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Best Chew Toys for Labs: High Quality Dog Toys for Bored Labs

Best chew toys for Labs - picture

Labrador Retrievers are by all means dogs millions of people love and prefer to take to their homes. They are strong and friendly, reliable, when it comes to keep the kids and the house safe, super smart, if training is a top agenda mission you’ve got with your future pet. Of course, like any other pet and dog specifically, there is one significant downside on having a Lab at home. It is this dog breed’s habit to retrieve with teeth everything they see on their way. And this habit of theirs can be quite devastating, can’t it? Indeed, Labrador Retrievers truly love chewing things and the truth is that they don’t usually care what the thing is. If being bored, angry, happy or joyful a Lab that has seen an object on its way will immediately take it in month. And it won’t take it long for the dog to destroy this object. You can guess how many precious personal belonging things you can eventually lose if you don’t take the necessary measures.

Here are our pick-ups for the best chew toys for labs

ToyQualityOur Rating
Kong Extreme Dog ToyA4.5 Stars
Kong Wobbler ToyA4.5 Stars
Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll Ball With RopeA+4.5 Stars
GoughNuts Guaranteed Indestructible Dog Chew ToyA+4.5 Stars
B4 Stars

Of course, the most logical thing you can do is simply to offer your Lab something to chew, something you will not need. Thankfully, these days, you can find lots of alternatives for such cases. These are helpful accessories you can use in order to protect your personal belongings, but yet satisfy your dog’s needs – even when it comes to chewing as a kind of a need that needs satisfying.

In our case, a chewing toy is a fantastic idea. Such an investment is a significant one, when it comes to take care of Labrador Retrievers. So your only task is to simply find a decent and good chewing toy for your Lab. But which one should be called a decent, a good one is a question that makes the task not so easy at all. Actually, you need to precisely research the market and end up with a really high quality chewing toy, so both: your dog and you are happy enough.

Naturally, the first thing that might come to you on mind is an indestructible chewing toy. However, can we really believe that there is such a thing? Yes, there might be a tone of advertisements and labels promoting that “this one is the indestructible chewing toy you are looking for”. Though, the reality. There’s no such a thing and what you should, instead, look for is a good, high quality chewing toy that can withstand your dog’s teeth and time as long as possible. But don’t accept a proclamation like “indestructible chewing toy for Labs” as granted. Find a decent one. Do it by following our special guides made to meet yours and your dog’s requirements for a proper chewing toy.

Things you should consider when you are looking for the best dog toys for Labs:

Safety first

Best dog toys for Labs - picture When it comes to take care of a pet, it’s always about proper cares, about safety, right? Security and peace are factors we consider, because we are the owners. We are those, who are supposed to protect the dog. As an owner, it is your duty to offer your best cares to your dog. And safety is the first step to achieve these best cares. But what does the safe Chew Toy mean?
Of course, you need to never forget that the toy is all the time in your dog’s moth. It means it is always risky for your pet. No matter how safe the toy is. Considering this as an owner you need to find the chew toy that after being broken into pieces, it won’t hurt, infect or cause pain to your Lab. It’s not only about internal mouth damages. It’s also about letting such a piece to be so small that can enter the digestive system, hurt the stomach and etc. All of these might lead to internal pain and cuts.

However, it’s impossible for us to prevent swallowing of a chew toy piece. And if, when it happens, we need to be sure that this piece is not made of a harmful material. Many of today’s manufactured and synthetic materials can be extra dangerous for living creatures. Have this in mind, too. Non-toxic Chew Toys are safe toys, because the sharp Labrador Retriever’s teeth will break into pieces and they might end up in its stomach.


We’ve already discussed the indestructibility as a feature that simply doesn’t exist. However, it does not mean you can’t find a durable chew toy. Durable toys are tough toys that won’t break fast. They won’t be gone in a few hours after you’ve given it to your dog. These toys are, of course, made of stronger materials. When it comes to durability, the best thing you can do, guys, is simply to read few people’s reviews. True experience with a specific chew toy is better than reading a label that will always tell you the highest superlatives. And if you have friends or relatives with Labrador Retrievers, they are great to be asked for advice, too. Attention: durability is a feature you need to closely connect with the price. Every pet owner would like to find a cheap chew toy, but the truth is that this isn’t going to be either the safest, or the most durable. The better and more reasonable investment is to have a more expensive product that will, though, last for longer period of time. There are chew toys that might be destroyed by Labrador Retrievers within 10 minutes after their game starts…


Last, but not least, providing entertainment for your dog is not a goal you should underestimate. After all, it is a toy, so it should offer fun for the dog. But when Labradors chew things, they don’t just kill the boredom or play. They also do it due to a physical need: to sharpen their teeth. Here’s why too strong material is not ok for a toy, either. It might be dangerous and risky for the teeth. Still, having fun for long enough time with a durable and high quality chew toys, is probably, the best conception for you to follow during your next shopping for pet accessories.

Materials to have in mind, when choosing a chew toy for your Labrador

Let’s start with the materials you should better avoid during shopping. The thing is that, unfortunately, you will find more unsuitable than durable suggestions. Here is what not to buy, when it comes to chewing toy for a Lab:

Lab puppy with toy - picturePlush or any stuffed toys (usually with cotton)
In both cases, these are toys that will be damaged in few minutes after being observed by the Lab. Such a soft thing just cannot withstand so sharp teeth. Yes, these toys are super cute, probably sweet and suitable for the interior design, and moreover – quite cheap – but they just won’t survive long time.
Vinyl and Latex
Not only not durable enough (yet, even though tougher than plush material), but they are also very dangerous for dog’s organism. These are parts of the materials from the long list with toxic elements to be avoided.

So what should be the material to look for, when trying to find a high quality chew toy?

Of course, rubber!
This is the most common durable choice for a chew toy. Yes, there is no such a thing as indestructible chew toy, but a rubber one is really close to this term. We don’t have correct statistics, but averagely, such a toy can survive for at least two months.
Toys that come in a style of the rope
We like these chew toys because they are both: durable and healthy. By saying healthy, we don’t mean they are nutritive when getting inside your dog’s stomach (no, you can actually feed your dog with chew toys, you only suppress its appetite for a while in some cases). What we mean is that a rope-styled chew toy is the best thing for teeth cares and maintenance. The more the dog chews it, the harder the teeth become, without destroying.

The list of our reviews for the best chew toys for Labs

Below, you can meet our top hot pick-ups for the best chew toys for Labs you can today find in the store. Of course, it is all up to you whether to buy any of them or to continue your research and find another toys, but according to the guides we have provided you above. Here are our suggestions:

Kong Extreme Dog Toy

This is a fully made-in-USA product that helps the dog to reduce boredom and separation anxiety for powerful chewers. Unpredictable bounce for games of fetch, it is also recommended by most of veterinarians, trainers and dog enthusiasts. What is really curious about this toy is that it very famous among the workers in the police departments and mainly in drug enforcement and military K-9 teams, as well as the Schutzhund and AKC competition trainers. This is a super durable toy, because it is carbon made and puncture-resistant. Of course, don’t worry for your dog. It will not get hurt, when eventually the toy will be broken into pieces, because the material is 100% non-toxic. Consumers describe the Kong Extreme Dog Toy as the best choice for training.
Click Here to Buy from Amazon

Kong Wobbler Toy

Kong-Wobbler-Toy-The main function of this toy is to be a food dispenser. However, in other cases, it can be stuffed with your kibble to remove your Lab’s boredom till the rest of the day. Some specialists like this toy, because it is very suitable for dogs with big appetites (most Labs do have it!) . Made in USA, this treat for the dog will be a mental and physical stimulation for food retrieve. Kong Wobbler Toy is also very affordable, especially considering its high quality and innovative design. In addition to this, it is easy to be maintained. You can wash it in a dishwasher and dry it before using at daylight with no risk of damaging.
Click Here to Buy from Amazon

Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll Ball With Rope

Jolly-Pets-Romp-n-Roll-Ball-With-RopeWe believe this is one of the most durable and strongest choices you can make not only because of the rope style this item comes with, but also because of the primary policy its creator has followed. The thing is that the manufacturer started working in the industry as a horse accessories provider and its main idea was to offer a tool to make teeth stronger. You can guess how well it can serve you with your Lab now. A dog can kick, tug, throw, carry and launch the toy and it will remain as strong as you have taken it from the store. Also, the toy has anti-deflation feature and some specialists determine it as the ideal accessories for swimmers. Keep in mind that even though plastic, the Jolly toy hides no risk for your dog’s health. It is 100% non-toxic. The main material that was used is Polyethylene plastic. Last,but not least, you can find the Jolly Roll Ball in two sizes. Also, there are two colors available on the store: red and blue.
Click Here to Buy from Amazon

GoughNuts Guaranteed Indestructible Dog Chew Toy

GoughNuts-Guaranteed-Indestructible-Dog-Chew-ToyIt looks like a total ring donut, but it is more than a chew toy actually. You can use the toy to play “catch and carry” and to see your Lab’s teeth better in few months (according to consumers’ reviews and yes, they say that the GoughNuts is quite durable and strong to withstand for at least 2 months). Speaking of long-lasting usage, there is something you need to know as a client of the company. The manufacturer promise to give you a new toy, 100% for free if your dog succeeds to chew it up to the inner red one. We believe it is a hard thing to achieve, though…In short the GoughNuts is a very durable choice, but not only, guys. This is a safe toy, because it is made thanks to a mechanism that allows the dog to chew it to a particular level that it safe for its teeth (and for the company’s budget, we believe). GoughNuts toys have been designed by mechanical and polymer engineers, but vets might be also in the team for the creation of probably one of the candidates for our pick-ups for the best chew toys for Labs. Well, there is one more…
Click Here to Buy from Amazon

Last, but not least, The Chuckit..

ChuckitWe present you one more, a last one suggestion that can help you make up your mind to get your Lab something to chew…Why we love it? Well, it is a ball that only looks too ordinary. As a matter of fact, it is simple to be used, really easy to be kept clean, as well as designed for both indoor and outdoor use. This is a 100% puncture-resistant rubber to withstand exposure to the elements and rough handling. To be more specific we are talking about Chuckit! Max Glow Ball. It is made in the USA and offers truly high standards set, when it comes safety, durability and entertainment: the triple formula we mentioned you above. Don’t underestimate this ball, because your dog will truly love it. Plus – its price is quite affordable, too, so we believe you should give it a try.
Click Here to Buy from Amazon

Whatever you choose, these are only few of the best chew toys for Labs you should come upon and purchase. In all cases, a Lab must have chew toys. Otherwise, you will end up with damaged furniture, lost accessories, shoes left into pieces and you name it…Just don’t forget that quality is a matter of safe purchase, and safe toy is a matter of caring for the pet you buy it for. Be smart in your shopping and get what your dog deserves! Just make sure to select a toy that is safe both for unsupervised chewing and interactive play. The rest is only a belief that you are a making a good investment. The good investment is when both: the pet and the owner are happy, safe and happy! If you need some more information or details about this guide or any other product we have suggested you, please, let us know and we will provide it to you as soon as possible.

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Best Chew Toys for Labs: High Quality Dog Toys for Bored Labs


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