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How Much Does Remodeling Bathroom Cost

When it comes to the overall average cost to remodel a bathroom, a majority of homeowners in the United States pay roughly $9,348. The lowest average budget falls around $5,666 while the highest median cost is approximately $13,031. It is important to take note, however, that these three price ranges only represent the most popular financial plan.

One can significantly reduce the overall bathroom cost down to as low as $2,600. The highest estimated cost on record is $55,780. These extremes are determined by a lot of factors. However, these aspects can be narrowed down into two categories, small bathrooms, and average big ones.

Small Bathroom:

new bathroomBy comparison, small bathrooms have a much lower average bathroom Remodeling cost than spacious ones. This is due to the fact that perimeter coverage roughly translates with service cost. Small spaces take fewer hours to complete, a few fixtures to modify and simpler utility complexities. For current and succeeding reference, these are the following basic labor costs.

  • Bump-out Extension

The average cost to increase bathroom footage is between $50 and $100. The price only reflects the service cost for size modification alone. This excludes the cost to modify fixtures or the overhaul of plumbing and electrical layout.

  • Reworking Fixture 

When it comes to changing fixtures and appliances, hiring a handyman could cost from $60 to $65 per hour. But for some configurations that are quite difficult and delicate to complete, one may need to pay as much as $125 per hour charged for the burdened work.

  • Plumbing & Electrical Services

Small bathrooms rarely require utility configuration. But if such is necessary, plumbing services can range from $45 to $65 per hour. Licensed electricians who can reroute bathroom wiring may charge a service cost ranging from $50 to $100 per hour.

Large Bathroom:

  • The Low Range

For a 25 square feet bathroom, the maximum cost for a low-range remodeling project is roughly $11,050. A cheaper total budget roughly covers $4,190. The overall cost already includes the following basic features: bathtub, cabinet/s, countertop/s, flooring, lighting fixture, shower, sink, and the toilet.

Take note: one can skip any of the following components if some of these items are not broken and still of excellent quality. Total costs can be reduced by foregoing some of these mentioned elements.

  • The Mid-Range

Including all the eight bathroom components mentioned earlier, the minimum total cost for a mid-range remodeling project in a large bathroom size is $18,440. As for its maximum overall budget, the overall cost would reach a total of $28,080.

  • The High Range

The bathroom remodel price for a 25 square feet (or wider) bathroom at high range category reaches a minimum total of $36,550. Hence, as mentioned earlier in the introductory part of the article, the most expensive bathroom remodeling on record is $55,780. It is important to take note that reaching this overall cost means sparing no expenses for sprucing up bathroom interiors to resemble a five-star hotel lavatory.

3 Basic Ways To Save Material Costs

Remodeling a bathroom is a serious financial project. Judging from the information featured earlier, mid-range and high range budget for large bathrooms are quite exorbitant for average American households. Hence, it is a necessity for most homeowners in the United States to find ways to reduce the overall expenses.

As mentioned in the introductory part of the article, it is possible to spend as little as $2,600 for a bathroom remodeling. Curiously, the brunt of the expenses comes from fixtures and installation of new bathroom remodelled bathroomcomponents (e.g. bathtub, shower, toilet, cabinets, etc.). It is, therefore, important to direct the effort on those particular areas. Here are some of the basic things one can do to significantly reduce the overall bathroom remodeling price.

  • Save for the project

Upon determining the average bathroom remodeling cost you intend to undertake, the initial step of cost cutting is basically fund-raising. Realistically speaking, the funds required to shoulder the total expenses are not something one would wisely put on credit.

Savings is the safest way to go about it. You need to a lot some realistic timeframe and amount of money per interval in order to reach your budget goal. Case in point: if you are looking for a minimum mid-range remodeling project for a 25 square feet bathroom, try setting aside $767 every 15 days for an entire year.

  • Go for second-hand items

Second-hand items are usually available at the warehouses directly tied up to its manufacturer. Take note: second-hand merchandise is not broken. They are usually not distributed in retail stores because the quality-assurance assessment does not deem these batches of items deserving of a markup price. They may be of poor quality, but they still work.

Factories or warehouses that store second-hand items are naturally cheaper. Shopping directly from these sources gives buyers an edge in terms of saving costs since some second-hand items may even have higher percentage price drop than other specific items on their shelves.

  • Choose discontinued merchandise

If you are still having trouble cutting costs while window-shopping directly in factories and warehouses, the surest way to get acquire a desirable bargain is to seek ‘discontinued merchandise.’ These items already fall under the limited edition simply because these models no longer survive the popular market demand.

In other words, they are about to be phased out in the foreseeable future. But just like second-hand items, it does not necessarily mean these items do not work properly. Essentially, discontinued merchandise is slated for termination on accounts of a more market-based set of nuances.

Discount Per Location

One can also significantly reduce the overall cost to remodel a bathroom by luckily being in a less expensive location for remodeling services. It is important to take note that these specific cities are classified as cheaper compared to the national average cost American households pay for bathroom remodeling. Nonetheless, it does not often reflect the costs of materials.

Clarksville, Tennessee = 13% less

Duluth, Minnesota = 13% less

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma = 12% less

Fort Collins, Colorado = 11% less

Omaha, Nebraska = 10% less

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How Much Does Remodeling Bathroom Cost


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