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How Much Does Bee Exterminator Cost?

According to the World Health Organization in the year 2000, there was a total of 54 deaths directly resulting from bee stings within every 281 million people in the United States. After 15 years, Bees were classified as the most lethal animal by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in terms of the frequency of human casualties resulting from animal stings and bites. This fact reflects the conservative estimate, tallying at least 100 deaths every year in the United States caused by bee stings and surpassing the statistical likelihood of getting struck by lightning.

Indeed, the presence of bees is a serious matter for every concerned household whose verdant suburban property has a high potential for infestation. Ironically, however, bees only attack humans as a natural response to their hives being threatened. Despite the heinous death toll reflecting the recent statistics, bees are not actually classified as dangerous pests like a mosquito (or their wasp cousins). In fact, they fulfill a crucial role in the ecosystem by helping flowers thrive and multiply through pollination.

In effect, bees are more likely considered a nuisance to non-beekeeping households more than anything else. They usually dwell inside tree cavities that grow outdoors. A more serious degree of inconvenience caused by the presence of bees is if the hives are carved inside wooden walls, ceilings, floors. At this point, humans are imperiled given the ‘visceral territorial dispute.’ Hence, some most homeowners are willing to pay the Bee Exterminator price rather being driven away from their domiciles.

Professional Exterminator

Opting for the aid of professional insect exterminator comprises the most convenient avenue for bee removal cost. The factor that makes bees an especially dangerous type of nuisance is that they are highly coordinated in their retaliation against any large invader threatening their hive. Kicking them out of the property is not as simple as chasing a raccoon off with a broomstick.

In the United States, homeowners would pay a national average bee exterminator price worth $110. The lowest average cost is around $75 while the highest possible rate is anywhere around $500 to $700. More than the marketing reputation and skill of a pest exterminator company, the difference of the prices would often be a direct result of the difficulty level of removing bees or wasps on the property.

As mentioned in the previous part of the article, bees and wasps carving their hives on the walls and frames are a more serious threat than those dwelling outdoors -even more so if the hive already have nests.

Bee farm zone

These locations are also very difficult to expunge since they prompt exterminators to cut holes in these infested areas.Not every bee removal company offers special repairs to damaged parts of the house where bees once dwelled.

However, any company that provides this particular service would charge an additional fee worth anywhere between $300 and $900 to restore the smashed up wall, ceiling, floor or corner.

Honey Bee Preservation

The terms ‘removal’ and ‘extermination’ are not interchangeable despite how loosely people associate them with each other. In line with hiring professionals, career beekeepers that are keen on preserving the life of honey bees are a viable alternative, charging roughly around $100 to $700 worth of non-lethal bee removal cost. Some professionals who deal with honey bees often charge $50 to $75 more to deal with a mobile swarm.

Knowing Thy Enemy

Knowing how much to get rid of bee’s nest is one thing. But having a working knowledge of the type of bee infesting one’s home could really go a long way, especially in terms of seeking a more cost-efficient alternative. Different types of bees provide a comprehensive threat assessment since each one has varying degrees of dangers – not to mention their particular ways of becoming a nuisance to every home in the country.

  • Low-risk: Bumble bees are the typical aggressive culprit that responds promptly to any threat of their home. They prefer to dwell outdoors, particularly on loose feathery objects. Oval-shaped carpenter bees are non-hostile but their ability to burrow eight inches onto wooden frames can damage wooden-framed houses. The honey bees are the species worth preserving given their immense contribution to the ecosystem.
  • High-risk: Ground bees are aggressive and are highly more irritable than bumblebees. Hornets are another hostile species known for their translucent outer paper nests shaped like an inverted teardrop. Unlike carpenter bees, yellow jackets are violent species known for vandalizing wooden frames with their nests. Lastly, the wasps are notorious for their intensely painful stings and are most likely to invade people’s cars and attics.

Do-It-Yourself Project

Bees house and gallary

Given the information from the preceding part of the article, the question of how much to get rid of bee’s nest is best understood as ‘whether or not one would hire a professional.

As mentioned, certain species of bees are classified according to the degree of the inconvenience they pose. While wasps, yellow jackets, ground bees and hornets certainly require professional help, other low-risk species are something a careful homeowner can deal on their own.

Simple household recipes can help deal with low-risk bees dwelling outdoors. One can either lure them away with peeled sweet mangoes and gradually increasing the mileage of the bait’s placement until the bees abandon their original hive. Another method involves driving them away with repellent scents such as garlic powder, cucumber peelings, and citronella extracts. All these procedures are non-lethal and only aimed at removing bees without contributing to their gradually increasing chances of extinction.

While non-lethal procedures are effective, some homeowners can also deal with high-risk bee species all by themselves. Provided they wear durable full-body beekeeping suits, they can exterminate wasps and other dangerous bee species using powerful chemical sprays. The usual cost for high-quality bee suit sold in Ebay is roughly around $90. At Walmart, the price of a twin package for Spectracide Wasp and Hornet Aerosol spray is worth $15.07. A single 17.5 ounce can of Hot Shot Wasp & Hornet Spray is worth $2.93.

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How Much Does Bee Exterminator Cost?


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