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How Much Does Tow Dolly Rental Cost

A Tow Dolly is a mini-trailer that consists of two wheels and an axle, plus blocks and ramps that operate the front wheels of a vehicle off the ground as it is towed after another car. Only the rear wheels of the towed carrier settle on the ground.

Typical Cost of Renting Tow Dolly

If you are thinking of moving long distance, you may be considering how to will get your car across the country since you’ll be driving the truck. One option people think Towing a dragsteris towing. While car carriers and car dollies are one solution, towing may not always be an excellent choice if you are a cost sensitive person.

The cost to rent a car dolly is $45 – $65 a day, but it still depends on the location. If the trip is only one-way, the dolly will be picked up and dropped off in the same area.

U-Haul tow dolly rental price from Sacramento, CA, to Chicago costs $355 for seven days. While other national companies also rent car tow dollies such as Budget Rental and Penske Rental. But, except for U-Haul, most of the rental companies only rent tow dollies to use behind their rental trucks, but not allowed to pulled the customer’s vehicle — and U-Haul has strict limits on customer-owned tow vehicles and hitches.

When you buy a tow dolly, it can cost $1,020-$4,550 but depends on towing capacity, quality of materials, and size. Examples are:

* Roadmaster RM3477 Tow Dolly that has built in electrical brakes and can pull a vehicle weighing up to 4,350 pounds. –  $1,650 -$2,100

* Demco Kar Kaddy SS that can pick 4,900 pounds- $2,500 -$3,100

There might be an additional cost to rent a car dolly.  There are many pickup trucks, and SUVs regularly come with a trailer hitch that can pull up to 6,000 pounds. But, if it’s needed to install a trailer hitch on the tow vehicle, this can cost $150-$800 or more but averages $450-$600. 

Rate comparison of Budget, Penske and U-Haul Rentals.

Auto insurance policies differ by state. Collision insurance on the tow vehicle does not give collision insurance on the towed vehicle; additional coverage may be required. Always verify with the insurance company before pulling a car.  Let’s try to look at an example from Tampa, Florida to Sacramento, California (2,908 miles) towing a 2016 HONDA ACCORD. Let’s see the difference of the prices of Budget, Penske and U-Haul rentals.

  • Budget Towing Rentals

For Budget Towing Rentals, the tow dolly rental price can be with a Budget Truck reservation, but it cannot be rented separately. This deal only suggests that you can’t tow using your vehicle. You will need to rent at least a 16-foot truck if you want to pull a car behind it. Pulling a 2016 HONDA ACCORD from Tampa to Sacramento it will cost $731 to rent a truck and dolly or $1501 for a trailer and truck.

Budget Car Trailer – $449

Budget Truck Rental – $622

Budget car dolly – $250

  • Penske Towing Rentals

Usually, Penske will not let their towing equipment to be used with a personal car — it can only be utilized with a Penske rental truck.  In the example move, the cost to rent a car dolly together with the truck would be $880, and the car truck/trailer combination cost would be $1070.

Penske Car Dolly – $270

Penske Truck Rental – $745

Penske car trailer – $350

  • U-Haul Towing Rentals

U-Haul will let towing machine with a rental truck or a personal car. For the example of moving the car from Tampa to Sacramento in a U-Haul rental truck would be $1775 for a truck and dolly and $1789 for a car truck and trailer.

U-Haul truck rental – $1,550

U-Haul car dolly – $319

U-Haul car trailer – $389

If a personal car is used with U-Haul towing equipment, you’ll be asked to enter the make and model of the vehicle doing the towing and the vehicle being pulled. When that information is recorded, you will be advised either the vehicles are acceptable for towing or not. For example where a 2016 Chevrolet Tahoe (with a 7,000-pound hitch rating system) is used to pull a 2016 HONDA ACCORD, the cost would be:

U-Haul Car dolly – $419

U-Haul Car trailer – $595

Those are the sample price for renting the towing machine but also consider the other additional charges like tow gear, fuel, damage coverage and date of the move. All of these parts will a have a significant role in your final towing rate.

Tow Dolly Rental Money Saving Tips

You may spend some time finding a right package and look at ways to prevent certain costs and ensure your budget for the total price for your vehicle’s transportation.

Shop around. If you want to look at a good price, you’ll want to shop around. Make some time familiarizing yourself with costs and pricing from different rental companies.

Use online rate estimators. An easy way to start comparing prices is using a company’s online rate estimator. Usually, it is free or low-cost and can be a useful tool to help you find a price that is fit in your budget. You will just enter the distance you will be transporting your vehicle, as well as its other details. The website will give you a rate right away. For bigger companies, however, you may have to wait a few days to get an e-mail with the estimated price.

You may play around with dates. You must try playing around the dates if you have a flexible schedule. Mostly, moving companies are busy throughout the summer months, when many people move, and the price of renting all moving-related machine, including car trailers, will be increased. If possible, rent a trailer sometime between May and September.

Search for discounts. Look for a company’s website for discounts, as well as specials. If you rent through a month, for example, you may get 15 to 25% off your total.

Take care of door-to-door shipping. Many vehicle transportation companies give door-to-door transportation. It means your car will be picked up at your current place and transported to your new home. It may seem like a good deal. However, you must keep in mind door-to-door shipping services are not always possible.

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How Much Does Tow Dolly Rental Cost


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