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Airedale Terrier Mixes: Airedale Terrier Mix Breeds – Pictures

Airedale Terrier is one beautiful, popular and friendly Terrier dog breed. It is typical for its smart look, elegantly folded ears and super cute nose.

This dog breed is definitely extremely nice to kids and full of energy, just like a kid, to share with its owner. Airedale Terrier is relatively easy to train which makes it a great choice for many people.

But here we are going to talk about Airedale Terrier Mixes. These dogs are not a purebred dogs but mix between Airedale terrier and some other dog breed. Some people call them designer breeds.

Airedale Terrier mixes - picture

You might be thrilled to find out more about the most common and famous Airedale Terrier mixes.

We have prepared for you a list of the most interesting among them, so don’t leave us, but stay and read few lines to get informed about Airedale Terrier mixes now.

Here are the most popular Airedale Terrier mixes

Airedoodle (Airedale Terrier Poodle mix)

Airedoodle (Airedale Terrier Poodle mix) - picture

Airedoodle is a mix between Airedale Terrier and Poodle.

This hybrid breed is well-known for its cute curly haircut and the hypoallergenic nature, taken from Poodle breed, which characteristics turn to be quite appreciated by families with kids or allergic diagnoses.

Dog breeders call it a family dog and on the other side, it lives long enough not to cause misery to small kids.

Airedoodles live up to 15 years.

This hybrid breed is popular for its easy going character and energetic lifestyle. It loves running outside at fresh air, so it is good for your property to have some backyard.

An Airedoodle is with an average height of 25 inches and it usually weighs 40-60 pounds in its mature period of life. The coat is medium by the length and dense, so experts say it is good to brush it on a regular basis.

Grooming needs this hybrid dogs has are a lot, but with some more experience you will get used to fast.

The dog does not bark a lot, so many people claim it is not a protective one, but its closeness to the owner is sublime and in most cases the dog doesn’t want to remain alone at home.

Lab’Aire (Airedale Terrier Labrador Retriever mix)

Lab'Aire (Airedale Terrier Labrador Retriever mix) - picture

Lab’Aire is a mix between Airedale Terrier and Labrador Retriever.

It fascinates dog lovers with its amazing haircut that, though, requires extra hours to be spent in grooming. But no owner would miss this cute moment, because the Lab’Aire hybrid truly enjoys its bathing and SPA procedures on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, you need to be patient with this breed as the trainability here is average. If you are an easy going owner, too, the results will be visible soon. It is all about gradual training.

Yet, Lab’Aire is extremely energetic and loves performing exercises with you. On the other side, it gets even more energetic, when a kid is involved.

Those parents that are wondering about the dog breed to choose if having a small kid at home, Lab’Aire should be on their list by all means.

You will definitely fall in love with this dog breed’s cute eyes and look when being sad or too lonely left with no company nearby.

Schnairedale (Airedale Terrier Schnauzer mix)

Schnairedale (Airedale Terrier Schnauzer mix) - picture

Schnairedale is a mix between Airedale Terrier and Schnauzer.

Considered as one of the most lovable family dog, it does live up to 12-15 years, too.

Schnairedale has a typical diet. The hybrid breed eats a little bit and never overeats. Moreover – it accepts having a meal as a very special ritual, so in most cases the dog has its own place and time to experience it.

We believe Schnairedale is a super playful and joyful dog that lets you have fun together, but only if you create a decent plant for its weekly or daily program for indoor and outdoor activities.

Due to its wilful nature, the Schnairedale hybrid is determined as the other “baby” at home, but if you are a good leader you will teach it well, no doubt. Though, remember that if you don’t train this dog in time, it will become quite spoilt and naughty.

If you do your homework, you can expect from your Schnairedale to be a great family dog, but not only for fun. The hybrid breed is a great guard and eventually you will get to know it.

The Schnairedale barks a lot at strangers and needs training to minimize the barking.

Plus – they have excellent physical abilities, so if they have to, they will attack a stranger that bothers you.

Sealydale Terrier (Airedale Terrier Sealyham Terrier mix)

Sealydale Terrier is a mix between Sealyham Terrier and Airedale Terrier.

It is interesting that this hybrid breed appears in South Africa. It is also typical for the fact that similar in temperament and personality to other Terrier breeds.

The dog is quite nice and sweet to both: other dogs and kids. This is why people believe it is an amazing family dog, as well. It is also not that hard to be cared for as it needs only occasional bath and brushing.

Like many Terriers, this breed will need consistent obedience training.

But what remains as the most curious fact about Sealydale Terrier is its origin – back in the period before the Second World War.

Looking like a slightly heavier built Jack Russell, this dog bred true to type in a very short time and naturally inherited the weatherproof coat of both its parent breeds.

Up until the 1940s this breed was still in demand as a vermin destroyer.

Airedale Terrier Mix Breeds

Airedale Shepherd

Airedale Shepherd is a mix between Airedale Terrier and the German Shepherd Dog.


Chidale is a mix between Chihuahua and Airedale Terrier.


Goldendale is a mix between Golden Retriever and Airedale Terrier.

We know you might be a little bit confused which one to choose, but trust us all the Airedale Terriers mixes are amazing!

And you won’t regret for any of them to take care for and to have to cuddle at home and to play with outside. All of these hybrids are wonderful with kids, so your children will not be disappointed whatever your final choice will be.

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Airedale Terrier Mixes: Airedale Terrier Mix Breeds – Pictures


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