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Can Dogs Eat Pasta? Spaghetti, Noodles? Is it good or bad for dogs?

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Can dogs eat pasta? - pictureWhen you love your little buddy you are willing to share everything with your pet, especially when we are talking about Food. And there are types of food that produce lots of leftovers that you do not want just to throw away when you are already full. But there comes the question if every type of food is good for your dog?

Is pasta good or bad for dogs?

So let’s see if Pasta is good enough to give it to your pet? What is pasta’s content – high quantity of carbs, low quantity of nutrients and unhealthy flours. So you can give your dog some pasta from time to time, but you should not do it so frequently, only on some occasions, because this Italian food is not actually great for them.

If you really do not have anything else to give your buddy then it is not dangerous to give it some pasta, but the best is if you stick to sharing as healthier food as possible.

When you love this food and you share it with your dog, and you do it quite often, after some time it will lead to overweight. It is not exactly toxic or dangerous for dogs, but it not giving them any benefit only excessive weight. And if your dog has problems with weight at the moment, then you should not give it pasta at all, because this food is high in carbohydrates.

It is difficult for the dog`s body to deal with a high level of carbohydrates, so the best thing you can do when giving it past is to also give it some morsel of meat so that it can help for better digestion. Dogs need a balanced diet. It is good to get vitamins, carbs, etc, but most of all they need proteins. And proteins come from meat.

Imagine if your dog is living in the wild. For sure pasta will not be among its first choices for food. And having in mind also the fact that it does not have any real nutritional benefit then it should not be among your choices either. Depending on your dog`s breed and size, it usually needs certain type of food. So next time when you visit your vet for your dog`s regular check-up you can ask him for advice about the best way you should feed your dog.

Can dogs eat Spaghetti or Noodles?

Can dogs eat spaghetti - pictureYou can give Spaghetti or Noodles to your dog sometimes as a treat. In such a case it is in small quantity so it will not disturb its system too much, but you will have another problem – you should brush your dog`s teeth afterwards because pasta is mushy and usually sticks between the teeth of your dog.

The best way you should think is like a wild animal. Think about what your dog will eat if it is in the wild. Pasta is not a regular food that can be found in nature and even if you love it you should not share it so often with your dog because it is a poor choice and is not a typical natural food for an animal.

Dogs will not deny any food you give them, so this could be a possibility sometimes, but this is not their food. Dog`s food that you usually buy is designed to give your little fellow everything that it needs – proteins, vitamins, etc. and it loves it, because the taste is also designed for them. You may think that this is boring when you give your dog every day the same food, from the same can, but if you revise things through your mind again, you actually do what is good for your dog, not what you think that is good. Different food, like pasta for example, does not have any nutritional value for your dog, it does not help it in any way, it does not lead to anything good, but on the contrary – pasta makes it gain more weight and it disturbs digestion. So if you are a boring dog feeder, there is nothing wrong with that, you actually do the best for your dog, providing all the healthy things that it needs, dog`s food is designed to meet all their dietary needs.

You should be careful not to transfer your bad eating habits to your dog. When you pay attention to these things, you will start feeding your dog the proper way it deserves, and this could also make you think if you are also eating good food that gives you not only satisfaction, but real benefit for your body and your health.

Because pasta is food that is commonly cooked at home you should start asking yourself some real questions, like for example – Is this a good thing for my dog? It is safe? Is it healthy? Your dog can not tell you something like – “I like the way that it tastes, but it only makes me gain weight and does not actually give me the energy that I need”. You are the person in charge, your dog obeys you so if you give it pasta, your dog will eat it. But it is your responsibility to seek for information and understand if this is something good for your dog. Although pasta has some carbs and fibers, it does not provide any real nutritional value.

Yes, pasta can be found at low price, it looks like a good meal and it tastes good, and it might seem like a good idea to add some to your dog`s regular food. It is also easy to be prepared, all you need is to boil it in water, you do not add anything else like spices or other vegetables. But is only based on flour so it does not have a good deal of nutritional value like traditional dog`s food.

So in conclusion:

Lady and the Tramp eat pasta - pictureIf you are asking yourself can my dog eat pasta – the answer is yes, in small quantities you can, but it is not a good thing for your dog. The result is obesity and upset stomach. If you really love your dog you will not give it something that leads to negative result. And the result is really bad if you decide to give it regularly and in big portions. It is more likely to cause indigestion. Well, if you have a situation like that, you do not need to panic and run to the vet immediately. Just make sure that your dog is comfortable enough and wait while pasta goes though its digestive system. After such an experience you should learn from your mistake. It is not something so serious, but for sure you do not like watching your dog with stomach cramps. Remember what it is like when your stomach is more than full after Thanksgiving dinner.

And you should think better if your dog already suffers overweight. The best is to be careful with your dog`s health, so you should do regular check-ups to see how weigh and size are developing. If it is overweight you should not give pasta at all. Food should give energy and nutrients to the dog`s, it should not cause problems with weight.

Dogs need a healthy diet with lots of proteins. Pasta mainly contains carbohydrates, when they are being digested, they turn into sugar. And when the sugar is too much for the body of your dog, then it has excessive sugar which turns into fat. And fat of course gives a result in additional weight. So when this can cause more harm then benefit, then it is almost useless to ask if it is ok to give it to your dog.

You can sometimes use it as a treat, but the best is to be rarely and in small amounts, otherwise you will also find yourself face to face to the same problems – overweight, digest problems and pasta stuck between the dog`s teeth.

You can of course use pasta as an emergency treat when you are out of other food and your dog is really hungry. It can satisfy the hunger while you run to the store and buy some proper food for your dog. And of course dogs are curious creatures and they love sharing everything with their owner, so getting something from your plate is fun for them. They do not have such a good feeling of food taste so they do not mind trying and eating different things. And because people are used to eat different things and various foods, they usually think that it is the same for dogs. But you are the owner, it is your responsibility to take care of your dog and do the right thing, so we hope that this article have helped you in taking the right decision about the food that you should use for feeding your dog in order to take care of your dog`s health.

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Can Dogs Eat Pasta? Spaghetti, Noodles? Is it good or bad for dogs?


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