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Pet Lover Guy · 03:02 04 Jul 2022
Who doesn’t love brownies? Unfortunately, the answer to that would be ‘your dog’ in a perfect world, but we all know how a dog feels about something you are eating –… Read More
Pet Lover Guy · 02:13 04 Jul 2022
It’s safe to say that some dogs will eat just about anything. Our furry friends, like us, enjoy a bit of variety in their diet, but what happens if your dog ate mushroom pieces or whol… Read More
Pet Lover Guy · 00:13 04 Jul 2022
Fudge is absolutely delicious, so it’s no wonder that you have to be on your guard when you are eating this delicious baked treat. Unfortunately, our dogs can be a bit sneaky, so what… Read More
Pet Lover Guy · 00:04 04 Jul 2022
Established in Colorado in 1976, Kong has been providing toys and treats for our pets for a long time indeed. You might have noticed that you can even get catnip from them now and this begs… Read More
Pet Lover Guy · 23:09 03 Jul 2022
Cats seem to be very attracted to plants, regardless of whether or not said plants are good for them. While some cats like to play with them, others like to eat them. If your cat ate English… Read More
Pet Lover Guy · 11:37 03 Jul 2022
While dogs are notorious for getting into all kinds of things, there’s one scenario that definitely sticks out from the rest – what do you do if your dog ate a diaper? If your do… Read More
Pet Lover Guy · 01:07 03 Jul 2022
When you’ve got canines and cats in the same household, it’s not uncommon for a bit of food thievery to occur. Quite often, your dog might decide that the biggest animal gets &ls… Read More
Pet Lover Guy · 23:34 02 Jul 2022
You’ve probably been told that apple cores have cyanide in them, which instantly brings up spy-cinema poisonings where the person who has been dosed drops dead in an instant. So, if yo… Read More
Pet Lover Guy · 19:02 02 Jul 2022
We know that certain foods are bad for cats, but it’s easy to forget about condiments. Mustard, mayo, ketchup… they’re usually part of the equation, so they need to be con… Read More
Pet Lover Guy · 17:14 02 Jul 2022
When you get a package in from Amazon or another online warehouse, you get a box with your goodies and a few extras that your cat will surely notice in the form of Styrofoam packing peanuts… Read More
Pet Lover Guy · 13:08 02 Jul 2022
While vegetables aren’t the most appealing foods to cats, some cats are willing to try just about anything they see you eating. If your cat ate zucchini, you might wonder if this healt… Read More
Pet Lover Guy · 12:00 02 Jul 2022
Sugar is bad for cats, but artificial sweeteners can be even worse. After all, they are designed for human physiologies, not feline ones. So, what would happen if your cat ate Xylitol? While… Read More
Pet Lover Guy · 09:36 02 Jul 2022
It never fails – when you are eating something, your dog wants some. While most of us are quite aware that chocolate and dogs are a dangerous combination, unattended candies might stil… Read More
Pet Lover Guy · 09:05 02 Jul 2022
Onions on their own are easy to avoid, but we tend to like cooking them up with various meat dishes to enhance their flavors. So, what happens if your cat ate green onion that was part of a… Read More
Petpampa · 08:11 01 Jul 2022
As I turn on the television, I see another TV segment on how the rate of Asthma in children is increasing and the TV journalist is perplexed; he can’t understand why this is occurring… Read More
Pet Lover Guy · 02:14 01 Jul 2022
Cats love eggs, and humans sometimes eat raw eggs as a part of their workout regimen. Does this mean it’s okay if the cat ate raw egg? While your cat will probably be okay if this is a… Read More
Pet Lover Guy · 00:43 01 Jul 2022
While chocolate is a great thing for us, with dogs and many other animals this is definitely not the case. With that in mind, if your dog ate chocolate chip cookie crumbs or whole cookies, w… Read More
Pet Lover Guy · 22:29 30 Jun 2022
While we decorate our homes for the holidays in an effort to get into the holiday spirit, our cats see our decorations as an endless array of toys placed just for them. When it comes to Chri… Read More
Pet Lover Guy · 21:43 30 Jun 2022
Even though we buy our cats the best kibble, it doesn’t deter them from being curious about what we’re eating. Every now and then our cat manages to get a bite of some of our foo… Read More
Dogtra YS300 Dog Collar
Pet Coupon · 00:55 30 Jun 2022
 Buy Now All Reviews    DogtraClick Buy Now for Updated Price. Estimated Price: $79.99 Free Shipping No bark Rechargeable collar for small to medium size d… Read More
Petpampa · 19:44 29 Jun 2022
People are always reminded to refrain from consuming too much sodas and softdrinks because they contain lots of sugar. But never because they contain lots of other toxins that are harmful to… Read More
Petpampa · 19:43 29 Jun 2022
“What Dean & Deluca did was give the food market a clean artistry that made it very now, very tied into the middle of the mainstream,” says Florence Fabricant, the New York T… Read More
Pet Lover Guy · 02:24 29 Jun 2022
As any cat owner knows, cats are known for being curious creatures. They like to explore every nook and cranny of their home, and they’re not afraid to sample anything they find, no ma… Read More