita (Akita Shepherd mix) - picture

Akita Shepherd is a mix between Akita and German Shepherd.

The hybrid comes with dense and rough coat in black, black and tan, light brown, merle, sable, while or golden nuance.

The dog is not very big, but with medium size and it has big brown eyes and wide nose.

The dog breed is also popular for its working nature. It used to be helpful in people, who worked at the outdoors, but also one of the best guards in the States.

Its long-lasting lifespan (nearly 13 years) makes it a great companion for the whole family. The dog is friendly and very easy to be trained. Moreover – the dog is good with kids, if being raised together.

Alert and brave, the dog is quite dedicated to its closest people, but for this you need to be patient with it during training. Let them adjust to you at first and make sure not to make too many compromises or treating moments.

Have in mind that Akita Shepard requires proper food, because it suffers from bad digestive system quite often. It is interesting to know that the hybrid might get an allergy to corn, so better avoid it from its regular diet.

It does not show any aggression, but, yet, it is a good guard, so when the owner is in danger, you will hear it bark.

However, barking in general is not so typical for the mix.

Instead, what is typical for Shepkita is the love to walks and regular exercises.

Akita Chow – Akita Chow Chow mix

Akita Chow (Akita Chow Chow Mix) - picture

Akita Chow is a mix between Akita and Chow Chow.

This hybrid has a very dense and fluffy coat that sheds a lot during the warm seasons.

The dog breed has a big variety of shades it can fascinate you with – including fawn, silver, brown, red, dark beige and extra black or black with some nuance in chocolate.

As a very good guard and companion dog, the Akita Chow mix lives up to 12 years.

It is great family dog.

Yet, be patient with it while getting used to your kids, because the dog might be a little bit stubborn in getting close to anyone. But once they come along with each other, you will realize how intelligent and loyal this dog might be.

It is also extremely energetic, so you need to invest a lot of your free time with training it.

Note that Akita Chow isn’t good with other pets and it isn’t hypoallergenic.

Have in mind that it barks occasionally, but once it does, it might scare your guests.

Akita Pit – Akita Pit Bull mix

Akita Pit (Akita Pit bull terrier mix) - picture

Akita Pit is a mixture between Akita and Pit Bull Terrier.

It comes in a medium size and in a big need to be trained, walked around on a regular basis and cared for when it comes to its proper diet and hygiene.

The good thing is that Akita Pit is extremely easy to be trained, so eventually your activity with the dog will become more like fun than an obligation to perform daily.

This hybrid is also typical for its kindness to kids and other pets (quite rare feature in most Akita mixes).

The dog is friendly and playful, but you can expect an impressive aggression with your enemies as it can feel the bad energy coming towards its owner and close people.

Akita Pit is a healthier breed like other hybrid breeds.

However Akita Pit has tendency to suffer from some congenital disorders.

Boxita – Akita Boxer mix

Boxita (Akita Boxer mix) - picture

Boxita is a mix between Akita and Boxer.

The hybrid also lives up to 12-15 years.

It has a good attitude towards kids only if raised together. Considering the fact that the hybrid is extremely intelligent, let us believe that you will train it easily.

Yet, know that Boxita dogs might get quite stubborn, so the process may require some patience.

Boxita is muscular and it comes in a medium to big size. The Boxita’s fur is fluffy and either brown, or white. Sometimes, it has gold nuances, too, and these dogs are the most beautiful among the breed.

The good news is that unlike most Akita mixes, this one does not require quite often grooming cares.

Bullkita – Akita American Bulldog mix

Bullkita (Akita American Bulldog Mix) - picture

Bullkita is a mix between Akita and American Bulldog.

The hybrid is very loyal and playful. It has a lot of energy to spend round the whole day, so make sure you train it properly.

The dog barks quite rarely, but once it does, your neighbours down the whole street might hear it.

The Bullkita is a big dog which can have a brown coat with white patches and a black nose. The body of the Bullkita is large and strong.

You will get impressed of the amount this hybrid can consume. So make sure not to let it overeat. The hybrid suffers from risk of stomach issues and diabetes.

Golden Akita Retriever – Akita Golden Retriever mix

Golden Akita retriever (Akita Golden Retriever mix) - picture

Golden Akita Retriever is a mix between Akita and Golden Retriever.

The hybrid, as you can guess, is equally beautiful and noble, but on the other side, intelligent, alert and super brave in serious and risky situation.

It is a curious fact that this is one of the most expensive Akita mixes on the dog breed markets today. Yet, it worth it every penny and you and your family will soon realize it, because Akita Golden Retriever is a great family dog.

Huskita – Akita Husky mix

Huskita (Akita Husky mix) - picture

Huskita is a mix between Akita and Husky.

This giant dog breed is in most cases a mix  with a Siberian Husky breed, which makes its nature devoted to the owner, brave, coldness-loving, surviving in any strong or high conditions and of course, loyal and a great guard.

Huskita lives up to 15 years and it is really good to both: kids and other pets.

The thing is that Huskita is quite hard and difficult to be trained, so you will need some serious literature to read in advance or during your training period.

The dog is fairly active. Yet, it has some serious health risks you need to be aware of in advance: Bloat, eye problems, SA, Hypothyroidism.

Labrakita – Akita Labrador Retriever mix

Labrakita (Akita Labrador mix)

Labrakita is a mix between Akita and Labrador Retriever.

This hybrid sheds a lot, but it has beautiful coat to soothe in your leisure. Yet, don’t expect this dog breed to be quite and calm.

On the contrary, it has a lot of energy to spend. The Labrakita is loyal and intelligent dog and it is relatively easy to train.

They are affectionate towards their owner and family, warm with children and get along with other pets too. They are cautious, but at the same time non-threatening with strangers.

The Labrakita requires also long walks and strict nutrition diet.

Aki-Poo (Pookita) – Akita Poodle mix

Aki-Poo (Pookita) is a mix between Akita and Poodle.

This is a comparatively big size dog. The dog hybrid has a quite strong and sturdy body. With its small eyes, but quite gloomy muzzle, it is not a smiling, but really cute dog to fall in love from your very first meeting.

Add to these the extra curly tail it has and you will have a very beautiful dog, which, though, can be your best friend for life.

Make sure to train it from your very first day together.

Aki-Poo needs somewhere to invest its energy and you might probably prefer to play with it at the backyard of your house than letting it eat your furniture at home, right?

The dog breed does not bark often, but it has a quite impressive vocal sound.

Last, but not least, remember that if you have a small kid at home it is better to raise them with the dog together.

In general, Aki-Poos aren’t very friendly with kids.


Nekita is a mix between Akita and Neapolitan Mastiff.

Well, that was our list for the most popular Akita mixes. If you are owner of one of these or some other Akita mix feel free to leave a comment below.

If you are not an owner of one of these mixed dog breeds feel free to leave a comment bellow too 🙂

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Akita Mixes: Akita Mix Breeds with Pictures


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