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Smooth Operator – Smoothie Mix!

I have never been one for smoothies, actually I should say I have never been one to MAKE my own smoothie however in life never say never as things are always changing!

Being an owner of a rainbow a.k.a green-naped lorikeet has opened my eyes to being more conscious about fruits and veggies. I struggled with trying to get him to eat vegetables. I asked on blogs, forums, everywhere and everyone said the same thing he will eventually come around just keep offering it to him. I diced the vegetables – NOPE! I cut them into chunks – NOPE! I pureed them – NOPE! I bought Organic Baby Food – NOPE! I mixed the organic baby food with nectar – NOPE!! I did each of these for a week straight and NOTHING!!! I was feeling so discouraged and worried that my beautiful beauty would die from too much sugar or something. He has now  been with me for 14 months and vegetables is not included in his diet.

Finally I met this wonderful lorikeet breeder, Jim Taylor from Taylormade Aviaries and he educated me so much on lorikeets, their diet and their needs. He informed me of their iron storage issue and his views on the different foods I’ve tried such as: Roudybush, Quiko and Harrison’s. I have now switched over to his food as it’s all natural with no preservatives and I love it as the birds seem totally happy with it. But like most commercial lory diets it is still empty food with no substance with the nectar so it needs to be mixed into a little smoothie and then fed to the lories.

This is where I’ve now become Ms. Smooth Operator! Every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening I take some fruits and veggies and blend them together. This week I have to go grocery shopping so I only did an apple blend and mixed in the nectar and gave it to them, they ate it up. My first attempt I mixed up carrots, apples, plums, okra and some lettuce (which has no nutritional value). I mixed in the nectar and off to my green-naped lorikeet I went! I thought for sure, he would ignore it and look at me like where is my plain nectar but NOPE, Mr. Rasta went into the bowl… Hesitated for like 2 seconds and then started eating! I was on cloud nine.

The next mix I made has been by far the most popular with them as it’s just carrots, apples and lettuce ( I can omit the lettuce but I have it so I just used it). I give them the vegetables raw however you can cook them. I just chose not to because I find that they lose some of their benefits and vitamins

Carrots, Apples and Lettuce Mix

After the mix is blended, I pour it into a container to remain in the Fridge as I only make enough that can last a few days so no point of freezing it. I then make the nectar mix, put them together in a food dish for the parrots and there you have it! A healthy mix that gives them their much-needed vitamins and minerals plus nectar.

You can see a video of our newest lory enjoying his mix on our instagram page. I’m definitely a proud mommy! Not just because I’m becoming a pro at making healthy fruit and veggie mixes but because my green-naped lorikeet is now getting veggies in his diet! It’s definitely an exciting time! Our newest lory although not the easiest to handle yet, (I’m still learning slowly) is so grateful for the food every time! It just warms my heart to see his gratitude!

Black Lory

It’s so funny, I never even considered a lory/lorikeet when I was looking for a companion parrot before and now I’m totally in love with them. People bad talk them all the time but I’m SOOOO happy that they are a part of my flock.

Plus if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be Ms. Smooth Operator, hahaha!!!

Please don’t forget to follow our journey – so much more to come! For our YouTube and Instagram page please go to our about page.

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Smooth Operator – Smoothie Mix!


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