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How much Does Terrazzo Flooring Cost

A home or a building can never go wrong with a Terrazzo flooring. If you are planning to install terrazzo floors, it is important for you to know the terrazzo flooring cost. The cost of terrazzo tiles often ranges from $6 to $30 per sq. ft.  However, terrazzo floor price often ranges from $20 to $100 per sq. ft. when professionally installed. For a 2000 sq. ft. floor space, it may cost $40,000 to $100,000. Although it has been established that installing terrazzo tiles professionally has a higher initial cost, its durability can last you generations. Similar to other flooring costs, factors such as the size of flooring space, preference of the type of terrazzo, contractor’s price will also determine the increaser or decrease of costs.

Terrazzo was created by Venetian construction workers in the early 20th century. Although it originated in Europe, it spread across the United States of America because of its wealth in marble materials. Known to have used terrazzo in his home was USA’s first president, George Washington. Terrazzo has been widely used all over the world because of its durability; terrazzo flooring can last you many generations without the need for replacements. Even in the modern day, terrazzo has still proved itself in buildings and in homes, a survey has even looked into how building owners are able to actually save with terrazzo flooring as this Venetian creation is far from shortsighted; this is what makes the terrazzo flooring a great investment despite the high initial terrazzo flooring cost. If you look at it, the cost of terrazzo tiles is actually lesser than the long lasting effect that it offers the buildings.

Benefits of Terrazzo Floors

As we look into the terrazzo floor price, it is important for us to also give attention to the benefits that terrazzo brings along its price.

  • Existence – the existence of the terrazzo floor plan since the early 20th century up until today says a whole terrazo flooring in kitchenlot of its quality. Terrazzo materials have even expanded from being used only in floors to walls and today, kitchen or bathroom counters.
  • Floor life span/Durability – A survey has been conducted by the NTMA (The National Terrazzo & Mosaic Association, Inc.) to help build owners in making decisions for their flooring materials has shown that investing in terrazzo floors, despite its high initial costs, will allow building owners to save more in the long run as there is very little to no need to replace terrazzo floor once they have been installed; this is in comparison to typical floor tiles such as ceramic, vinyl or porcelain that are also often used in buildings. Time and time again, terrazzo’s sustainability and durability have been proven; it has the longest life span which truly brings so much positive impact on the environment and in building owners’ pockets.
  • Aesthetics – Terrazzo’s style has long been known as elegant. Whether you are going for a monochromatic look or you plan to incorporate multiple colors, it would still work for terrazzo. Terrazzo floor fit buildings perfectly, even homes.
  • Green Technology – There is no better floor tile, when it comes to dealing with concerns of green technology, than terrazzo. The fact that it lasts so many years with very minimal chances of replacement really impacts the area of green technology in a positive manner.
  • Modern Technology – The original Venetian terrazzo has long established its durability; however, with the emergence of modern technology, the durability of the terrazzo floor tiles have been enhanced. With the use of epoxy, modern terrazzo tiles have become even more superior in its long lasting quality.
  • Sanitation – Another benefit when investing in terrazzo floors is sanitation. Terrazzo floors do not allow growth of microbes as it does not accumulate moisture.
  • Maintenance – With not much accumulation of moisture, the need for maintenance cleaning of terrazzo floors are lower. In addition, there is also no need to use strong chemicals when cleaning these tiles.

Disadvantages of Terrazzo Floors

With the benefits also comes the disadvantages of this Venetian creation. Nevertheless, the benefits clearly still outweigh the few cons.

  • Comfort – Terrazzo floor tiles are very cold; walking on it barefoot would be a problem especially during the winter as it would not be that comfortable.
  • Hard Texture – Because of its hard texture, it may also not be pleasant to stand or walk on it for long hours. It may even cause muscle soreness or join pains.
  • Installation – The installation of terrazzo floor tiles may take a great amount of time especially when it is flooring terrazzodone without professional help. Hiring professionals to do the job correctly and more efficiently is always recommended.

The cost of terrazzo tiles, alone, is quite lower when it is not professionally installed, meaning installing it yourself or doing it yourself (DIY) would cost you less; however, when dealing with terrazzo flooring cost, it is better to look at the bigger picture which involves quality, time efficiency and labor. It is safe to say that terrazzo floor price is justified since, as previously mentioned, this floor plan gives a superior quality when it comes to aesthetics as well as its durability. Indeed, the price concerns are inevitable when especially when homeowners or building owners undertake projects such as installing floor tiles; luckily, with the help of modern technology, they are now able to easily estimate their flooring cost as the internet provides this.

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How much Does Terrazzo Flooring Cost


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