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How Much Does Patio Door Replacement Cost

Patio doors have served well for in beautifying houses from little stone bungalows to the chic, modern homes of today’s world. Elegant, intimate, practical, conventional, Patio doors set the standard for most garden doors in residential homes around the world.

However, with the passage of time the patio door might weaken its structure or won’t latch properly because of the side effects of weather and other factors acting at the same time. So after a specific amount of period, you might be looking forward to replacing the patio doors. So to help you out there, we have a few guidelines that you must consider before buying – like the patio door replacement cost.

Why replace a Patio door

An interiour section of double doors

Following are some of the signs that are the clear indication that you require the replacement of the patio door. If you notice, any of them make sure that have the finances to invest in a new one:

  • If your patio door’s lock or latch won’t work or the panels and the glass are damaged, consider replacing it all the while.
  • Being the essential design specification of your home, it must be considered that the style and materials of the patio doors are changed with time. So, if you are that person who wants to make sure that your patio door is a modern one and according to the trends, you can replace it.
  • In case that you have not replaced the door for a long time, there are sure chances that it won’t protect your interior from the severe damage of time. If you come across any gaps or a cut on the patio doors, it is time to pay attention and have it replaced.
  • As of the changes in weather and humid conditions, there will come a time when the patio door will become hard to operate. The most cases are that it becomes hard to close.
  • If your patio door is several years old and has cause leakage off of weather or air conditioning unit or the heater when you’re using.

How much is the cost of Patio door replacement

In case that you are looking forward to replacing the door of your patio, the first thing to be noticed is the cost that you will have to pay. Keep in mind that the cost depends on the material and whether you want to have French or a sliding patio doors.

From the recent estimation, it can be concluded that the patio door replacement cost is around $1,200 to $6,500.

French patio door

This traditional, hinged door is ideal for homeowners who want to start off with their patio area. It gives the home a more classic look and has maintained truly a standard style. It costs $1,500 to $2,500 for a basic to mid-range patio door made of wood and with just one or multi-paned glass option. For the more elegant ones, the French patio doors would cost you around $4,500 to $6,500.

The cost per door ranges from $75 to $180 with repair costs of $275 to $390. Cost of the French patio door differs if it was made of wood, fiberglass, steel or aluminum.

Sliding patio door

People opt for a sliding door since it’s more easy and convenient. Moreover, the sliding door replacement rate costs lower than the French Patio door, with a starting price of $1,200 to$2,000. However, you should maintain them well since the doors can get stuck, get dirt and grime easily and loose insulation features. The better ones cost $2,500 to $5,000.

Screen sliding door replacement rate will cost you $125 while Venetian blinds is priced at most $330. Locks for sliding doors is just around $10 while the more quality made ones have you at $20 to $40.

Bi-folding patio doors

For a more chic, luxurious look, some people opt for a bi-folding door which is a series of doors against each other. Once folded, it will look like as though an accordion. Most of these doors would cost $2,800 to $5,000.

What are the maintenance or extra costs?

maintenance and extra costs

Basic cleaning and dusting is what you need for cleaning your patio doors. Most of these materials wouldn’t cost you more than $5. Glass cleaners would simply start at $2 for a 32 fl oz.

For extra costs and upgrades, if you want to change your normal patio door lock to something more childproof, it will cost you starting from $15. If you want a handle to go with your door, a very normal pull handle starts from $4 to something classier of about $105.

Tailored curtains for your patio doors start at $6, while the stylish pieces are around $140 and so. Of course for a more elaborate curtaining of your patio door, ringlets can be bought for $4, and rods will start at $5 going to $140 for a telescoping motorized curtain rod.

If you don’t want some Venetian blinds, the basic ones cost nearly $50. Of course, the quality ones would have you at $2,000.

Sliding door replacement rate would shot up if you hire someone to fix it for you.

Hiring labor vs. doing it yourself

If you have good, mechanic hands, you can save at least $150 just for labor costs. However, it would prove to be time-consuming and hard especially if you don’t have any help around the house.

Hiring a team of professionals would be a better option to look forward to for the replacement of the patio door. The biggest reason behind it is that they will utilize the right techniques. Patio door replacement cost will be as much as 20% of the total price, but they have the experience.

When you will try to do the job yourself, it might damage the door and you will have to buy a new one. So, instead of saving money, you will be shelling out more to have it replaced.

So make sure that you take the right decision. Get the best quality patio door and skilled team to get it installed. Make everyone wonder about your taste in designing your home in the perfect way.

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How Much Does Patio Door Replacement Cost


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